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Learn English: Meaning of Reruns

Date: Mar 04 2020

Themes: Pop Culture, Time

Grammar: Used to Do vs Be Used to


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We all have our favorite old TV shows. They might be shows that we loved from our childhoods, or sitcoms that made us laugh as adults. But even our favorite shows will end sooner or later. If you’re lucky, you might be able to watch reruns of the show.

Most popular shows that are loved by many television viewers can be seen again. Reruns are a great way see episodes that you may have missed the first time they were on TV. You can even learn about an old show that you had never seen before. When you change the channels on your TV, there’s sure to be a rerun that is playing.

Marni and Gary talk about how much they love watching old shows on TV. Find out more in today’s English lesson about seeing your favorite episodes.


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Marni:  So, the other day, Gary, I was watching some reruns of some old sitcoms from the 80s.

Gary:  Really? The theme songs are so good.

Marni:  Yeah, they’re amazing. It’s just this throwback to this era.

Gary:  It was a bit of a nostalgic time for you.

Marni:  It kind of was, it’s terrible to say. I love catching old episodes of TV shows. It’s so fun. What do you think?

Gary:  I like watching the really, really old TV shows. Like the Twilight Zones, and the stuff from before that. Those are just so much fun because they were so different than today’s stuff.

Marni:  Do you ever feel, though, that you’re just wasting time watching something that’s on repeat?

Gary:  But those old sitcoms are so good!

Marni:  They’re so funny!

Gary:  Because they had this different feeling than our stuff today.

Marni:  Very much so. I get a little nostalgic for how TV used to be.

Gary:  I’m very happy that there are a lot of services now that make it possible to see all of these old shows…

Marni:  That is true.

Gary:  ... which is great.

Marni:  Alright, we’ll have to make a TV date together.

Gary:  Ooh, game on!


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Marni just watched some great reruns of sitcoms from the 80s. She thinks that they’re fun, and they remind her of the past. TV shows have changed a lot throughout time, and Marni really enjoys how older TV shows used to be.

Gary agrees with Marni and also loves reruns. He likes to watch much older shows like “The Twilight Zone,” and he also enjoys sitcoms. He doesn’t feel like he’s wasting time watching a rerun of something he has already seen. Gary also points out that it’s great that there are many ways to watch reruns of our favorite shows.

Do you like watching reruns? What’s your favorite show to watch again and again?



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United States

Yes, I do. It is so thrilling to watch reruns of my favorite drama on TV. I can watch the old episodes and the characters again. They would remind me of moments of happiness when I had while I enjoyed watching it.

12:49 PM Mar 04 2020 |



Iran, Islamic Republic Of

Yes I love watching “Frineds” and ” How I met your mother” everytime Im not on the mood.

These series really change my mood like going to a therapist😉

I cant remember how many times I watched them!!

Of course Im used to read a book or a movie that I like more than one time!

04:30 AM Mar 12 2019 |

1 person likes this




Sometime, film comedy DKI reruns in the tv channell. And you know what? Iam very like it because this film verry funny an make me laugh..haha

04:28 AM Mar 25 2015 |

1 person likes this




I like watching reruns of Daria.

It was so great

02:21 AM Mar 08 2015 |



United States

I like “Home Improvement” TV series in 90’s. Tim Allen is so funny!! 

08:07 PM Mar 04 2015 |



Serbia and Montenegro

 Now at the moment  for the third time waching “Friends” a

and they are really good :)

07:53 PM Mar 04 2015 |



Iran, Islamic Republic Of

Oh thanks Julito!!

I didnt know about his biography!

He was a great actor and I cant compare him with anyone else who has acted as Zorro in other movies! (Like Antonio Banderas ;) )

It seems everyone who comes to Argentina , he will fall in love with your country! :)

06:06 PM Mar 04 2015 |

1 person likes this




Dear Mahtab, i agree, we have a lot of things in common…..

