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Date: Jun 05 2013

Themes: Health


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Let’s face facts: Nobody likes to floss. We know how important it is, but we still avoid it at all costs. Hearing the dentist say “You’re not flossing enough!” isn’t an incentive. We see the floss on the bathroom shelf, but we turn and walk away.

What’s so hard about flossing? Don’t we care about plaque and general oral health? Are we truly forgetting, or just being lazy? It seems like it all boils down to the habits people form when they’re young. If flossing was important to you as a kid, it’s probably important to you now.




1. Listen and Read - Listen to the audio and read the dialog at the same time.

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2. Study - Read the dialog again to see how the vocab words are used.





Marni:   Gosh, Mason, do you have any floss? I’ve got something stuck in my teeth.

Mason:   No, I am really bad at flossing.

Marni:   Oh, are you serious? Oh my gosh. I floss every single day. It is so important!

Mason:  How did you build that habit? For me, no one scared me enough, really, to make me feel like that was something that I needed to do.

Marni:   Well, when I was young I just started having a lot of cavities and stuff, and the dentist just drilled it into my head. He handed me a thing of floss and said, “You need to use this every day.” And it’s really made a difference. I notice my overall oral health has so improved because of flossing.

Mason:  My child brain was always like “Well, come on. The brushes are getting in there. I don’t need that extra floss.” And I never had really bad dentist problems with bad cavities or plaque or anything.

Marni:  Well, there’s been some research recently, and I think that they’re really starting to attribute flossing and oral health to your overall health. You say that you don’t have plaque build-up, but they’re saying that plaque build-up in your mouth can lead to potential plaque build-up in the rest of your body. I don’t know if this is true and I’m not a doctor, but I just think that “an ounce of prevention” is a good habit to get into.

Mason:  It feels like I would just make a link between people who are inclined to floss are probably more meticulous and inclined to take care of themselves in general.

Marni:  I really think you should start flossing.



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Marni and Mason are talking about the importance of flossing your teeth. Marni has been flossing since she was little and she’s shocked that Mason doesn’t really do it. Mason believes that he never truly learned how important it is, so he didn’t build the habit.

Marni heard that there may be a link between flossing your teeth and your health in general. Mason isn’t so sure about any link, and suggests that people who are good about flossing are simply the kind of people who take care of themselves.

Even if it isn’t true, Marni thinks that remembering to floss is essential. What do you think? Is flossing all that important? Do you agree with Mason that there’s a certain kind of person who flosses?



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United States

I’m very glad to see this lesson’s subject matter. It seems that I have been going in spurts between flossing and not flossing. Sometimes the importance of it hits me and sometimes I place it as a lower level priority in my day (or night). My past experience with the dentist tells me that it is a high priority in terms of the health of my teeth and gums. Just because I can’t see the positive affect of flossing or the negative affect of not flossing doesn’t mean that it doesn’t exist.

04:04 AM Jul 05 2013 |

kaka garagora

Iran, Islamic Republic Of

As a dental student I confess flossing,if not more important than brushing but at the same level of importance,is the best way of preventing interproximal(between teeth) carries.we cant usully see these carries,its one of the reasons why we take radiographs,& we find them after tenderness or ache in our teeth.we may find flossing useless but after years that we go to dentist with toothache the truth reveals that its vice versa!

But you gotta know how to use it correctly so you may ask your dentist or search for educational videos through internet.

So for the sake of your oral health use both brushing & flossing ,)

03:24 PM Jun 11 2013 |

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I’ve   ever  heard   about   flossing.I  also   know,  it’s  very  important  thing  to  do. But,  I  never  floss   my  teeth. I  advice  to  people  to  floss  their  teeth.

09:38 AM Jun 11 2013 |

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I’m really bad at flossing

08:06 AM Jun 09 2013 |

1 person likes this



Syrian Arab Republic

brushing teeth is healthy and the best choice for the dental health 

07:09 PM Jun 07 2013 |

1 person likes this

fabio kelch


i think flossing is very important for oral health but  who learned  is more easily

flossing before every meal.

02:22 AM Jun 06 2013 |




To prove the necessity or not of  flossing everyday ,i have brushed my teeth as usual ,apparently  this would have been  enough  for a good  dental  care, but  was it? then I  flossed and   with it  small particles of food  were removed.   Marni , I agree with you, and  Mason  must have a  privileged denture. 

