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Rubber Boots
Rubber Boots

Learn English with this rubber boots English lesson

Date: Feb 12 2019

Themes: Fashion, Weather

Grammar: Adjectives


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Have you seen little kids splashing through puddles in the middle of a rainstorm? They jump into one puddle, then into the next. They’re having fun, but they’re getting really wet!

When you’re an adult, it’s not as fun to be outside during a deluge. You’d rather be inside where it’s warm and dry. If you do have to go somewhere when it’s nasty outside, you probably have a sturdy pair of rubber boots to get you where you want to go.

Although rubber boots might not look very fashionable, they’re definitely not a fashion faux pas when you’re outside in the rain. They’re waterproof, and that’s all that matters.

Learn who loves rubber boots in this English lesson about footwear.


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Marni:  Rafael, the weather is so nasty. I am so grateful I remembered my rubber boots.

Rafael:  I looked right at them when you came in because, to be honest, they’re not my favorite boots of yours that you’ve worn. I feel like rubber boots are actually a little bit ugly sometimes. Can I just be blunt with you?

Marni:  Well, they’re very practical. I mean, it is a deluge out there. It’s just a total downpour, and, in that case, I’m happy to have rubber boots on because they keep my feet dry.

Rafael:  I’m just telling you as a friend, it’s a fashion faux pas.

Marni:  I disagree. I think rubber boots have become quite fashionable. And I think they’re incredibly sturdy. And I love wearing them.

Rafael:  Well, clearly you don’t know too much about footwear because you’d know there are other waterproof options.

Marni:  Such as?

Rafael:  Well, I’m no expert, OK?

Marni:  Exactly, because rubber boots are the only way to go.

Rafael:  You’re right, Marni. I’m sorry. I’m in a weird mood today.

Marni:  I guess so.


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Marni tells Rafael she’s very happy that she wore her rubber boots today. It’s raining really hard outside, but her feet are still totally dry.

Rafael lets Marni know that he noticed her boots, too, but not for a good reason. He’s pretty blunt and points out that Marni’s boots are ugly. He thinks rubber boots are definitely a fashion faux pas. In his opinion, Marni should find another kind of waterproof shoe to wear when it’s wet.

Marni disagrees. She thinks that rubber boots are wonderful, sturdy footwear. In fact, she loves wearing her rubber boots. She asks Rafael what other kind of shoe would keep her feet dry, but he doesn’t know.

Do people wear rubber boots where you live? Is it OK to wear ugly shoes if they are practical?



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GWTASuper Member!


Yes, it is ok. We live in a rural area with fields and forest. So it is useful to wear sturdy boots.

01:35 PM Feb 12 2019 |



here isn’t common to wear rubber boots.  I have never worn them.  I think style is part of your personality, I couldn’t wear ugly shoes even if they are practical.  I try to wear something practical but nice at the same time.

08:08 PM Feb 18 2014 |

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I´d like to know how can I find previous lessons?

11:34 PM Feb 12 2014 |




These days in my country we are having unusually rainy days ,actually it is downpouring most of the time .What would happen with our  shoes or sneakers if were not by  our rubber boots. Are  rubber boots fancy or not as Rafael  is arguing with Marni ? it depends, the red boots that the girl is wearing  as  depicted  on the above picture are really nice .      

09:19 PM Feb 12 2014 |



Congo, Democratic Republic Of The

In my country it’s raining everyday and I’m supposed to wear my rubber boots on so that I can’t get wet.

08:26 PM Feb 12 2014 |

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It is true rubber boots have become very fashionable nowadays, coming in many different colors and patterns. In the past, those colorful ones were only for kids but not anymore.  Many women make their fashion statements with those boots on rainy days.  However, I don’t see men doing the same. The society still applies different standards of footwear color between men and women. Only guys who are OK to put on bright-colored rubber boots are pro-basketball players :)

05:53 PM Feb 12 2014 |

angel_ eyes


I never had a rubber boots, but after reading this, I would love to have one even to some it is fashion faux pas.

05:33 PM Feb 12 2014 |

1 person likes this

Long Journey


rubble boots is a precious and happy memory for me . my mum bought me a pair of rubble boots when i was a little girl. the road from my home  to primary school is a footpath  between fields which is muddy and slippery in deluge days. so it is necessary to own one pair rubble boots to protect from the puddles. what more  it can save trouble for a mum whose kids always like  to splashing thourgh puddles. it’s really sturdy and pratical.with more and more footwear waterproof and fashionable are created few people need rubble boots now. we have more choices.

