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Learn English with this candles English lesson

Date: Jun 28 2013

Grammar: Adjectives


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When you think of candles, you probably imagine the ambience they create. Candles can create subtle feelings of romance. They can make your nightly bath lovely, or your favorite restaurant magical. Candlelight can make a world of difference when trying to set the mood.

It’s practical to have candles available, too. If the electricity goes out, candles help us to see where we’re going. They warm our hands and light up our birthday cakes. Some people choose to burn scented candles to make their homes smell fresher. Candles are useful in so many ways.

Keep reading to find out what Lily and Amanda appreciate about them in this English lesson about candles.





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Amanda:  Well, that was fun celebrating Mason’s birthday!

Lily:  Yeah!

Amanda:  We had a cake and it had candles.

Lily:  I love candles.

Amanda:  But you know what he forgot to do?

Lily:  What?

Amanda:  Blow them out!

Lily:  He did, didn’t he?

Amanda:  Who does that?

Lily:  Mason, apparently.

Amanda:  I know… it’s the best part. And you know what’s the sign of a nice romantic date? Lit candles.

Lily:  Yeah, like when they flicker and it gives all that nice ambience.

Amanda:  My favorite size are those tiny, little tea lights. They’re dainty and they’re subtle, but they give just enough glow.

Lily:  You know what? I love scented candles.

Amanda:  Why? I have an aversion to them.

Lily:  As long as they’re not too strongly scented, where they don’t smell like old lady perfume or something, they’re actually really nice. And they cover up cat smells really well.

Amanda:  They never smell like what they’re supposed to, though. Ever!

Lily:  You’re right. The cheap ones don’t. But I smelled one the other day that smelled exactly like a tomato, which was kind of random, but kind of cool.

Amanda:  Was that when you came over to my house? Because that was a tomato.

Lily:  Oh.

Amanda:  Exactly.


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Lily and Amanda are both fans of candles. They were both shocked that Mason didn’t blow out the candles on his birthday cake. Isn’t that the best part of having a cake? When you blow out the candles, you can make a wish.

Amanda feels that ambience is everything on a date, and she especially likes tiny tea lights that flicker and glow. Lily agrees, but she seems to prefer scented candles. Amanda hates scented candles and thinks that they never smell the way they’re supposed to smell. Lily appreciates that scented candles can cover up bad odors.

Candles come in all shapes and sizes and they’re used for so many reasons. Do you keep candles in your home? Are they for decoration and ambience, or for practical uses? What are the advantages and disadvantages of using candles?



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Some years ago, candles just were used to lighting.But now,candles are used in many ways,such as smell well,romantic ambience and so on. And candles are made in many different shape and very lovely.

I like light candles in myself house and that is my wish.I think lighting candles in room can make the ambience romantic.Now,I am waiting for myself new house.When I get it, I will stay with my girlfriend while lighting some candles with bright-coloured and scented.I love that.

03:55 AM Jul 04 2013 |

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Hello every girl born

11:08 PM Jun 30 2013 |



I love candles alot.Candle light dinner is great.

09:27 PM Jun 29 2013 |

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I generally keep candles at home both for decoration and practical uses. However, it’s unsual to keep candles at home since there’re other illuminating devices such as torch and floodlighting. Even so, I still prefer to use candle because it sets the mood and also it’s fun because I and my other family members make a lot of hand gestures in the dark in front of the candle whose light is reflected on the wall. We try to make some animals illustrations such as snake, spider, dog, and so on. However, I hate melted candles because it’s hard to rub it out especially when it spills over the carpet. I think it’s the only disadvantage of it. xD

06:02 PM Jun 29 2013 |



Iran, Islamic Republic Of

ah,i love them.they give a good feel to me.i play with they re fire too that s so nice

12:34 PM Jun 29 2013 |



Saudi Arabia

Candles can bring a feel of warmth. I remember the last time I did candles were on My Mom’s and brothers birthday. It felt special. relaxing. 

And what better way to make someone feel good.))

