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Learn English with this seashells English lesson

Date: Jan 22 2020

Themes: Travel

Grammar: There, Their & They're


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There’s a well-known tongue twister in English: “She sells seashells by the seashore.” It might be difficult to say, but it creates an interesting picture in your mind. A regular beachgoer will tell you that they’ve never seen anyone sell seashells because you can pick them up off the sand anywhere.

Seashells are like small houses for sea animals that live inside of them. By the time seashells wash up onto the beach, they are empty. Seashells come in different shapes, sizes, and colors. Some people collect them as souvenirs.

Jeff and Rafael talk about how much they like seashells. Learn more in today’s English lesson about ocean life.


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Jeff:  I just went to the beach the other day.

Rafael:  Oh, yeah? What did you see?

Jeff:  What an amazing ecosystem! I feel like people pay attention to the larger creatures, like sharks and whales.

Rafael:  They think it’s just about recreation, going to the beach. But there’s a habitat there.

Jeff:  Oh, yeah. One of the most beautiful parts of that are seashells. Just beautiful organisms. Amazing.

Rafael:  And they are technically organisms. You were really accurate when you used that term.

Jeff:  Also, in Hawaii, you’re not supposed to take rocks from the islands. But those are what make up the islands, these smaller creatures. They are what makes it beautiful in many ways. I just realized humans collect them. But they shouldn’t mess with it. They shouldn’t take those from their habitat.


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Jeff and Rafael agree that the ocean is a beautiful habitat. Jeff describes seashells as organisms because sea animals once lived inside them.

He also tells Rafael about how he noticed that people collect seashells. Jeff thinks that seashells should stay on the beach. The seashells belong there because the beach is their habitat.

Do you collect seashells, or do you think seashells should be left on the beach?



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I guess we should leave the seashells over there only as it is of no use for us. We tend to collect it as a souvenirs but at the same time we tend to throw it away after some time and never ever realize about seashells. So, it is better to keep those with whom it belongs.

08:06 AM Dec 27 2014 |

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Sharing s Caring


I think seashells should be kept on the beach but at the same time there will be no harm to take very few from other places you travel to as souvenirs back to your own country (as Julie3 did). Kids also are always keen to collect seashells, some people use seashells in decorating their artistic work. Mother Nature is able to readjust its equilibrium much faster than what we think. Nothing will go outside our planet earth and nothing new will come into it. My principle is to enjoy the nature as is without trying to change any of the habitat in place.

11:20 PM Dec 25 2014 |


yuminagaSuper Member!


I have not collected  them  and I wont collect in the future  becuase we are  humanbeing and just a part of ecosystem so we should know  animals and plant are also the part of it ,we should be nice for each other ,recpect them as much as we respect each other .beach are the habitat where seashells live ,we should be  left them on it 

10:20 PM Dec 24 2014 |



Iran, Islamic Republic Of

Hey !

Walking along the seashore in search of shells and other curios is a favorite pastime for beachgoers of all ages.

It’s better to be left on the beach cuz they provide homes for creatures like crabs and also they’re used by birdshores to build nests.

Im not that much interested in collecting them, i’d like more watching them on the seeshore.

02:36 PM Dec 24 2014 |

carlos07Super Member!


Jeff and Rafael, you should record again your roles!

12:51 PM Dec 24 2014 |

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Iran, Islamic Republic Of

Find bigger seashells , and close it to your ear . you will hear amazing HORN ! try it next time you go to the beach :)

07:11 AM Dec 24 2014 |

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Russian Federation

i’ve collected a very few recently…hope the habitat was not affected greatly :-( but truly speaking it’s same as sand, if u take a little away nothing would happen, right?

07:11 AM Dec 24 2014 |

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