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Learn English with this treadmills English lesson

Date: Sep 25 2018

Themes: Health, Sports

Grammar: You're vs. Your


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Fitness centers, or gyms, have become a popular place for people to get in shape. Even hotels and apartments often have a small room where motivated people can exercise. Treadmills are one of the most common machines athletes use. They have a moving track to run on, so no matter what the weather or security situation is outside, people can complete their training inside.

Some treadmills have fancy built in features, like fans or TVs. Some let you watch your heart rate. Almost all treadmills tell you how fast you’re going and how far you’ve run. It may not be as exciting as running outside, but a treadmill is a great tool for athletes.

Learn what Gary and Jessica like about treadmills in today’s English lesson about exercise.


1. Listen and Read - Listen to the audio and read the dialog at the same time.

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2. Study - Read the dialog again to see how the vocab words are used.





Gary:  Jess, did you know that I play soccer?

Jessica:  No, I didn’t.

Gary:  I actually use a treadmill to get in shape to play soccer.

Jessica:  Do you really?

Gary:  I do.

Jessica:  I just started running on a treadmill. I like to walk and run on the treadmill, but I was impressed that they have fans built in to the treadmill that I run on.

Gary:  Oh, wow.

Jessica:  And they have a heart rate monitor.

Gary:  Yes.

Jessica:  That’s very cool.

Gary:  I think my favorite thing about the treadmill that I use is the ability to choose how fast you’re going.

Jessica:  Yeah.

Gary:  So, it really helps to keep your pace. And then, of course, it tells you how far you’ve gone…

Jessica:  Exactly.

Gary:  …which is really helpful. And I know some people really like to use it, but there’s the TV right there.

Jessica:  Oh, exactly.

Gary:  So, you can just watch the news or distract yourself because running on a treadmill can be a bit boring.

Jessica:  It’s true. I like to listen to music.

Gary:  Yeah.

Jessica:  And then, that kind of gets me motivated to keep running or maybe increase my pace. But you can monitor your pulse and your heart rate, which is also really exciting.

Gary:  The only thing that I’ve found that’s a little risky with the treadmill is if you just lose focus for a second, you might fall off because it’s going to throw you backwards.

Jessica:  Oh my gosh. I’ve never done that. Have you ever done that?

Gary:  I’ve lost footing once, but that’s it.

Jessica:  Oh my gosh.


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Gary and Jessica discover that they both use a treadmill to stay in shape. Gary uses a treadmill to train for soccer. Jessica likes to walk and run on her treadmill.

Some of the other built in features that Jessica likes include a fan and a heart rate monitor. Gary enjoys choosing his speed and knowing how far he’s run. Jessica and Gary also use music and TV to keep their minds off of running. However, Gary jokes that it’s important not to lose focus. One time, he almost fell off the treadmill!

Have you ever used a treadmill? Would you rather run indoors or outdoors, or not at all?



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if fell off that kind of machine, that’s pretty dangerous! I did saw one girl when she ran on the treadmill, she fell and hurt badly. So if you can’t ran fast,don’t switch it to the high speed…:)

If it’s not raining weather, I prefer choosing to run outside. You can breath the fresh air and keep seeing the beautiful scenery. Kinda reborn, isn’t it? :))

02:47 AM Sep 17 2014 |

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