09:41 AM Jun 29 2013 |


Iran, Islamic Republic Of

we burn candles in nineth day of Moharram every year

It looklikes a candle festival but it is not a festival

it is mourning  infact the candles stand for remind the oppressedness of ‘Imam Hosein’




Iran, Islamic Republic Of

one day for my school’s object i make a little candles.it was hard.i don’t like to make candles agan.!but i like birth day  candles.

07:38 AM Jun 29 2013 |




There are many things that articulate our love for candels. One of them is its flickering flame which is associated with wonderful memories. When you lit a candel in a cold  winter night, it will make  a wonderful difference. Just sit looking at its flame and the tears that  drop from it and start flying to another world and calling all warm memories.

Honestly this is only in winter. In  summer candel lost its appeal.  In hot weather you just want to drop cold water over it to  extinguish its flame which overheat the room.

08:01 PM Jun 28 2013 |



Syrian Arab Republic

yes i keep them

but for practical uses

cause here in my wounded home syria we have electricity for very few hours per day

07:28 PM Jun 28 2013 |



Iran, Islamic Republic Of

Candles can creat diffrent worlds!
However its not as strong as sun and moon, can creat day and night…

In a funeral, they help you cry easier and in celebration by blowing them, every body cheers and laughs!

Such an amazing sparkle!

07:28 PM Jun 28 2013 |



Iran, Islamic Republic Of

i dont like candles too much,once when i was 8,i have burnt my hair with my birthday candle,hopefully my mother was there and turned it off.

06:48 PM Jun 28 2013 |




We use candles for making a cosy atmsphere. Even if we have a bath. Outside in the garden we use scented candles for same reason and to fight off the gnats … but it doesn’t work ;)

I want to be honest … well, I blow out the candles of a birthday cake, but nevertheless the best part is to enjoy the cake ;)

05:42 PM Jun 28 2013 |



connect with the night

05:15 PM Jun 28 2013 |




Dreadslayer, are you kidding me? : ) Am I really the only straight guy who likes to receive a good nasal  massage from a scented candle? I refuse to think so . If  having a place smelling fruity is strictly reserved to women then I want to fight any feminist organization to have that right too, as a man : )

So yeah, every now and then I like to embalm my room with the scent of lavender , dark cherry or chocolate right after I cleaned it. To me my place isn’t really clean unless it smells..well clean and crisp! So I’d either burn a candle or spray some scented aerosols whenever I want to add that final glossy touch to my reorganized room.

I will not touch  on the romantic aspect of  candle assuming that we all know what type of  enticing atmosphere it can stimulate, as you and that special someone are admiring that  flame slowly burning that wax. Oh yeah! And when the dinner you both were having is entirely consumed and that conversation suddenly stops and then comes that awkward moment of stillness ,of silence  and then you feel that burning anticipation rising and rising  OoF! : )…  Er-erm!! So  now ,on with the disadvantage of having a lit candle at home : D. Never leave a lit candle at your house unattended if you know you’re going to be away for a long time, even if you built a moat around it, candles are renowned arsonists therefore hazardous.

Advantage: I keep candles ( not scented ones) at home for source of light in the event of  a power failure caused by natural happenings or when the electricity company decides to pull the plug on me when they think they’ve had it with  my made up stories for not paying the bills on time : )

05:09 PM Jun 28 2013 |



no comment cos it’s so girlish subject

02:12 PM Jun 28 2013 |



Saudi Arabia

I think the scented candles use to set the mood specially during the religion retual.

12:26 PM Jun 28 2013 |




I prefer the Essential oil to candles, ’cos they are much less dangerous…you know, you don’t have to listen to they all the time…just can pour it to a corresponding small dish, and you could leave itt here… but the candles…they require attention as they can be a fire hazard…but on the top of the birthday cake…they perfect…

11:16 AM Jun 28 2013 |




I love candles.They are perfect for any occasion.Most people have grown up with candles.Candles are more popularly used as decoration during Christmas.I have candles in  bathroom, but I only light them if I feel the need to relax in the tub. It is so cute))



i too like candles much, those will give us lightning wen we are in darkness and motivates our mood disorders, in parties most of the people prefer candle light dinners and blow them candles out in Bday parties.

09:57 AM Jun 28 2013 |

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