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Learn English with this festivals English lesson

Date: Dec 25 2017

Themes: Holidays, Party

Grammar: Present Perfect Tense


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Have you ever been to a festival? Whether it’s a little street fair or a giant, city-wide party, festivals can celebrate almost anything!

There are festivals to celebrate ethnic food, festivals that highlight holidays, and festivals that center around one item, like books or apples, beer or art. Festivals can become an annual tradition for families, and they’re a great place to make memories, take lots of pictures, buy a souvenir, and eat delicious food!

With festivals featuring everything from food and wine to music and flowers, it’s safe to say that everyone should be able to find a festival they’d like to attend. The trickiest part might be findng friends to go, too.

Learn what festival Marni wants to attend and find out if she can convince Amanda to go with her in this English lesson.


1. Listen and Read - Listen to the audio and read the dialog at the same time.

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Marni:  Amanda.

Amanda:  No.

Marni:  You didn’t even know what I was going to ask you. It’s time for the annual lavender festival.

Amanda:  Oh, has it been ten years already?

Marni:  What? Come on, you love it! The crowds, the celebration, the beauty of lavender. It’s a tribute to this most fragrant herb.

Amanda:  What is the celebration all about? I don’t get why all these people flock to festivals.

Marni:  Festivals are fun. It’s a way to celebrate your town or the season or the harvest.

Amanda:  Is there shopping? Can I at least get a souvenir?

Marni:  Absolutely. There is tons of lavender paraphernalia to be had.

Amanda:  Is it harvested locally?

Marni:  Of course. It’s a veritable bonanza of local lavender.

Amanda:  Did you just say bonanza?

Marni:  I did, indeed.

Amanda:  It’s such a frenzy at these festivals. It’s not like all these thousands of people go there because they’re passionate about that one thing. I mean, come on. Lavender?

Marni:  It’s just fun. It’s a way to get together and have a good time.

Amanda:  People lose their children. And when it’s a lavender festival, it’s so fragrant.

Marni:  In a good way.

Amanda:  You know my allergies.


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Marni is excited that it’s almost time for the lavender festival. It happens every year, and she obviously enjoys the people and the party atmosphere celebrating this popular garden plant.

Amanda isn’t sure about the lavender festival, though. She has lots of questions for Marni, like whether she can go shopping or if the lavender is local. She’s also not really in to the huge crowds of people that go to festivals. For her, it’s all a little crazy.

What kind of festivals do you have where you live? Are they big or small celebrations? What’s your favorite festival memory?



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In Morocco we celebrate the annual cherries festival.It is held in the city of  Sefrou.People from all over Morocco flock to this city to have good time,enjoy a veritable bonanza of cherries and watch Miss cherries as well.For some people it is such a frenzy to attend this crowdy  festival but for others it is a lot of fun and it is a good way for people to get together;

11:02 PM Jan 21 2018 |

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Viet Nam

Festival of herbs?? i’ve never heard of it, litlle weird…How about music festivals!!


03:07 PM Mar 08 2014 |


United States

i enjoy with this post.

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04:29 PM Mar 03 2014 |



United States

when i was university in turkey there were cool festival which organized by universitires in spring, just like the festival occuring in Germans springfest.

I advice you that you must come here and join one of them. There are cool music bands and drink.. so much fun, ı guarantee :)

10:28 AM Feb 22 2014 |



Nice post, I will be referring my friends about this dialog.

http://www.kizi2.com | http://www.friv2game.org

02:28 AM Feb 22 2014 |


United States

I have to thank you for the efforts you have made in publishing this article

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03:17 AM Feb 12 2014 |



Iran, Islamic Republic Of

in iran we have so many festivals and holidays. the one i like is on the last wednesday of each year…..in persian we call it charshanbe soori…...charshanbe is wednesday and soori means festival…....

we jump from the fire and say our yellow color is for you and your red color is for us…..red color is the symble of health and yellow is sickness…..

after that we have our new year holiday and on 13th day of new year is the day for nature and every one goes out (usually around cities and the countries) with family and relatives….....

01:55 PM Nov 29 2013 |




We got lots of festivals,and the biggest one is the Spring festival in China….

In my town, we usually watch the Dragon and Lion Dace show and have big dinner get together in the village… That’s awesome!! 

My favorite festival memory is :When i was a child,my parents would take me to attend the Dragon Boat Festival. We watched the boat racing there,bought a windmill,ate some traditional food…..That was so great…..I loved it very much..

Today is Thanksgiving,,,Wish my beloved people all the best! :)

02:38 AM Nov 28 2013 |




I can’t wait the tea festival  next year. It’a a bonanza of tea, flavors and custom. Not only can you taste and buy different types of teas, but also can see the tea ceremonies. It was very interesting to obsever the Korean tea ceremony this year. It’s totally different from your culture where the big cups are served and loud conversation with the roar of laghter is heard. Korean tea ceremony  is like a medition that requires lots of patience as well. The cups are tiny, lots of bows and rules, but I liked it. It’s nice to see the part of the culture. And if you liked it, you can use some elements, ideas for yourself in the future. The meditation is gaining and gainging its popularity nowdays, so the Korean tea ceremonies is a great cultural input to get you a new perspective of this trend.  And you can see it on TEA FESTIVAL!!!

03:04 PM Nov 27 2013 |

habiba 18

habiba 18


i almost lost my little sister in a festival :( that was very scary but i still like festivals a lot , i think they r fun if u dont bring children with u 

02:29 PM Nov 27 2013 |

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We hold climbing festivals every years that can attract a lot people coming here having fun.We play treasure hunt games on a given area of the mountain.That’s interesting.

01:56 PM Nov 27 2013 |

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Festival of herbs?? i’ve never heard of it, litlle weird…How about music festivals!!

12:19 PM Nov 27 2013 |

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in IRAN we have last Wednesdays of year celebrate and we make fire and do firework it soooo goood

10:42 AM Nov 27 2013 |



Congo, Democratic Republic Of The

In my city there’s no festival ! I’m sorry, maybe if I’ll traval for brazila I’ll meet such a thing.

But we do celebrate some other parties as xmas and others.

10:41 AM Nov 27 2013 |

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Iran, Islamic Republic Of

here in my town we don’t have any festival.but we celebration religine event and sometims when my favorite sport team win we celebrate

05:25 AM Nov 27 2013 |

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