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Winning the Lottery
Winning the Lottery

Learn English with this winning the lottery English lesson

Date: Aug 17 2018

Themes: Hobbies

Grammar: Verbs with "-ing"


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What would you do if you had millions of dollars? Would you retire early and burn some cash? Would you buy a house or pay for college?

People who play the lottery dream of winning big. They want to get in on the prestige that comes with being rich. Of course, with the lottery, you have to spend money in order to have the chance to win money. The visual of millions of dollars can be a hard dream to ignore. But if you play lottery games all the time, you might be wasting money.

Learn Jessica and Marni’s scheme to win big in this English lesson about playing lottery games.


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Marni:  I just bought another Powerball ticket. You know it’s up to $400 million dollars? Just think of what we could do with that money!

Jessica:  But all the money you’re wasting in buying the Powerball tickets. Do you know anybody who’s ever won?

Marni:  Well, no. But it’s the dream, right? I just want to think about being rich and wealthy and…

Jessica:  Dripping in money?

Marni:  Yes, the visual of that just gets me so excited. It’s worth the dollar that I spend on the ticket.

Jessica:  My sister lives in Las Vegas, and she loves the glam and the prestige of having all this money. But she wants to play Powerball, and they don’t have it in Las Vegas.

Marni:  They don’t?

Jessica:  No, so she always invests money in it by having me purchase them for her.

Marni:  Is she willing to split the winnings with you if she wins?

Jessica:  Absolutely. We have it all planned out so that we will both retire early, and be rich and wealthy for the rest of our lives.

Marni:  Sounds like a pretty good scheme. I’d like to get in on that, you know. Maybe we should all go in together and burn some cash.

Jessica:  Sounds like a good plan.

Marni:  I like it. What are we going to do with our winnings?

Jessica:  I don’t know.


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Marni knows the “Powerball” is worth $400 million dollars, and she wants to win the money. She tells Jessica that she just bought another ticket, hoping to get rich.

At first, Jessica tells Marni that playing the lottery is a waste of money, but it turns out that Jessica has a scheme to win the lottery, too. Jessica’s sister lives in Las Vegas, where there is no Powerball, so Jessica buys tickets for her sister. If she wins, both Jessica and her sister will be able to retire early with lots of money.

Marni likes Jessica’s plan, and she wants to get in on it. She tells Jessica she’ll buy tickets, too, and then all three of them can split the winnings... if they ever do win any money.

What’s your opinion about playing the lottery? What would you do if you had millions of dollars to spend?



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United States

I use to be a very poor man who has always not find luck when it comes to playing the lottery. I have been playing lottery since i was 21 years and now i am 45 meaning i have been playing the lottery for 24 years. The biggest amount i have ever won in my life was 400 bucks. But one day my story turns to history after i find this man name on the Internet that he is the best when it comes to winning lottery. This man is a very strong voodoo doc who gives out the numbers that can never fail. After all my years of laboring and struggling to win the lottery i finally won ( $62,000,000) Dr Poula is the name, email is this is the only way to win the lottery and the best way

09:58 PM Aug 18 2018 |

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I think playing lottery for one or two times is good its kinda fun, But if people get used to playing lottery they got addicted and will lose all life opportunity, In my point of view it’s all waste of time nothing else, I would rather go out with friends having fun than playing lottery,

If I had a millions of dollar I will build a big hospital where people with badly diseases like cancer, Tumor, epilepsy get treatment free of charges.

11:25 AM Aug 18 2018 |




I think playing lottery for one or two times is good its kinda fun, But if people get used to playing lottery they got addicted and will lose all life opportunity, In my point of view it’s all waste of time nothing else, I would rather go out with friends having fun than playing lottery,

If I had a millions of dollar I will build a big hospital where people with badly diseases like cancer, Tumor, epilepsy get treatment free of charges.

11:24 AM Aug 18 2018 |

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Iran, Islamic Republic Of

Winning the lottery is very hard and need to have chance.
But if I win the lottery, I’d like spend part of the money to help poor people specially patients who don’t have money to treat yourself

05:02 AM Aug 17 2018 |

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I had played the lottery several times when i was young.  Of cause, I didn’t get anything but disappointment.  I thought there might be someone to win the lottery but it was not me.  If I would keep playing it , i might win it.  but i have no confidence to insist it. i hate this uncertainty.

    if someone buys lottery tickets with a playful attitude, it is ok. but it would be sad to spend all hope and money on the lottery.

    it would be excited if i have millions of dollars to spend. yes. i would buy a big house, and then learn sketch, go to a university to broaden my brain and vision.

03:15 AM Aug 17 2018 |

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jorgeguevara61Super Member!


I don’t pay for lottery beacause I don`t believe in Lottery. my job is tle best. 

