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Learn English meaning of Snapchat

Date: Mar 06 2015

Themes: Friend, Pop Culture, Tech, Time

Grammar: Articles, Quantifiers, and Determiners


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Websites and apps come and go. You need the right features and good timing to build a following, and even then, the appeal might not last. Think about Friendster or MySpace. The selling point of these websites was important to a large demographic for a while. But now? Nobody talks about them anymore.

The app Snapchat is having success with the idea of impermanence. After something is sent with Snapchat, it vanishes again in less than a minute. If you want to send someone a photo or a video on Snapchat, whatever you say or do will only last for a moment. It’s a fun app for people who like to keep moving.

Julie and Gary are talking about Snapchat and why it’s so popular. Read on in today’s English lesson about a new way to use our phones to say hello.


1. Listen and Read - Listen to the audio and read the dialog at the same time.

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Julie:  So, what’s the appeal of Snapchat?

Gary:  Good question. I guess I would say that it actually has a really big following in a very specific demographic.

Julie:  Right. Isn’t it teenagers and young adults?

Gary:  So, teenagers don’t want to have their conversations followed, and they want to be able to talk with their friends as quickly as possible. And they don’t want their conversations to last forever.

Julie:  So, they like the impermanence of Snapchat.

Gary:  Exactly.

Julie:  The fact that they can post something, and then it vanishes within seconds. Right?

Gary:  That’s the goal of Snapchat. That’s the whole selling point. That is Snapchat.

Julie:  And can you use Snapchat on any device?

Gary:  No, you can actually only use it on a smartphone. So you’re not using it on a computer…

Julie:  That’s exclusive!

Gary:  It is, but it’s also yours. You get to hold onto it. And you get to have conversations with your friends using all their features. So, you could do a video, you could do a photo, you could do text. And it’s this private…

Julie:  Supposedly!

Gary:  ...conversation. I don’t know many adults using it, but I do know a few.

Julie:  I have to check it out. I am curious.

Gary:  It’s free.

Julie:  Even better.


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Julie wants to know why people like Snapchat. She’s not sure that she understands why it’s so interesting or fun. Gary explains that what’s sent with Snapchat is only there for a few seconds, and teenagers really like that. Gary believes that younger people prefer that nothing is on Snapchat for long.

Gary tells Julie that you can only use Snapchat on a smartphone. Snapchat has many features, including videos, photos, and texts. If someone wants to talk to friends but doesn’t want his parents to find out, it sounds like Snapchat is perfect. Anything you see or read on Snapchat vanishes almost right away!

Have you ever used Snapchat? What do you like about it?



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Iran, Islamic Republic Of

The name was chosen in a clever way!! snap + chat..I like it. Besides the proper meaning, it brings snapshot to mind :)

12:54 PM Mar 06 2015 |



every application is good if we use them for good aims in PC,laptop,smart phone,tablet ..

we can have easy,cheap,fast communication with our families,relatives,friends and all the world because of these appl..

and sharing is a key of good relations and happiness..you can share your daily photos,birthday,travel,working pics with your belowed people via these appls..

and Snapchat..yess sometimes Advertisement is good way ))) 

my family use Snapchat ,Whats up ,FB..and they like it ..

11:59 AM Mar 06 2015 |




@scienceboy,you are the master about teenagers.impermanent save storage space and it designed for obsession 

10:40 AM Mar 06 2015 |



Iran, Islamic Republic Of

Good point you mentioned Scienceboy!

Yes we didnt have many things that teenagers have now!

Also I didnt have anything to hide from my parents!!

Hey what did we do then?!!! :-)))

06:12 AM Mar 06 2015 |



Sri Lanka

Thanks, dear ScienceBoy. Now I understand why teenagers find it attractive. 

05:37 AM Mar 06 2015 |




I haven’t heard about Snapchat before. I am not even gonna try. WhatsApp is more than enough. I have many apps on my phone but I use a few.

Dear Mahtab and Shoba, teenagers may not want their parents to find out who they are chatting with, I guess that’s the point. But, I am also like you. I cannot understand the whole point of its impermanence. We didn’t have smartphones when we were teenagers. Maybe thatt’s why




I prefer BRIS


04:56 AM Mar 06 2015 |



Sri Lanka

Nope, I have never used Snapchat. Infact, it’s the first time I’m hearing about this app. 

Like dear Mahtab.bp, I also fail to grasp the idea of its impermanence. Oh, my goodness, does that mean I’m too old to understand the psychology of youngsters? 

04:51 AM Mar 06 2015 |



Sri Lanka

Ha..ha..Eric_, you made me laugh. Looks like our EB is trying to spread the word about Snapchat in today’s lesson. 

04:38 AM Mar 06 2015 |



Iran, Islamic Republic Of

I had never heard about snapchat!!!

There are many other good apps for connecting and sending pictures , videos and files to friends that have a big following here!

I use Viber , WhatsApp , Line for connecting with my friends and also Telegram and Hike with my colleagues for sending professional files!

But it seems snapchat has a specific exclusivity!

This app is following because the posts are not permanent and vanish right away!

But I wonder why impermanency is important for people!!!




I don’t use snapchat.Anytime i get used to one chart app,i don’t wanna try others.

04:07 AM Mar 06 2015 |




I just google this App..     

Is it an ad for Snapchat in today’s topic? =.=


03:34 AM Mar 06 2015 |

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