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Learn English with this entrepreneurs English lesson

Date: Jan 24 2020

Themes: Work

Grammar: Contractions and Abbreviations


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Some people dream of having their own business. Entrepreneurs want to be their own boss. Can you blame them? They can set their own schedules and decide when they want to work. And most people dream of making a profit for themselves, not for someone else.

But working for oneself can be more difficult than it sounds. Since entrepreneurs don’t have a boss, they are responsible for themselves and their workers. They must work hard to earn money, rather than just go to a job and put in their time.

Jessica thinks that she might want to become an entrepreneur. Learn more in today’s English lesson about small business owners.


1. Listen and Read - Listen to the audio and read the dialog at the same time.

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2. Study - Read the dialog again to see how the vocab words are used.





Jessica:  Someone told me the other day that I am a self-starter.

Lily:  Wow.

Jessica:  And I took that and ran with it. I’ve always wanted to be an entrepreneur, but I’m a little scared to make the leap.

Lily:  You definitely have the drive. It’s important to make that leap of faith. My dad started a bunch of businesses over the years. And some of them failed. It’s a trial and error. But you should totally do it.

Jessica:  Thank you. I kind of have a vision already. But it just takes so much sacrifice to start your own business. But it’s good to hear that your dad was successful. And thanks for saying I have the drive. That motivates me.

Lily:  What’s your idea?

Jessica:  Gosh, I should probably come up with that, huh?

Lily:  Well, baby steps!

Jessica:  There we go.


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Jessica thinks that she’s finally ready to make the leap and work for herself. But she knows that it won’t be easy and it will take a lot of hard work. She feels motivated from hearing about Lily’s dad’s experience.

Lily cheers on Jessica because she has seen her own father build a small business. She knows that Jessica has the drive to do it. But before Jessica can become an entrepreneur, she needs to figure out what kind of business she’ll have.

Do you ever think about being an entrepreneur? What kind of business would you have?



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Dear Julie3

What i am trying to express is i feel free and happy to have my own business ,Especially the business i always want to have. Like Julito ,independent,have my own schedule. But,Entrepreneur sounds very professional who is responsible for the workers.Sometimes had to put profit on the first place.Indeed ,i was confused,What on earth is a entrepreneur? No matter what ,i still feel happy because you and Scienceboy wrote that  i am a entrepreneur if i would have my own business.

12:35 PM Jan 28 2015 |




Very great and nice lesson,but me i’ve never thought about being an entrepreneur :p

12:26 PM Jan 28 2015 |




I am already retired and collecting a pension from the goverment ,but this hasn`t stopped me from still working .In my youth i used to have a boring 9 to 5 office job,       it was then that i  decided to make the big leap and after working hours i studied to become  a   plumber and gas pipe fitter ,  ,i have had my hands greased, it is true, but i was happy , i can say that i did satisfactorily well , both  monetarily and  professionally . I had my own schedules, took vacation whenever i was in the mood to ,etc.  I wish all of you that if you want to make the big leap, do not hesitate , it is priceless to be independent, to run your own business. No doubt that there are risks involved, nothing comes easy , How many times Lily`s dad  had to start all over again.  With the internet a whole world of new possibilies has opened, working from home is one of them. best of luck again. 

11:56 AM Jan 28 2015 |




A nice and useful lesson and some great comments. I enjoyed both the lesson and the comments. 

Just 2 days ago I was discussing entrepreneurship with my brother. He has the drive. He always wanted to be an entrepreneut and he is planning to take a course. Well he encouraged me too. Personally I didn’t dream to be an entrepreneur but why not take a course and learn the basics and then decide if it’s for me or not.

Any suggestion Yulia and Mahtap?

You are the most experienced ones on this topic so far.


You are an entrepreneur indeed. You have even decided what kind of business you will run. Good for you.

07:31 AM Jan 28 2015 |



Russian Federation

Dear S&W, thank u for ur kind comment. But if u open ur own flower shop u will be an entrepreneur! As it will be ur own business where pleasure and income are going to be mixed and inter connected :-)

05:57 AM Jan 28 2015 |



Iran, Islamic Republic Of

i have a big plan for start my own job but now i cant cause of …..

05:11 AM Jan 28 2015 |




I like this lesson and i read all the comments below.Julie3 and Mahtab are smart and have long sight.For me ,I don’t want to become a entrepreneur.I hope one day i can open a flower shop and every day surrounded by flower.

02:54 AM Jan 28 2015 |



Sri Lanka

Thanks for this interesting lesson. Entrepreneur itself was a new word to me. 

I come from a business family. The men in our community usually don’t do private jobs. After finishing their studies they set up their own business. But nowadays we see some youngsters opting for jobs in computer field and banks.

I also prefer to become an entrepreneur because when you have your own business you’re the captain and whatever you say goes. This thought gives me a feeling of immense freedom. 

02:57 PM Jan 27 2015 |



Russian Federation

Thank u Mahtab, and u are right. Even if u are not going to start up ur own business right now, knowledge about entrepreneurship will be a good practical base. If u work for a company,  especially a trading one or offer services to ppl, it will help u a lot just to be a good manager with higher understanding of business rules and laws. Entrepreneurship gives the way to ur creativity, responsibility, communication skills, planning and much more.

Would be cool if there is any entrepreneur here to share her/his experience with us :-) 

02:32 PM Jan 27 2015 |



Iran, Islamic Republic Of

As I am an entrepreneurship tutor for youth people I can say this subject is wonderful and I advise everyone to pass at least one simple course of that even if you dosent have the drive to make your own business!

Entrepreneurship is not only about business and making profit for yourself it is a life style and you learn many useful things like creativity , innovation , taking risks , accepting responsiblities, financial, planning , marketing and so on!

Now I dont have the desire to start my own business as I am busy with my job & my life!

But I had few small home businesses just to have the practical experiences that I needed to know before I teach them to my students!

Although I have a plan to be an entrepreneur after retirement! :D

I guess it will be a business of artworks!!! ;)


I’m glad to know you have started that course!

I have passed few online courses and workshps about entrepreneurship , business plan , marketing , negotiation techniques , E-commerce and …!

Even if I havent startet my own business yet but I have learned a lot!

I’m sure one day you will be a great entrepreneur!

It seems you have enough motivation and dreams of that then take the ball and run with it! ;)



Russian Federation

Wow! I definitely like this lesson. Just 2 weeks ago i started an online course on Entrepreneurship. It’s a very interesting topic. There are so many things freshmen should know and take into account. These ppl have to bear a big responsibility and accept risks. But such wonderful examples as Facebook,  Tesla, Microsoft, Nike etc give the drive.

I wish i am an entrepreneur one day. It’s a good idea! 

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