12:14 AM Jun 06 2013 |


South Korea

I usually take a dental clinic services for my teeth cleaning every year. Dentist often recommends for me to get a habit to clean my teeth after meals. According to his opinion, if we floss teeth regularly after meals, we can maintain good oral health condition for a long time. secondly, we can prevent some kind of mouth infections of virus. Thirdly, we can conserve our outlook through flossing for a lifetime. However, It is not easy to continue teeth flossing every time. It needs a right habit from the childhood. And also, we have to take a training from a dentist regarding right flossing. When you are ready to floss your teeth, your oral health will be started. Good luck!


12:13 AM Jun 06 2013 |


United States

I floss after each meal.  Having bad breath is very embarrasing.

11:37 PM Jun 05 2013 |

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the dentist say “You’re not flossing enough!” this sentence is very familiar to me because whenever i go to dentist i mean since my childhood. they always say this words :).for 4 years i’ve been flossing.it’s very helpful.i had many cavities when i was a kid.i really being sick of those cavities.and now i really care about tooth healthy :)it’s most important thing for me now among other healthy sections.besides this i’ve been going to dentist lastly.they say you’re taking care of very well to your tooth.because i use floss and mouth water ;)

06:42 PM Jun 05 2013 |




Flossing is a great techique for tooth cleaning to prevent any tipe of dental diseases. Especially it’s been popular recently. Not even recently, 10 years ago, I was struck by the scene observing a man widely opening his mouth and energetically flossing. Holy smoke, I thought, great passion to be healthy! Even taking care of teeth on the go! He was running aroung doing his work and at the same time flossing his teeth. The wonder of multitasking. Fighting for your teeth even at work. That should be a perfect ad for it.

03:36 PM Jun 05 2013 |




Flossing is important and it does avoid plaque build-up and cavities because there are tiny food scraps that get stuck in your teeth and you cannot see them and they attract bacteria that leads to many types of dentist problems. It´s a habit that needs to be drilled into people´s heads. People may not floss enough exactly because they think that the tooth brush can do a very good job of removing tiny food scraps when they don´t.

03:26 PM Jun 05 2013 |

Ya Nina


I suppose that in fact there is a lot of things depend on habits that we built in our childhood. Flossing is a bright example of that. To my mind, flossing isn’t a necessary habit for many people. For instance, there are a lot of people who haven’t got any distance of their teeth, even a small one and as a consequence of that they don’t have to such habit as flossing. I’m sure that it is waste of money and time for them. Besides of that flossing seems as a new fashion and a big business at a dentology industry.

I recall a recent example when a dentist treated me tooth and said me that she specially had stayed a good distance between my teeth in order to floss them. I never used a dental floss but after her work I begin do it. It isn’t please to me. Frankfully, it is very inconvenient for me and I don’t feel any gratitude to her.

11:24 AM Jun 05 2013 |




My dentist told me. “You must floss your teeth once a day, before going to bed, at night”
Althought I brush my teeth after every meal, sometimes I don’t floss them at night. I don’t like to admit, but It’s due to my lazyness. As it is said in the topic and most people has written here, flossing is good for avoid plaque on teeth and for the smelly breath. Then, I’ll try to avoid from my laziness and I’ll floss them more often, but… it will be better that I don’t promise anything. jeje

10:51 AM Jun 05 2013 |




Most mouth woes are caused by plaque which is a layers of bacteria and bits of food. Plaque causes cavities. So to take care of our oral health we have to avoid plaque at all cost. Flossing remove plaque from teeth.

10:25 AM Jun 05 2013 |



For starters, flossing is a way to keep you from plaques between your teeth. I think flossing can avoid bad breath too.

I confess that sometimes I feel lazy, and all I want is avoid it at all costs. But the feeling that there’s something stuck in my teeth makes me face the facts: I really need to floss!

09:56 AM Jun 05 2013 |



I have never heard about floss, i think flossing is a good idea. I will try it

07:44 AM Jun 05 2013 |

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I have never heard about floss, i think flossing is a good idea. I will try it

07:44 AM Jun 05 2013 |



I never floss,and nobody around me flosses. maybe it all boils down to habits.  

05:40 AM Jun 05 2013 |




It’s a little bit difficult when you have orthodontic braces but nothing is impossible so everything is fine if you have a pretty smile to give :D so don’t be lazy enjoy flossing!!!!

03:07 AM Jun 05 2013 |

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