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Learn English with this corn English lesson

Date: Jun 26 2013

Themes: Food

Grammar: Conditionals with "Unless"


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If you’ve gone to the movies, you’ve probably eaten, smelled, or at least stepped on it. It can be made into a sweetener, used as a biofuel, and ground into meal for cooking. It’s fed to farm animals and eaten by humans the world over. What is it, you ask? Corn, of course!

What’s so great about corn? Also known as maize, corn is eaten as a starch and as a vegetable. It can be made into drinks and soup. It’s been used for art and to decorate homes. It’s probably the most versatile, indispensable grain around.

Find out what Greta and Lily think about corn and how it’s prepared in their homes in this lesson about a tried and true food.





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Greta:  So, Lily, yesterday was Memorial Day here in the States, and I went to the first grill-out of the season.

Lily:  Oh, great!

Greta:  And we had grilled corn-on-the-cob. Have you ever had that where it’s cooked on the grill?

Lily:  See, my mom always boils it. She never grills it. But I don’t really like corn.

Greta:  How can you not like corn? It’s so versatile! You can roast it, you can grill it, you can boil it, you can cream it…

Lily:  Yeah, but it’s also kind of bland. Unless it has a lot of seasoning on it, I don’t really like it. You know?

Greta:  I guess I can see where you’re coming from. Although I think that corn-on-the-cob with butter and salt and pepper is one of nature’s most perfect foods. It’s absolutely ideal for your summertime picnic.

Lily:  You know what I do like is popcorn. Popcorn is really good. And you can do a lot of fun stuff with it like cover it in chocolate!

Greta:  That’s true! Popcorn is delicious.


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Greta’s excited because she attended her first BBQ of the season and ate corn-on-the-cob. She believes that corn-on-the-cob is the best way to eat corn, especially when it’s grilled. In fact, Greta thinks that corn-on-the-cob might be one of “nature’s most perfect foods.”

Lily, on the other hand, isn’t excited about corn in general. Growing up, her mom always boiled it and she thinks it’s pretty plain. Lily prefers popcorn, particularly when it’s covered in chocolate.

Whether you prefer cooked or popped corn, you can’t argue with the fact that it’s a widely used, popular grain. With all of its uses, it’s hard to imagine how we could get by without corn in our lives.

What’s your favorite way to prepare corn? Can you think of another grain that’s used in so many ways? Is it possible that we need corn too much?



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in morocco, popcorn is given to kids as gift, especially when they are in vacation because it’s cheaper than other gifts.

01:50 PM Jul 01 2013 |



Syrian Arab Republic

grill it on the fire

yes Parapar

05:53 AM Jun 29 2013 |



Saudi Arabia

I like corn any kind and form its so great and tasty:D

11:42 AM Jun 27 2013 |


Iran, Islamic Republic Of

I think the taste of Corn be more delicious when we’re watching TV.i like it much.

at home,my mother make it much for me:)

07:41 PM Jun 26 2013 |

1 person likes this

Irene Forever


Olya, I like our Ukrainian corn too. I don’t eat it much, only a few times per a season. You know how we love eating it: with a pinch of  salt and a little butter on the top of a hot corn-cob.

06:36 PM Jun 26 2013 |

1 person likes this

Irene Forever


I don’t like popped corn. Though I tried a few times to understand why people like it, I don’t taste anything but  foam plastic. :-)  And another thing, I hate it when people eat it at the cinema. It makes me feel I’m somewhere in the canteen of a low rate.

06:23 PM Jun 26 2013 |


Iran, Islamic Republic Of

I like corns & popcorns.some times my father make a grile corns.and my mother make mexican style of kernel.Ilove corns*

04:12 PM Jun 26 2013 |



Iran, Islamic Republic Of

i like grilled corn but i love popcorn and mexican style of kernel.sometimes my mum puts it on salad or makes pickle with it . it is very delicious ;)

01:44 PM Jun 26 2013 |



I love sweet and chocolate popcorn!! They’re perfection!!! Boiled corn with seasonings is great too, with cheese, garlic, chicken powders, cayenne, salt & pepper, butter and barbecue sauce, it’s perfect!!

I Think wheat can be used in so many ways too.

01:21 PM Jun 26 2013 |




I like corn, but from Ukraine :) Sorry, American one has got a totally different taste, it’s sweet and genetically modified. The one I grew up on, is not sweet at all. Oh, my, it’s totally forgotten taste, but that corn I like. We used to boiled it, no BBQ, just the boiled one with some salt on it. 

«Дорогому гостю венок из кукурузы»

01:13 PM Jun 26 2013 |



Iran, Islamic Republic Of

Wowwwwwwww.i love it…spicial with salt…mmmm,yummy

11:06 AM Jun 26 2013 |

2 people like this




Corns are used for many ways in China.But not all eat it as food.People use it as food because the corns is not growing generally in South of China, and use it as food and feeding the farm animals in  North of China.

I love corns for its delicious and smell well,especially cooking or cooking with rice,then the rice will be smell well too.Also I love roasting it.   

08:24 AM Jun 26 2013 |

Andressa Holland


Now we in Brazil are living a moment when we eat lot corns and lot things that are done with corns, that moment is the “São João” (Sainte John). It’s when we celebrate this Sainte and, more than that, we also celebrate a part of our culture with typical foods and many things. It’s a big and funny celebration.

I like corn in the natural way, boiled with butter or grilled, but also like some recipes with it. Really like it whatever type! :D

08:13 AM Jun 26 2013 |




I like warm corn on the cob with salt, butter and sometimes with ketchup. 

07:28 AM Jun 26 2013 |



firstly i really hate popcorn which is covered by chocolate.first time i tasted it any i told myself i will never eat sweetenered corn any longer.i prefer plain one.

for couple years producing genetically changed organism in the world.and our country exporting those kind of harmful food very often.i avoid eating corn pieces because i know it’ll cause of being cancer in the future.i like corn which is natural :)

07:21 AM Jun 26 2013 |




I love eating corn. I really like warm corn on the cob with butter and salt. It is so easy to prepare and very nutritious as well. I just find it weird that I know some people who doesn’t like butter on their corn. But then again, to each his own. Good to know that there are other people who loves having butter on their corn.

06:31 AM Jun 26 2013 |


United States


The other day I went to buy corn and I chose a bag of loose uncooked pop corn without any butter or salt…then I cooked it!!! (thanks for reading so far)... and what was my surprise when I ate it! it was absolutely delicious, please do the same the pop corn that comes in those bags that you put in the microwave is so full of salt and chemicals that its flavor is non comparable to the popcorn you make in a pot! try it!

06:02 AM Jun 26 2013 |



South Korea

i like corn of whatever type very much. corn on the cob is so much delicious. versitile food  I think. super corn is an alternative to resolve the shortage of food in Africa. So I think Corn is great food that God gives to us. indispensible !!!

05:29 AM Jun 26 2013 |




I love grilled corn-on-the-cob..yummy!
but I hate getting corn kernels stuck in my teeth! $:
and I like it with salad. ( :

02:16 AM Jun 26 2013 |



hmmmmmmmm there in Egypt we use it in different ways :

Eat , make foods , bread and product oil

01:16 AM Jun 26 2013 |

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