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Roger Federer
Roger Federer

Learn English with this Roger Federer English lesson

Date: Aug 01 2014

Themes: Celebrity, Sports

Grammar: Comparing Quantity


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Without question, Roger Federer is one of the most popular people in the entire history of tennis. This Swiss athlete has broken countless records and gained titles all around the world. With many nicknames like FedEx (short for Federer Express) and Maestro, Federer is not only popular, he’s also very rich. He’s won millions of dollars in prize money.

After winning consecutive championships, Federer’s career has seemed to fall flat lately with less wins. However, his popularity will probably last much longer than his ability to play tennis.

What do Gary and Marni think about Roger Federer? Find out in today’s English lesson about tennis.


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Gary:  So, I was watching ESPN yesterday.

Marni:  Which sport?

Gary:  In fact, they were talking about a particular person who plays tennis.

Marni:  OK, so I know a few names in tennis.

Gary:  Go on.

Marni:  Roger Federer.

Gary:  Bingo. Done.

Marni:  Oh. Wow.

Gary:  That’s exactly it. This guy is everywhere. He’s hugely popular. So successful.

Marni:  I guess he must be if I’ve heard of him.

Gary:  Yeah. He’s won countless titles. He’s broken records. He’s won consecutive Grand Slams.

Marni:  But the French Open just happened, and he did not win, correct?

Gary:  I saw that as well. Yeah, he didn’t do very well.

Marni:  So sometimes even the great ones fall flat.

Gary:  Maybe there was something wrong with his racket.

Marni:  Oh, you think so?

Gary:  I don’t know.

Marni:  I think that’s a racket.

Gary:  Maybe it was the court.

Marni:  Perhaps. Regardless, he’s still a great player.

Gary:  He’s a phenomenal player. And he can run so quickly on the court, and his serves are super powerful. I would last about three minutes against Roger Federer on a tennis court.

Marni:  More than I would last.


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Gary tells Marni about a program he watched on the sports television channel ESPN. He says it was about a famous tennis player, and Marni guesses Roger Federer.

She’s right. Federer is one of the most famous people in the tennis world because of how successful he is. Gary is definitely impressed by Federer’s records and titles.

Marni mentions that Roger Federer recently lost some games at a popular tennis tournament. Gary is sad that Federer did not do well. However, both Gary and Marni agree that Federer is still an amazing player.

Have you ever watched Roger Federer play tennis? Who’s your favorite athlete?



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yes i have watched him playing multiple times. he is such a phenomenel player. i never miss a match between rafeal nadal and roger federer. moreover, he is a great person the way he behaves outside the court, so down to earth. i never saw him feeling proud of his position and all. hats off!!

06:44 AM Aug 29 2014 |



Iran, Islamic Republic Of

I dont have especial information about tennis plsyer.

Ilove valiball and Ilove HOSSEIN MAROOF

I believe he is best

08:13 PM Aug 09 2014 |

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Ohyeah I’m a very big fan of Roger! I’ve seen two of his matches and one practice with my own eyes. And when I got the time i try to watch all of his matches on the tv. He is definitely my favourite athlete. Not just on the court but also outside the court. He is such a gentleman! I would like to meet hime one day! ;)

06:00 PM Aug 07 2014 |




I have the same problem with the audio here..always is buffering…not able to listen to the  lesson ..sorry

03:54 AM Aug 02 2014 |

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Yes. I heard his name in the sport channel a lot. Actually, I look up him coz of his fast and powerful plays. Without question, He is very prominent and affluent. Some people believe that he has to PUT HISSELF OUT TO PASTURE nevertheless, I disapprove. I remember his infinity wines in the past when he had beaten all his rivals. But recently he unluckily is OFF HIS GAME. I think he needs a FRESH START to recover himself and keep going. Maybe he needs sb to SHOW THE ROPE TO HIM to aid him to GET HIS DUCKS IN A ROW. In this case we need to be PATIENT and WAIT AND SEE. All in all, I don’t think that it would be LONG SHOT and in my idea he would be No. one again if he WORKS HIS BUTT OFF.

02:21 PM Aug 01 2014 |

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NuriaRuizSuper Member!


Hi all,

As Majorcan Rafael Nadal is my favorite :).

05:55 AM Aug 01 2014 |

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My favourite one is Rafael Nadal!  It’s such a match when he plays against Federer!!!!

04:34 AM Aug 01 2014 |




I have watched Roger Federer play tennis,He’s very fast .My favorite athlete is Usain Bolt

12:58 AM Aug 01 2014 |

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