05:21 PM Feb 12 2014 |

1 person likes this




As far as they are practical i don’t mind anything else. I think lately it was created wide range of footwear options to be waterproof. All of them are good replacement rather than rubbers boots for who they think putting them on are fashion faux pas. 

Although totally wearing these kinda of shoes are not ordinary herein but in rainy places like north parts of my country all people utilize them a lot. I think it’s completely all right to put on rubber boot. 

When I wanted to go inside in an industrial ball mill (9m length*5m diameter) at concentrator factory I used them bcz they protected my foots against slurry material. 

12:47 PM Feb 12 2014 |



Serbia and Montenegro

And in such a situation it’s the least important whether they are beautiful or not… When a man knows how to wear something, there is no old fashioned or ugly garment. He/she’ll always find a way to look good. :)

12:28 PM Feb 12 2014 |



Serbia and Montenegro

Definitely, rubber boots are not my favorite boots, but like most girls, I have two pairs of them, of different colors and designs, just in case. :P It’s true that they are very practical, because they are waterproof (when you wear them, there is no fear of getting wet feet; you can stomp around in almost any dirty or wet environment and feel no remorse nor concern about ruining your boots)  but on the other hand – they’re not so healthy, I think. It’s very tricky, because you’re trying to protect your feet against external water, but actually they’re wet again because they become sweaty. :D

12:21 PM Feb 12 2014 |




I like shoes but I don’t have even one rubber boots.maybe it’s a good idea for me to have one pair for the rainny day.but I think  normal boots would also do.

11:38 AM Feb 12 2014 |

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I dont have a rubber boots, it is a real trouble for me to walk outside during the rain season, but we still enjoy wetting our shoes in the rain and try to out-do one another to see whose shoes hold more rain inside.

09:50 AM Feb 12 2014 |

1 person likes this

happyman Mustafa


sometimes , i used  rubber boots . but i do not need it now . there is not  rain here  recerntly :)

08:46 AM Feb 12 2014 |



In Thailand , many people wears rubber boots espectially in the fresh market. It necesary because there’s quite dirty and wet , so they need to cover their feets from the dirty water. well , ugly or beaty it’s doesn’t important at all. the most important thing is safty. 

08:06 AM Feb 12 2014 |




When i was young i had a black rubber boots without any dicoration.To be honest i felt it was ugly compared with others.But one day i painted some werid patterns on it with nail color.It became exclusive for me.

Rubber shoes is practical in rainy weather.You shoud have patient to find some clothes to match it,Then it looks perfect as a reward.

07:19 AM Feb 12 2014 |




Back in Russia, rubber boots were considered as something ugly and not fashionable at all. Plus, it was suggested by the parents, doctors that  wearing them doesn’t bring lots of health. They should be worn in rainy weather when there’s really a need for waterproof food wear. It was also recommended to wear rubber boots a limited time up to a couple of hours and they should be worn with woolen socks since air circulation is poor and feet feels most of the time sweaty.

But what I see here – rubber boots are mostly worn and in any kind of weather including dry warm temperatures. It used to make me puzzled for a while but now I got used to them and I they’re manufactured in different attractive colors colors with cheerful pattern disign then we used to have in black or or only brown colores. Well, I used to have red :)

But i can tell you in secret, my coach used to wear rubber shoes and high heels at any kind of weather.

03:02 AM Feb 12 2014 |




When I was a little kid,i had a pair of red rubber boots  just as the picture.I like it.And when it was raining,i went out splash through puddles in the rain. Rubber boots are necessary for a child.

But when i grew up,i hardly go out when it rains.If have to,i just wear usual shoes because i go out for some work i can’t wear rain boots when i arrived destination.And now almost all the shoes are waterproof.And all road is easily to walk on during rain.

02:25 AM Feb 12 2014 |




I don’t think rubber boots are so old fashioned as Rafael says. If the person in question has at least a minimum sense of style, he or she will probably find a way to look good – even on the ugliest boots.

And I also disagree with Marni when she says that they’re the only way to go. I don’t think so… Geez, we’re in the 21st century! There are so many other options… I myself have already had at least 2 or 3 pairs of waterproof sneakers… 

It’s up to you what you’re going to wear. :)

12:24 PM Feb 11 2014 |

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