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Learn English with this nannies English lesson

Date: Sep 24 2019

Themes: Family, Work

Grammar: Used to Do vs Be Used to


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Being a mother is a full-time job. Sometimes, it’s even too much for one person to handle, especially if she’s already working another job. Day care is one option for moms who need help with their kids. Another option is a nanny.

Nannies can help moms who are overwhelmed by how much work raising kids takes. A nurturing individual can love someone else’s children, cook, and even clean the house so that the mom can have a break, or, in some cases, work at her other job.

Parents want to make sure their kids are safe, though, so references are important when they’re looking for a nanny. Not anyone can take care of somebody else’s children.

Why are Marni and Jeff talking about nannies? Find out in today’s English lesson.


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Marni:  Jeff, I am so overwhelmed being a new mom. You know what I really want?

Jeff:  Well, I have a few guesses, but…

Marni:  A nanny! I used to work as a nanny, and I have so much respect for nannies. And now as a parent, I see the value. Society may view it as a cop out, like I’m supposed to be there every moment, but I just can’t handle the responsibility at times. I need a break!

Jeff:  I don’t blame you. That’s a stressful job. My girlfriend actually used to be one, and an old roommate used to be one.

Marni:  It takes a certain person to be a nanny.

Jeff:  It does.

Marni:  And you want that nurturing, caring person that has an attachment with your children. And I have an attachment with my children. If they would still be interested in nannying, I’d like some references.

Jeff:  Oh yeah. I can give you their info.

Marni:  That’d be great.


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Marni shares that she has too much work as a new mom. She loves her daughter and wants to care for her, but sometimes, it’s just too much work! She wants a nanny.

Jeff isn’t actually surprised by Marni’s wish. He knows a couple people who used to be nannies. In fact, Marni used to be a nanny also. Both Jeff and Marni agree that it’s not an easy job to be a nanny or a mother.

Marni asks Jeff if the people he knows still want to work as a nanny. She needs some references right away, so she can get some help.

Did you have a nanny? What do you think about nannies?



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No baby can grow uo itself…all babies need to be cared by mother,grandmother or professional nannies ..

choice depends on the sitution ..which option is better for you ,you can choose it ..

of course,best option is mother ..but in today,its hard for working mothers..

other good choice is grandmom..she can care with baby with love ..

another option is to get proffessional help ..

02:14 PM Sep 27 2014 |

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actully ,  it is not easy thing to find a good nanny to your child epeacially these a days so we hear every day alot of ugly stories about bad nannies and how they fail to look after the children speacially in thier personal hygiene and the way the are dealing with them (violence)......


06:21 PM Sep 25 2014 |



Iran, Islamic Republic Of

Oh I remember my childhood … when my parents had to work and they didnt have any time for caring me so they used to take me to one’s house and that old woman was looking after me … I really loved her because she was just like my grandmother who I have never seen

a nanny never can be like a mother …

maybe if my mother herself looked after me , we would have a better realtionship … although now it isnt that much bad but it could be better!!

anyway I know at that time she had to worked because of me …

I think a grandmother can be the best nanny

I love my mother and my nanny

Good luck


09:39 AM Sep 25 2014 |



Russian Federation

In Russia , as a rule, grandparents fulfill the role of nannies and help new mothers. I believe relatives are the best nannies. They love your children a priori. Sometimes  grandchildren’s and grandparents’ relations closer than children’s and parents’ ones. When my daughter was small my mother and father helped a lot. I thank them very much.

12:06 PM Sep 24 2014 |




My brother and his wife have a boy who will be turned to 1 year old in 2 couple month later. Both of them are teachers but in different universities, unfortunately. Then in this case, my poor nephew will be in the middle of their all stuffs. They have been thinking about a nanny but it is very hard to get a reliable, kind and responsible woman. That’s why I’m very concern about this. Consequently, regarding that there is no other way for looking for him, hence they should find someone.

As me, No. I can’t handle this.

09:30 PM Sep 23 2014 |




I think references are important in looking for a good nanny. Once I met a very nice knowledgeable lady whose job was a babysitter. I was totally overwhelmed by her  care of the kids she was looking after. And definitly, right away, made a decision about my kid to go to her and be one of her loved students. Lately, her ‘nice’ nature was revealed and i was just crying and regretting what a fool I was to give my child to a first met person, actually a stranger.  I’ll never do it again. Will check it twice and trice, do the homework, ask the referal, whatever, but good references are important.  

10:59 PM Sep 22 2014 |




Not always is possible for parents to hire a nanny, it could be that they are struggling to pay the mortgage or the rent, it is in this scenario that grannies as angels come to rescue them of this predicament taking up the duty of assisting the little kids while mom and dad are working .I have seen many times grannies dedicating their time and effort doing this task that not always is easy to handle at their age.

06:43 PM Sep 22 2014 |



Iran, Islamic Republic Of

Hey guys !

Yes, i had the kindest nanny, she is still my nanny :))) and one of my best friends as well.

I think weather u work or not, u need someone who is reliable to be around  to look after ur kid while u are away , A nanny can be a big source of help to you.

For u, she/he :) can be a cook, a housekeeper and for kids, a nanny can be a friend,a playmate….

03:00 PM Sep 22 2014 |




i have a lot of respect for nannies!!

11:44 AM Sep 22 2014 |



Iran, Islamic Republic Of

when i was a baby my grand mother took me while my mother went to work. I had a best time with my grandparents because they play with me alot. Now i wish  to come back and have that time again.

08:30 AM Sep 22 2014 |



Iran, Islamic Republic Of

In iran usually grandmothers help their doughters with looking after their babies, and when they become older,they spend days in kindergarten untill their mothers come back from work…

07:52 AM Sep 22 2014 |



I’m a mom and still working, but i haven’t asked for a nanny, because my parents help to take care of my son, maybe it is Chinese culture,some people think that it is not safe when stranger to take care of their children.

06:58 AM Sep 22 2014 |



Iran, Islamic Republic Of

Having or not having nanny have also advantageous and disadvantageous but I think it’s fun to have a nanny in some situations but not always. No one can take mother’s place.

05:34 AM Sep 22 2014 |




I used to be a live-in nanny in Chicago. Many moons ago, I commited myself to stay with the family for a little more than 12 months to look after their kids. What I experienced was so rewarding. It wasn’t just that I improved my knowledge of a wider world in a country with such a cultural diversity. The family trusted me with a 6 month old infant and a 3 year old toddler, which truly opened the door to my personal growth. I was lucky back then. I did not have to help with the housework. My daily routine consisted mainly around nursery duties, picking up the 3 year old from preschool and babysit in the evenings or sometimes on the weekend.
Nannies are a good alternative for mothers who choose career over children. For all parties it’s important to be on the same page about the children’s routine and discipline methods. Her and I always communicated daily regarding the activities of the day and the dos and don’ts for the 3 year old. I think it was a way to let me know she wants to take part in the children’s day eventhough she was away. After all, trusting and handling over your kids to a stranger can be a painful experience for a mother. Without that trust nannies would be out of jobs, though.

05:29 AM Sep 22 2014 |




Wait, Marni becomes a new mom!!!! When did that happen?!!

Do you guys remember Amanda in Englishbaby. How is she now? Is it a boy or a girl?  :)))

03:01 AM Sep 22 2014 |




I don’t have a nanny.My grandmother helped my mom look after me.It a professional job to be a great nanny.There are too many things to care for a baby.

12:23 AM Sep 22 2014 |



Saudi Arabia


12:26 AM Sep 20 2014 |

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