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Contact Lenses
Contact Lenses

Learn English meaning of contact lenses

Date: Apr 28 2020

Themes: Fashion, Health, How To

Grammar: Adjectives


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How well can you see? Do you have perfect vision? Many people have bad vision, but don’t want to wear glasses. Luckily for them, there is another option. Contacts are a great choice for people who cannot see very well, but want to wear something other than glasses.

There are many different kinds of contacts. Hard or soft. Clear or tinted. Contacts that can stay in one’s eyes for months, or contacts that one can throw away at the end of each day. It all depends on the type of person who needs them.

Jessica uses contacts but is tired of wearing them. How does Gary feel about putting things in his eyes? Find out more in today’s English lesson about bad vision.


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Jessica:  Gary, I am so tired of wearing contacts.

Gary:  That must be so frustrating!

Jessica:  My contact lenses get dry, and I try to insert them, but the material they are made out of is just rigid.

Gary:  It does correct your vision, though. Right?

Jessica:  It does. And because I have contact lenses, I can wear them with sunglasses.

Gary:  Yeah, the compatibility is completely there. Absolutely. I’ve often wondered, though… is it invisible? Or is it clear?

Jessica:  Well, mine are tinted blue, but you would never know it. When you look at my eyes, you can’t tell that I’m wearing the contacts, because they aren’t big like soft lenses.

Gary:  Wow, and can you just wear them all the time? Because it really weirds me out, just touching your eye.

Jessica:  I know. I am a little bit limited with how often I can wear them. But I try to take them out at night when I go to sleep.

Gary:  Wow. That amazes me every time someone talks about it.


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Jessica needs to wear contact lenses, but she doesn’t like them. They are rigid and make her eyes dry. They’re also tinted blue, so they are not invisible. She does like that she can wear her contacts with sunglasses, though.

Gary doesn’t wear contacts, and he’s uncomfortable when people touch their eyes. He doesn’t know very much about contacts, but he is always interested to hear people talk about them. If Gary’s vision gets worse, he might need to wear contacts, too!

Do you have bad vision? Do you prefer contacts or glasses?



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Below you will understand what is important, the idea provides one of the links with an exciting site

08:23 AM Apr 18 2019 |



I don’t have bad vision but, I prefer glasses. It simpler to clear (in my opinion)

03:00 PM Apr 17 2019 |




No Princes, I prefered my look to my vision. I just wear usual sunglasses in this photo.

07:19 PM Apr 16 2015 |

La Princesse de la vie


Scienceboy, you are putting on nice sunglasses in your profile photo. :)) Are they with thick lenses for compatible usage? :)

06:33 PM Apr 16 2015 |




Hi, Julito. Yeah, isn’t it amazing we want to see what we want to see:)
As for ‘impeccable’ house, I think my vision is perfect here. Always see something :)
Julito, and you can drive without glasses, right?

02:00 PM Apr 16 2015 |




OLA, hola… for our consolation the plus side of poor vision  is that  to us  our apartment is impeccable  clean.  You said that you see Antonio Banderas in every film . Well ,this spanish actor is very handsome , it would be worse if you happen to see instead of Antonio , hmmmm ,  Boris Karloff … jejejejeje

12:15 PM Apr 16 2015 |




I havev a terrible vision. I use glasses, I cannot put cntacts in my eyes. No, I saw my brother in law trying and trying again with tears in his eyes. I am OK with glasses. Yes, they are uncomfortable sometimes but what to do..

08:25 AM Apr 16 2015 |



I never wear contact lenses but i wear glassess. Because i’m afraid to put something in my eyes.

05:59 AM Apr 16 2015 |

habiba 18

habiba 18


i use soft invisible lenses and they r great i can wear them with sunglasses and when it rains, oh i love it in winter :D glasses r very uncomfortable in the rain X( i also wear my lenses when i go swimming but i make sure not to open my eyes under water :p


Iran, Islamic Republic Of

I can never put lenses in my eyes…..i just cant see my own finger pointing at my eyes…...it is painfull for me:((

I mean it is the eye…how can i put something in my eye

Never never and ever…..i would use glasses in case i have to use something for better vision for sure i would choose glasses

08:16 PM Apr 15 2015 |




When I was student I weared glasses but now fortunately I do not need to wear them. 

07:24 PM Apr 15 2015 |

2 people like this




My vision is bad, so bad that I see Antonio Banderas in every movie. And when I get to watch the movie, put my glasses on, there’s no Antonio Banderas. But it’s ok, no problem, ther’re still many other good actors. What is real problem for me, I found glasses are totally incompatible with dancing ; they put you into a limit of the free expression of the dance spirit, making your movements rigid and not free and it really weirds me out because I want to dance freely like Sia, Chandeliar. Maybe contacts will help in this situation, that you can spin and pirouette without losing your glasses.

06:54 PM Apr 15 2015 |



I have a good vision.. last time I went to check up, the doctor said it’s number one, I dont know whether that’s an international unit or not. and he said that I don’t need glass.

if I had to wear one of them, I’d choose contacts. and its good for changing eye color too :)


05:19 PM Apr 15 2015 |



Iran, Islamic Republic Of

I don’t have bad vision, if I had bad vision I prefer glasses.

I think glasses are safer than contacts. But somebody doesn’t like glasses and they prefer to insert contact even they are not safe.

I know somebody uses contact only for look their eye beautiful! Isn’t it amazing?

05:05 PM Apr 15 2015 |



Dominican Republic

I have a perfect vision! :)

03:11 PM Apr 15 2015 |

La Princesse de la vie


Fortunately, I have quite good vision, so I don’t need to put on glasses or even insert any contacts. I must say that if someday I had to wear something to do better for my eyes, I’ll definitely choose the traditional glasses, because contact lenses really freak me out that I need to put them in my eyes with my hands and I feel like it’s a hard scary process!

I remember that once, maybe 2 years ago, I gave sunglasses as a birthday present for a friend of mine and I didn’t remember that she had bad vision and she just wears normal glasses, so the sunglasses kept there as a decoration until a few months ago when I saw her wearing them for the first time, because she was wearing clear contacts, and that made me happy that my sunglasses wouldn’t be on the roof anymore. :))

02:13 PM Apr 15 2015 |




Some years ago this friend of mine decided to give it a try, and then she ended up spending a fortune on them. That was such a rookie mistake! I don’t know why it happened, but her contacts would burn her eyes all the freaking time. Needless to say that they literally drove her round the bend, isn’t it? After just a few days she gave them up and got her old glasses back. Her face was priceless. The only thing I remember her saying is: contacts no more! Lol :P

02:00 PM Apr 15 2015 |



I  used glasses when I were child, but now I don´t need to use them.

01:48 PM Apr 15 2015 |

2 people like this



Sri Lanka

My vision has been quite good, so far. No worries about glasses or contacts.

One of my cousins got self-conscious about wearing glasses because people were calling her “four-eyes” and switched to contact lenses. She says that even though contact lenses don’t alter the appearance, they need proper care and pose the risk of infection. 

Whatever it is, I admire people who wear glasses due to the smart and commanding look they have. I tried to give myself an intellectual look by wearing plain glasses once. But people soon found out that I wasn’t an intellectual and I gave up wearing them. 

01:47 PM Apr 15 2015 |



Serbia and Montenegro

No, for now my vision is really good , but I’m like a GaRy toucing my eye’s would weird me out.

I’m opinion when one day I feel need to correct my vision I will chooose a galsses, and now exist so many shape of glasses and thay can look very fashionable

01:33 PM Apr 15 2015 |

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