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Learn English with this cologne English lesson

Date: Oct 09 2019

Themes: Fashion, Romance

Grammar: Simple Present Tense


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Wanting to smell good or alluring is nothing new. As long ago as the time of the Egyptians, people have been improving how they smell with flowers, herbs, and oils. Whether the scent is something people can barely notice, or whether it’s over the top, there are perfumes and colognes to fit everyone’s taste and style.

People disagree on when it’s OK for someone to start wearing a scent. In some cultures, when teenagers reach puberty they are permitted to use cologne. In others, the mystique of cologne is only for adults. Wearing it certainly sends a message, but what kind of message it sends depends a lot on the person wearing it.

Does Gary use cologne? What does Jessica think of men who wear it? Learn the answers by reading today’s English lesson.


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Jessica:  Hey, Gary.

Gary:  Yeah.

Jessica:  Do you wear cologne?

Gary:  On occasion, I do.

Jessica:  Do you?

Gary:  I do. I’ve got a few at home. And the way I wear it, you barely even notice that it’s there.

Jessica:  Oh, that’s good.

Gary:  Like one spray, and that’s about it. Not even a full spray.

Jessica:  So, it’s not too over the top.

Gary:  Oh my goodness, no. I don’t smell like a locker room. No.

Jessica:  Oh my gosh. Sometimes when men wear too much cologne, it makes me gag.

Gary:  I can understand that. Though I’m guessing that a little bit of a cologne is alluring. And there might be this curious, wondering of a mystique in terms of, “Oh. What? Did I smell that?”

Jessica:  Yeah, I can agree with that. Although it does make me laugh when I see younger kids wearing cologne when they’re going through puberty. That’s a little young to be wearing cologne.

Gary:  And they put on way too much.

Jessica:  Exactly. So, a little is good.


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Jessica and Gary are discussing cologne. Gary uses it sometimes, but only in small amounts. He explains that he only wears enough cologne to get someone’s attention, but definitely not so much that it’s very strong. He doesn’t want to smell like a men’s locker room!

It sounds like Jessica is not very interested in smelling cologne on men. It’s not very alluring to her, and sometimes it makes her feel like she’s going to get sick. Jessica can agree that a small quantity is OK. She points out that teenage boys, especially, have a way of wearing way too much.

Do you wear cologne, or does your boyfriend or husband? What’s your opinion of cologne?



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A man’s fragrance, if he’s not overdoing it, can be irresistable.

12:01 PM Oct 02 2018 |


ml2000Super Member!


I like perfume that smells refreshing and alluring, but it would sicken me if the scent is too strong. I like to put a little bit perfume on my clothes to have a nice and delighted scent.  

06:53 PM Oct 01 2018 |




here in Yemen u can put some Cologne to the even baby _ 

10:47 AM Oct 13 2014 |

1 person likes this




I don’t usually wear cologne. I only wear it to get rid of stinky smell from sweating. Sometimes to wear a little bit cologne to  a business meeting is considered polite because you show people you care about personal hygiene. However, I don’t usually wear a cologne, instead I use a fragrant Soap for a shower . That will make me smell good but at the same time won’t irritate other people.

03:14 PM Oct 12 2014 |

1 person likes this



yes, I like men who spray a little cologne, with one person for a long time, Cologne to become part of his body,So remember his body the perfume taste

08:22 AM Oct 09 2014 |




Yes,i agree with Jessica that some perfumes might have the effect to make you sick. I like after taking a shower to spray my body with a good perfume and if for any reason I couldn’t I miss the finishing touch :))

11:09 PM Oct 08 2014 |




I was sensitive to cologne,After long time to smell it,giving me a feeling that the water i drink taste like cologne.

01:10 PM Oct 08 2014 |


Iran, Islamic Republic Of

Cologne …

Bitter Smell Ones …. that’s what I really love to wear .

I really hate Sweet smell  ones,  specially in summer time …

everybody must knows about useing specific cologne depends on the season .

11:07 AM Oct 08 2014 |



Iran, Islamic Republic Of

I like those people who as they’re walking past, I catch a whiff of their perfumes.

I can’t stand it, when someone’s breath stinks of tobacco or cigarette.

10:29 AM Oct 08 2014 |



Iran, Islamic Republic Of

cologne …

I really like cologne & perfumes because i like to smell good

do you hear abour perfumes which smells sweet? i really like them … and i hate cologne which are punget odor ! because they cause my eyes to becaome red

im myself wear perfumes which their smells arent too spicy

and i think wearing cologne certainly send a message so islam deber womens to wearing perfumes and colognes in social places

my favorite perfume is NARCIS and my favorite spray is SAPIL PINK NANCY (Which smells like roses)

some people take a shower with cologne … they use it too much … idont like this and i think we should use it when we really need it!like everything else


Good Luck

09:49 AM Oct 08 2014 |




i dont use it often. its not bad,though. you can wear it while going to party or any other occasion when you want yourself to look a  bit distinct. At the same time, you need to be careful about the quantity you shouldnot wear way too much.

07:37 AM Oct 08 2014 |



ı like using Cologne after shaving ….coz it is good for my face skin :) 

06:19 AM Oct 08 2014 |



Saudi Arabia

I totally agree with Jessica, however I’m OK with too much of cologne and not smelling that bad sweeting which makes me vomit.

06:18 AM Oct 08 2014 |



A little bit Cologne for a man is OK . But it may not smell sweet 

06:01 AM Oct 08 2014 |




I love when a man smells like a man. But I don”t mind when his distinctive, oh so manly cologne lingers in the air for a while after he walked out the door.

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