Guy Williams  was  the actor who  portrayed ” EL ZORRO” he was born in New York and his real name was Armand Joseph Catalano.  Disney studio sent him to Argentina to promote  his films. This is what he told to the press…  people were lining up all along the highway to see me on my way to the hotel from the airport,   i couldn`t believe my eyes that i was so popular in argentina , He felt immediately in love with my country, later he took residence in Argentina where he passed away  from a brain  aneurysm.  

05:34 PM Mar 04 2015 |



SWEDEN ROCKS!!!!!!!!!!!!!

04:11 PM Mar 04 2015 |

2 people like this



Iran, Islamic Republic Of

Dear S&W!

  It is interesting to know my dear friends on ebaby have the same feelings , tastes and habits that I have ! :)

Dear Julito!!



I think it was the first show that I used to watch in my life!

I really loved that show!

Such a great memory! <3

You reminded me my happy and wonderful childhood!

How much I and my brother loved his horse Tornado! :)

I miss those golden days! :-(

03:58 PM Mar 04 2015 |



Sri Lanka

Dear Julito,

What you say about some reruns bringing back sweet memories is so true. 

The Cosby show was my father’s favorite sitcom. Likewise, my siblings and I used to watch ALF and roar with laughter when we were very young. 

Whenever I feel down and miss my family, watching a scene or two from these shows makes me feel close to my family. Maybe, I’m being too sentimental!? 

01:47 PM Mar 04 2015 |




I agree with Seiyf that sometimes reruns might be boring…  or is it that our humour or taste is changing  as time goes by .

Reruns evoque memories of bygone days when we were younger and carefree . I can still see on TV a rerun that brings back sweet memories, when after school we got together to watch a Disney production.

You are all invited, please take a seat, the function is about to start

Theme song  .... ZORRO

Out of the night, when the full moon is bright,

comes the horseman known as Zorro.

This bold renegade carves a Z with his blade

a Z that stands for ZORRO

One of my favorites shows is “I love Lucy”, although it is rarely seen on tv  in my country.

12:11 PM Mar 04 2015 |



Reruns are  good seldomly ,you can watch a few parts that you missed ..but Usually its boring .there is no new expecations, characters,heroes,stories,places,events..also No excitement ..it sounds waste time and its for people who have more free time ..

In today,there are alot of channels and new serials,shows,programs for watching.On the other hand, Reruns arent good for Tv channels ,coz low rating and less advertisement..( less money in the advertisement cake)..

its same for books ..you know story and heroes in the book, also end of story ..maybe rereading some books worth for some dialogs,important and beautiful quotes.

11:20 AM Mar 04 2015 |




Yes,I like watching reruns and Prison Break is my favorite everytime i mentioned i feel excited.

@mahatb I also have habit like you about reading book.Sometimes i skiped few chaperters for re-read so that everytime i re-read it i always being attracted .

10:15 AM Mar 04 2015 |



Iran, Islamic Republic Of

When I was a kid it was my habit to reread novels and stories many times!

Now I dont have time to read books but Id love to watch reruns!

I have full editions of some of my favorite series and I watch them time to time!

Friends is top of them! ;

Also these are my favorite series :

How I met your mother! , Vempire diaries , Arrow , Dark angel ,...

Oh Im a fan of CSI series too! :)

05:20 AM Mar 04 2015 |




I can watch Friends and How I Met Your Mother over and over again. These shows were hilarious.

@Eric_, you have a good taste. Arrow is really amazing.

05:04 AM Mar 04 2015 |



Sri Lanka

I enjoy watching reruns because they turn the clock back to my golden carefree days and make me feel happy. In addition to that I watch some old shows just to see how fashion has evolved over the years. 

My favorite reruns are The Cosby show, ALF, and desperate housewives. 

03:41 AM Mar 04 2015 |




If no reruns, I can’t watch many sitcoms, or the American dramas…

I like the Walking Dead most recently…  and I also like The Vampire Diaries, The Arrow, Modern Family, Game of Thrones, etc…... I will keep watching them until they end…

03:14 AM Mar 04 2015 |

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