10:45 PM May 04 2014 |




Winning lottery is almost everyone’s dream. But it is just a dream.I played lottery only several times just for fun, never take it seriously bcz the odds of winning lottery are too low. I saw someone buy tickets constantly and additcted to it, thus they ignored their work and family life. It’s not the right way for being rich. Well, if I had millions of dollars, I will use part of them for investment and do what I like such as travelling, improve family’s life. Besides, the money can help the children who cant afford tuition in poor areas and the disabled ppl who need our help.

03:12 AM May 04 2014 |




ummm well, i don’t believe in lottery..and even if it happened to me and i won the lottery i’ll not feel satisfied about the money cz i got them without work …if i had millions of dollars i would travel to different countries especialy france _

07:42 PM May 03 2014 |

wael alattarSuper Member!

Saudi Arabia

Why would I waste my money for somthing I’m not sure if i’m gonna earn it or not. I’d rather give it for a charity.

06:30 PM May 03 2014 |



I guess….....

it s a dream of everyone …. to win in a lottery and get  a huge amount of money

here in Germany, every week, thousands of ppl do that and…....when the jackpot increase and rise up to more than 20 million Euro

it s like a fever….........you ll see many ppl in front of a counter, just to have a chance for that deal, being a millionaire. but , I never spent more than the minimum amount.

Good luck to all, also to me !!!

02:41 PM May 03 2014 |



i didn’t play lottery before , because i didn’t use to have enough money and this situation is happening till now
but if i have these money,i won’t waste them playing lottery because i don’t think i am lucky to win

11:31 AM May 03 2014 |




I`d hire a lot of hotties to work for me with that money 

09:07 AM May 03 2014 |

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Iran, Islamic Republic Of

m nt so lucky i guess bt i like to take risk who would knw maybe one day won the lottery if i win that like to travel round the world ,invest money n buy lots of jewlery n clothes big house watever i want

05:32 AM May 03 2014 |




Win the Lottery??  If you did,somehow you would be in danger!  U must hide or keep a very low profile in our country.,:)))

03:43 AM May 03 2014 |


South Korea

When I was young,  I tried playing the lottery. Unfortunately, I didn’t get any big fortune. In my opinion, it’s not always bad because someone can  have dreams  to live in this world during their hardship. If I had millions of dollars to spend, I will retire from current my job and take a world trip with my wife and children for 10 years. During the trip, I would like to get experiences with various culture and lifestyle,  and also I will invest my money to people who want to learn new things to improve his or her life by establishing non-profit organization. 

01:04 AM May 03 2014 |




ok, how to win the lottery.

1. Buy a ticket

2. Watch what numbers are frequent winners

3. Play with a group ( even if you buy 20 tickets, it’s a little bit more than one, more “chances” but still!)

4. Play smart, don’t spend a fortune. There’re lucky days and unlucky. Develop an intuition. If you see bad luck, don’t push it, say a big fat “No” or you will lose and will be much frustrated, plus, you’ll develop a habit of playing more and more. Just stop! It’s not your day.

5. Watch the movie “Secret”. It might help what to do with millions for the peaceful sake of our planet.

Remember, money is not everything. It’s power, yes, and as we know from Mr Spiderman –  with great power comes big responsibility. Well, it’s in case you win, so don’t worry, and chances are… it’s easier to be struck by the lightning, my friend, then to win the big jackpot—one in 90 million. But someone wins. And that might be you. Good luck and take it as fun.

12:35 AM May 03 2014 |




I’m an unlucky guy, but if I play and win, I would travel around the world and I could help so many people too!

11:14 PM May 02 2014 |



I never play lottery previously but if I play and win the lottery ,I don’t invest to anything because there is a proverb in turkey “lightly come lightly go” so I think ,you cannot anything with the money maybe you can something for charity.

09:22 PM May 02 2014 |

2 people like this




As Marni and Jessica, i would like to win the lottery or to hit the jackpot  in a big way ,but so far  it seems that  the lucky  strike it has been  eluding me . The only money that i can count on is the “dough” that comes through hard working . If i had  millions i would like to travel to exotic places .  Of course, not without first setting aside money for charity  and a nest egg for the future, as i don´t know when  i  start running out of luck.  Best luck for Jessica and Marni. 

06:54 PM May 02 2014 |



I never play the lottery, I think that’s a waste of time and money. Because you’re constantly buying tickets and the probably of winning it’s almost zero. I think that hard work and pursueing your goals it’s the only and fair way to get rich. 

But, if for some reason I decided to buy a lottery ticket and I won, I’d like to split the winning with my family, I would buy a bigger house and a car. Also, I’d like to help homeless people and sick children at the hospital. 

01:21 PM May 02 2014 |

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