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Learn English with this sunscreen English lesson

Date: Nov 19 2014

Themes: Health

Grammar: Zero Conditional


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There are many fun outdoor activities to do during the day when the sun is out, from playing sports to lying on a beach. The summer season is best for spending long days outside with the sun shining down on you. But if you aren’t careful, you could get home at the end of the day and see that you’re sunburned from spending too much time in the sun.

There are ways to not get burned, like wearing a hat or clothes to cover up. You can also put sunscreen on your face and body to not get sunburned. There are different types of sunscreens to choose from, depending on how long you’ll be in the sun or what type of activity you’ll be doing.

Gary and Jessica are talking about sunscreen and if they should use it more often. Learn more in today’s English lesson about taking care of your skin.


1. Listen and Read - Listen to the audio and read the dialog at the same time.

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2. Study - Read the dialog again to see how the vocab words are used.





Gary:  When I’m going out into the sun to hang out or play volleyball, I might put some sunscreen on the back of my neck.

Jessica:  OK.

Gary:  Because it burns really easily.

Jessica:  So that gives you protection from all the UV rays.

Gary:  I know a friend or two who have developed melanoma.

Jessica:  Oh, no.

Gary:  And it is so scary to develop skin cancer or any sort of issue with your skin from just being outside.

Jessica:  I love being out in the sun. And I feel like sometimes the chemicals in sunscreen can be so harsh. So I don’t usually use sunscreen, but maybe I should be concerned about melanoma.

Gary:  I don’t normally wear it, like I said. The only thing that I’ve noticed is if I do have sunscreen on, that my skin doesn’t get darker. That’s really the only thing that I’ve really noticed. But I also don’t go out in the sun and just lay there.

Jessica:  I do. I love to see my skin get darker. I think I look a little healthier with a tan.


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Gary and Jessica both enjoy spending time outside. Gary says that he burns easily and doesn’t lie out in the sun. Jessica feels like she looks healthier with a tan. But they are concerned that they could develop melanoma if they don’t wear sunscreen more often. They’re beginning to realize how too much time in the sun can be dangerous.

They both know that sunscreen will help protect them from harmful UV rays, but they still don’t use sunscreen all the time. Now that they have talked about Gary’s friends who have developed melanoma, they’re thinking more about using sunscreen to protect themselves.

Do you wear sunscreen all of the time? Do you enjoying lying out in the sun to get a tan?



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i also get burned easily if i stay outside for too long and for that i always try to carry sunscreen along and put it all over my face.  i still remeber when i returned from goa(india) i was completely a different person as i had got tanned so much. 

10:15 AM Nov 25 2014 |




i also get burned easily if i stay outside for too long and for that i always try to carry sunscreen along and put it all over my face.  i still remeber when i returned from goa(india) i was completely a different person as i had got tanned so much. 

10:15 AM Nov 25 2014 |



I love beach,sea,waves,sunlights…

swimming crystal blue water ,playing with puffy waves,searching undersea world ,reading a book under sunshade, drinking cold drinks or hot tea,coffee in a flowery cafes,sliding in the aquarium childisly ..

ı dont like hot and direct sunlight,ı dont like burning ..ı cant sit under hot lights more than a few minutes..and ı dont like red body and its painful period.

everything must be natural :)




I like tanned skin ,then it looks healthy but this year I got too lot sunburn  cause of spending most time under the sun.It was very painful  and I was suffering for some days .I think everything is good in measure.




I don’t like lying out in the sun but I like to go to a lake and swim in it or playing in the water. In this case I need to protect my skin from UV rays so I use sunscreen.

02:46 PM Nov 19 2014 |



Iran, Islamic Republic Of

Hey !

I burn easily, never lie out in the sun.. think im allergic to the sunlight.;)

U know, the sun ages your skin more than anything else and the study about sunscreen is really confusing, so i m really more careful about  sunscrean, Some hats and sunglasses have worked well for me.

01:24 PM Nov 19 2014 |




Although it is advisable i rarely use sunscreens ,mostly because i prefer  while i am  on the beach to stay under a shady spot . We people of white skin should avoid overexposure to the sun`s rays , not only we might be inviting a melanoma , also our skin from overdoing our sunbathes will developed freckles ,  spots and early signs of aging. All this information is on the internet .Let`s enjoy the sun  and at the same time  take preventive measures to stay away from the  skin doctor  and the plastic surgeon. :)))))  




I dont need to lying out to a tan because I am ready have tan body that is why I am man _

05:51 AM Nov 19 2014 |

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