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Frank Ocean
Frank Ocean

Learn English with this music English Lesson

Date: May 01 2013

Themes: Music

Grammar: Adjectives


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Frank Ocean is one of the hottest new artists around. He started out writing songs for pop stars like Justin Bieber and John Legend, and last year he released his first full-length album, Channel Orange, to critical acclaim. Critics and fans love his innovative approach to R and B music. He has even won over some listeners who don’t typically listen to R and B.

Frank Ocean also made headlines when he came out as bisexual. He wrote a message on his blog explaining that his first love was a man. His announcement got lots of support from other members of the R and B world, including Beyonce and Jay-Z. It was a brave announcement, since not that many R and B musicians have come out. Hear what Jeff and Sara think about Frank Ocean in this music English lesson.

弗兰克·奥申是目前音乐圈内人气最旺的新艺人之一。他最初通过给贾斯丁·比伯 (Justin Bieber) 和约翰·传奇 (John Legend) 等流行明星创作歌曲进入音乐圈。去年,他发行了自己的首张录音棚专辑《Channel Orange》,获得评论家的一致好评。评论家和歌迷非常喜欢他在 R&B(节奏布鲁斯)音乐中的创新方法。甚至一些通常不听 R&B 的人也被他的音乐打动。

弗兰克·奥申还因“出柜事件”登上了新闻头条。他在博客上发布信息,称自己第一次恋爱的对象是个男孩。他的公开声明得到了其他 R&B 音乐界人士的支持,包括碧昂斯 (Beyonce) 和杰斯 (Jay-Z)。这是一份充满勇气的声明,因为这是少有的 R&B 音乐人公开声称自己是同性恋或双性恋。在本节以音乐为话题的英语课上,听听杰夫和萨拉对弗兰克·奥申的看法。


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Sara:  I’m not typically a fan of R and B, but I am actually really into this new Frank Ocean album.

Jeff:  Oh yeah? What’s intriguing about it?

Sara:  Well, you know, the interesting thing about him is he wrote music for some major pop stars, like Justin Bieber and John Legend and that kind of thing, but his own music is actually almost sort of experimental. His songs have really interesting forms, and the lyrics are really good, and they just take off in all these unexpected directions.

Jeff:  It’s interesting to hear that he actually backs up a lot of the hype around him. I know there’s quite a bit of hype.

Sara:  Yeah there is.

Jeff:  With his coming out.

Sara:  Yeah, I think right around when his album was supposed to come out, he came out as bisexual on his blog, and it was a pretty big deal because not that many popular artists, particularly African American artists or R and B artists really come out, you know.

Jeff:  Yeah, it was kind of groundbreaking, really. With as popular as he is.

Sara:  Yeah, and you know, people like Beyonce, and other artists really gave props to him on their own sites, and said they really respected him, which I think is cool, I think it’s cool that someone can do something like that and even if it seems like it might be a publicity stunt, I think it’s still showing that there are people of all different sexualities doing all different kinds of things, and it’s OK.


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Sara is surprised. She isn’t usually an R and B fan, but she really likes Frank Ocean. Jeff wonders why. Sara says he won her over because his lyrics are strong, and his songs take unexpected shapes. She thinks he lives up to the hype.

He’s groundbreaking in other ways, too. He came out as bisexual, which is rare for any pop artist. Sara and Jeff give him props for doing so, and for being a strong musician.

Have you heard Frank Ocean’s music? Do you like R and B? Did you hear about Frank Ocean coming out on his website?



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United Arab Emirates

it’s first time I hear about him  and I dont like R&B

06:13 PM May 03 2013 |

Marcia de Paula


I have another vision of being proud or giving props for someone. I did not know that coming out of the closet now is a synonym of win over the affection for many  North American people. Even the president Obama applauded a basktball player for coming out. My question is: is God also applauding and supporting this behavior? I was wondering if God’s opinion has any significance, because many are only bothering about critical acclaim. Please meditate in Gen 19.4-29; Judg 19.22-25; Deut 23.17,18; Rom 1.16-32. God bless.

08:04 PM May 02 2013 |




I have heard Frank Ocean’s music before.Although  his music doesn’t belong to my favourite types of music,I still respect him since he got a lot of awards about R&B music.

