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Tongue Tied
Tongue Tied English, baby! Video Lesson

Learn English with this shyness English lesson

Date: Dec 30 2014

Themes: Friend, How To, Romance, Soap Opera

Grammar: Tag Questions


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Everyone feels shy sometimes. Even the most friendly, talkative, and outgoing people will feel unsure of what to say around someone famous. Presidents and queens may seem able to talk to everyone, but there’s always at least one person who makes even them nervous. We all feel tongue tied once in a while.

Without a tongue, humans would not be able to talk at all. We need our tongues to make specific sounds and letters. So if it were possible to tie one’s tongue, it would be impossible to talk. No one could understand the sounds coming from a person with a tied tongue. So when you’re with a person who makes you so nervous or shy that you can’t talk, we say that you’re tongue tied.

Rafael feels tongue tied around Emma, but Marni has an idea. What is it? You’ll find out when you read today’s English lesson.

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Rafael:  Hey, Marni.

Marni:  Hey. What’s up, Rafa?

Rafael:  Not much. I had a little free time, so I wanted to stop and see Jessica. Tell her about how the yoga business is doing.

Marni:  Unfortunately, she’s not here. She’s on a business trip.

Rafael:  Oh, man. That’s too bad.

Marni:  Stay for a while. Pull up a chair. Tell me about Emma.

Rafael:  You know about Emma?

Marni:  Jessica may have mentioned something. She’s not exactly tongue tied, is she?

Rafael:  No. Definitely not. But I am around Emma.

Marni:  You’re what?

Rafael:  Tongue tied. I don’t know what to say around her.

Marni:  Have you thought about telling her how you feel in other ways?

Rafael:  Like how?

Marni:  Well, you could write her a love note. Or you could send her flowers.

Rafael:  I’ve never sent flowers to anyone before. Is it complicated?

Marni:  Not at all. You can order them online, but I think it’s better to go to a florist.

Rafael:  Why is that better?

Marni:  Well, because then you can pick out the flowers in person. And the florist can help you. Do you have Emma’s address?

Rafael:  No, but I know where she works.

Marni:  Good. Once the florist has the bouquet ready, the delivery person will bring it right to her office.

Rafael:  I like this idea.

Marni:  If you’re tongue tied around her, these flowers are going to go a long way to tell her how you feel. Plus you can write something on the card that’s sent with the flowers.

Rafael:  Something like, “From your secret admirer”?

Marni:  No. Why don’t you just start by writing your name?

Rafael:  Do I have to?

Marni:  Yes, you do.


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Rafael stops at the office to see Jessica, but she’s away. Instead, he talks with Marni about Emma. Marni has a lot of ideas about how Rafael can tell Emma that he likes her. The best idea, in her opinion, is to send flowers.

Rafael has never sent flowers to anyone before, but Marni knows just what to do. She tells Rafael to visit a flower shop and speak with a florist. If he has Emma’s address, the florist can easily deliver a bouquet to her. Rafael can also write a short note for Emma that will go with the flowers. This makes Rafael nervous, but Marni says that it’s important he at least write his name.

Will Rafael find the courage to tell Emma how he feels? Do you feel tongue tied around anyone in your life?



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02:03 PM Oct 26 2017 |


Åland Islands

Leaves re falling and lesson so the English is taught. The urge and encouragement of the essay service is produced and planned. The subtle and obtained with the right and with the solutions the process is for the English lessons and its acquisition.

06:49 AM Oct 13 2016 |




Tongue tied when we want to describe our feelings in general, especially when we talk about positive something.

I didn’t see a person who cannot speak about something is negative or bad.


Frankly, I feel tongue tied when I am in front of someone who I love him, like Rafael J J J


But I do not find a boutique is important to tell him/her how much love you have.


Thank you ,, 

02:06 PM Jan 27 2015 |



Iran, Islamic Republic Of

so lovely sentence:

“From your secret admirer” ;-)

08:35 PM Jan 05 2015 |



United States

There is an african proverb who says: your tonge is your lion…..somtimes is better to have the tongue tied …if you express too much opinios about politic , be shure you wonna lost some friend .

02:25 PM Jan 03 2015 |




Rafael said he had never sent flower to anyone.It is the right time for Rafael to take courage to telling emma how his feels .Flower is one of the best way to express love.

05:40 PM Jan 01 2015 |



Iran, Islamic Republic Of

we usually feel tiungue tied when we want to say s.th good!!!

why aren’t we tounge tied when we are going to insult s.o???

01:25 PM Jan 01 2015 |



best idea to write on the card  ” from your secret admirer ” :) certainly,it makes him secret romantic …sometimes Everyone feel tongue tied ,especially in deep and lovely emotions..especially in love..words wait in the throat ,words are shy, words are silent..brain doesnt work properly as usuall..heart forgets to pump blood to brain ..there are many ways to express feelings…there is a  best way and  simple rule ,its guaranted way too..

” if you dont reach something or someone directly, choose ındirect way “

flowers,chocolate,a cute gift,nice surprise,sweet letter…its a good remedy for tongue tied,

12:10 AM Dec 31 2014 |




Julito… what a nice bouquet of sweet-tempered goodies. I think I am going to put my party pants on to dance away those extra pounds I gained with your crunch, munch multiple choices you gave me :))

Thinking is the only option because you’ve left me tongue tied :)))

04:59 PM Dec 30 2014 |

1 person likes this




@ Buttafly

Thanks for the heads up , for Buttafly, ice cream ,multiple choices, heavy on chocolate and dulce  de leche.  The tough part would be doing the talking, your picture is portraying you as if thinking… what is this guy talking about ?? :))))

03:47 PM Dec 30 2014 |

2 people like this





Chocolates would not only do the trick to get Emma’s attention :) I am also easily tempted by any sweet and melting delight. 

Overcoming shyness obviously needs more than a good command of the language ..not only in a foreign tongue :) 

03:05 PM Dec 30 2014 |

2 people like this




It might happen  that if i am feeling tongue tied around a person and in my desire to ” break the  ice ” i could then blurt it out  an unrelated topic of conversation making the thing more embarrassing. Maybe others have gone through this off-balance situation.

I think that Rafael need to come clean on his crash with Emma and if he is going to spend some money on a bouquet of flowers is mandatory to  send a note  with his name. Chocolates , will also do the trick to get Emma`s attention towards the romantic sender.

02:40 PM Dec 30 2014 |


Iran, Islamic Republic Of

I had been tongue tied since I met my favorite scientic person his name George .B Shaller at the conference at the university of Alaska .

02:26 AM Dec 30 2014 |

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