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Learn English with this Godzilla English lesson

Date: Apr 14 2014

Themes: Pop Culture

Grammar: Adjectives


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Tokyo is on fire. People are screaming and running. A giant monster is walking through the city, crushing cars and buildings. Can everyone get away before they’re killed by Godzilla? The film frightened movie theaters full of people back then, but it only looks like a campy “monster movie” today.

The film Godzilla was first made in 1954. Sixty years later, a modern version is coming to the screen, made more awesome and terrifying with computers. There’s a good chance that today’s Godzilla will be far scarier than the original, so get ready to hold your movie date’s hand!

Gary has made a decision. He and Jeff are going to see the new Godzilla movie. Will Jeff agree? Find out in today’s English lesson.


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Gary:  Jeff.

Jeff:  What?

Gary:  I know you’re not a fan of remakes of movies.

Jeff:  No remakes.

Gary:  OK, but listen to me on this. Before I saw the recent trailer for Godzilla, I was mildly curious about it. But after I saw it, I have to tell you, I’m anticipating this movie like no other film out there right now.

Jeff:  What kind of improvement on the classics can they make? Granted, it’s been remade several times.

Gary:  Over and over and over. Yeah, yeah.

Jeff:  So I’ll give this one maybe a free pass.

Gary:  Here’s what’s amazing about it. I’m not a mega-fan. I don’t care that much about it. But this movie… I feel like it’s going to take it to the next level and feel so much more realistic than the campy approach that was Godzilla. The classic Godzilla.

Jeff:  Yeah, I see what you’re saying. It is a genre. It’s a monster movie.

Gary:  Yeah, yeah.

Jeff:  I just don’t think the new computer stuff can really add anything to the cool, old effects.

Gary:  So, why don’t you come with me to a matinee. Cheaper. We’ll have a good time. If not, it’s really cheap.

Jeff:  All right. Well, I want my money back if it sucks.

Gary:  OK. That’s fine.


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Jeff doesn’t like movie remakes, so Gary’s doing everything he can to get his friend to join him for the new Godzilla movie. At first, Gary wasn’t that interested, either, but after seeing the trailer, he’s changed his mind. He thinks the new movie is going to be much better than the old, and he can’t wait to go see it.

Jeff prefers the classics, though. As hard as Gary works at making Jeff curious, it doesn’t make a difference. Jeff can’t understand how the first Godzilla movie could be made better. It’s perfect just the way it is. He agrees to go to a matinee with Gary, but it doesn’t sound like he’s planning to enjoy himself.

Have you seen the original Godzilla (1954)? Do you want to see the new one? Why or why not?



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I saw the trailer by accident the other day. You can’t tell until the end that it’s a trailer of a Godzilla movie. When I realized it’s Godzilla, I was in disbelief – why another Godzilla yet again!  I even thought this might be an April Fool spoof.  

I watched the 1954 original long time ago. I remember it to be a rather serious movie. Being a victim, they made it to criticize then frequent atomic bomb experiments. What an irony and disappointment it is that Japan is now a leading nuclear radiation polluter.

01:53 AM Apr 16 2014 |





11:52 PM Apr 14 2014 |




as s&w said monsters like godzilla and these kind of stuffs are not my favorite genre..im a mega-fan of vampires , zombies and these kind of movies… to me the’,re more exciting than fighting with a big livingthing like godzila :b

but totally if get a chance to watch i wont miss it..

06:44 PM Apr 14 2014 |

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I can’t wait to watch the new Godzila. I like this genre, it’s totally escape into the other world for people with good imagination. When the monsters are running around the town. And you’re the one with a bunch of the other ones to escape or tame the monster. Maybe the monster by looking at you will turn into a kind fluffy fella and gives you ride on its back around the town. And you will go into a history as a Godsila rider. :))

01:29 PM Apr 14 2014 |




@beciricky In short, it means that this movie (Godzilla) somehow scared the people who were in the cinemas (full/crowded by the way) watching it at that time.

11:35 AM Apr 14 2014 |

becirickySuper Member!

South Korea

The film frightened movie theaters full of people back then

help me get this meaning

10:34 AM Apr 14 2014 |




I haven’t seen the original Godzilla so i am not except to see the new one at all.Monster movie isn’t my favorate .For me i always like the original one than the remake.why people invested money on remaking the classic movie ,they can creat their own movie in line with our times.

10:26 AM Apr 14 2014 |



Congo, Democratic Republic Of The

It’s my first  time to hear about “Godzilla” and I don’t even know if it’s more scarier than Vampires’s ones.

I’ve to watch it so I can give my marks !!!

10:06 AM Apr 14 2014 |

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“Godzilla” oh come on! I can’t stand it…

When i was a kid, we often watched that on the TV,perhaps for a long time during my childhood..However, as we grew up,we felt that monster is so silly and kind of funny!!!

Anyway,I won’t spend that money to watch that remaked “Godzilla”...:))

08:11 AM Apr 14 2014 |




I kind of like remakes. Sometimes the original is better, no doubt about it, but it’s good to move on and explore what our technology can provide us. “Charlie and the Chocolate Factory” (2005), for instance, is a way better than “Willy Wonka & the Chocolate Factory” (1971). At least in my opinion…

07:38 PM Apr 13 2014 |

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