I like to listen to English music,and I don’t care the private things of the singer or DJ who create this music.Everyone has right to choose what he want to do and how his life should be like.I also like Adam Lambert’s music and I don’t mind he is a gay.

I just appreciate the singer’s voice and his/her  sexuality has no relations with me.

11:41 AM May 02 2013 |



yes, i agree your opinion.

it’s not a brave action. he just speak out his intention isn’t it?

03:28 AM May 02 2013 |




At first I thought  it’s a musical issue, after a look I saw another thing!!

EB, the theme should be “gay” I think…

what some people prop are up to them, whatever as a human on this land I’d like to toss some Q:

Couple of days ago, we have talked about Earth Day, yesterday the theme was Make a Difference, so what the difference which “gay” will make on the earth?

Is it normal-as our nature- to be a “gay”?

Is there any religion which back up “gay”?

“He was brave because he said it publicly.” Is it the right way to teach us- as a new generation- how to be brave?

“proud of it.” Is it that significant thing to be proud about?

Once I read on the newspaper ” a girl is  pregnant from her father and she is very happy…” What can I call that?!!!

I can talk with a “gay” or “lesbian”, on the other hand I do ever never stand up for what they believe in!!!!!

08:57 PM May 01 2013 |


Russian Federation

I think it’s not natural to be  a gay or a lesb. but it’s their own choose. I’m sorry about them.

06:15 PM May 01 2013 |



Iran, Islamic Republic Of

How gooseflesh overs

05:55 PM May 01 2013 |




To come out in The U.S.A is no surprise since more than 9 states legalize same-sex marriage.

05:18 PM May 01 2013 |

1 person likes this




I didn´t have so far the least idea who Frank Ocean  was. About his coming out as gay I am not judgemental. I perfectly know that there are controversial issues and this is one of them ,to get into characterizations  will only lead to endless discussion  on who is right or who is wrong ,I prefer to take care of my own life , it works fine with me  not wasting my energies on others private lifes.   

04:39 PM May 01 2013 |

2 people like this




Well there’s someone brave too to say that. Freedom of speech!

“Homosexuality, Broussard said, is akin to “adultery, fornication, premarital sex between heterosexuals, whatever it may be – I believe that’s walking in rebellion to God and to Jesus Christ,” he said on air. “I would not characterize that person as a Christian.”

03:07 PM May 01 2013 |

1 person likes this

angel_ eyes


Music has nothing to doing with sexuality. If your music has got something, it will speak for itself, no need for publicity stunt. On the other hand,  it seems like it is very imortant for homo peeps to come out, which of cousre we straights can’t  understand how they do feel like being in closet. It’s matter of identity.

I haven’t heard Frank Ocean yet, so no comment on his music. I also didn’t get why this much backing up and so much hype, like that, hmm I mean yeha he sure deserves a props for at least being honest, but still what’s the big deal? Lots of artists and normal peeps are coming out, isn’t ?

11:29 AM May 01 2013 |

1 person likes this



South Korea

first , well-known good publicity of making pupular music. 

seond , he has come out of cloest , making honest in public.

a couple of days ago, i encountered a NBA good player has come out during the season. He confessed after seeing the BOSTON MARTHON bombing , he realized the moment we think of as immortal could be gone all of sudden. so he chose the publicicity stunt .  Obama says he backs him up , calling him.

it’s like groundbreaking that the president called him, i can’t imagain stuff like that. 

the Hype Frank Ocean and that player is like of aspect in a society people think of bisexual or queerr, but I think the matter is brave and the way they have in a life , that’s why people give props to them.

07:43 AM May 01 2013 |




Looks like being gay is gaining a big popularity now. Jason Collins, NBA player, has just announced openly about being gay and how he’s proud of it and stands up for what he believes. And after that, he gained a lot of friends for that announcement! From 4, 000 Twitters followers, it has gone up to 85, 000! Presdient Clinton is proud to call Jason Collins a friend! And now Frank Ocean.. But back to his music, well, sorry, doesn’t speak to me. At least, I’m honest.;)


12:25 AM May 01 2013 |




I am a straight man and I hate gaiety though in our country gays have been legalized recently. But again when it comes to gaiety, it’s a no-no for me.


11:51 AM Apr 30 2013 |

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