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Next Steps
Next Steps English, baby! Video Lesson

Learn English meaning of idiom 'next steps'

Date: Jun 02 2015

Themes: Friend, How To, Party, Soap Opera, Work

Grammar: Phrasal Verbs


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Learning to walk takes time. First we must crawl, then we pull ourselves up to stand. After our first step, we fall down, but we get up and take more and more steps. Before our parents understand what’s happening, we’re already running!

The truth is that almost everything takes time to learn. Little by little, we discover what next steps will bring us closer to success. Learning a new language is a great example. First we learn simple phrases like hello, goodbye, thank you and you’re welcome. Then we learn basics like numbers, and colors, and foods. As we continue to remember more words, we get closer to speaking the new language like someone who grew up with it.

Sara and Kellie are getting ready to move into their new apartment, so Gary helps Sara think about her next steps. Read on in today’s English lesson about the future.

3. Watch - Watch the video without reading the dialog.


1. Listen and Read - Listen to the audio and read the dialog at the same time.

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2. Study - Read the dialog again to see how the vocab words are used.





Sara_R:  Hey, Gary. I have something for you here.

Gary:  Thanks. Hey, have you heard about Oscar?

Sara_R:  No. What’s going on with Oscar?

Gary:  Jessica totally told him off. She told him to leave us alone and to go somewhere else.

Sara_R:  Did it work?

Gary:  I think it did.

Sara_R:  That’s great! Go, Jessica!

Gary:  Seriously. Did you and Kellie get the apartment?

Sara_R:  We did. It’s very exciting. Now I just need to figure out what my next steps are.

Gary:  Are you going to get movers?

Sara_R:  No, I don’t have the money for that. I’m asking friends to help.

Gary:  Do you have the household supplies you need?

Sara_R:  Like dish soap?

Gary:  Like dish soap, laundry soap. Other things like dishes and utensils.

Sara_R:  Kellie has kitchen stuff. But I need to buy soap and other cleaning supplies.

Gary:  What about kitchen appliances like toasters? And bigger things like vacuum cleaners?

Sara_R:  I hadn’t thought about that.

Gary:  And furniture?

Sara_R:  My parents bought me a table and chairs for the kitchen. And Kellie’s brother is giving us an extra sofa.

Gary:  I guess as long as you have a bed, you’ll be OK.

Sara_R:  I do have a bed. I won’t have to sleep on the floor.

Gary:  Good.

Sara_R:  Look, I should go. Kellie and I are talking about having a party after we’re moved in. Would you want to come?

Gary:  Yeah, yeah. That’d be awesome.

Sara_R:  Cool. I’ll let you know.

Gary:  Cool.


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Gary wants to know if Sara and Kellie were successful getting the apartment they wanted. Sara tells Gary that they got it and are preparing to move in. He asks her about their next steps, and lists different appliances and furniture that Sara and Kellie will need to live in their apartment together.

Sara asks Gary if he would like to come to a party at the apartment. He says yes, trying to be cool, but it’s obvious that he likes her. Does Sara know that Gary is interested in her? It’s difficult to say just yet.

Do you always know what your next steps are, or do you prefer to live your life one day at a time?



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La Princesse de la vie


Not always that I know what I’ll do next, but it’s kind of reassuring to me to know what I’m going to do next. Yes, it’s distressful to think about the unknown and try to figure it out, but I can’t also be relaxed while I don’t know what tomorrow will be like or what my future holds for me. I can’t say that you’ve got to pile your head with plans and thoughts though, because we only live once, and we have got to make the best of each moment..

10:30 PM Jun 20 2015 |




Next steps is very important for me. Before I do some plan or project, I must make next steps. When I follow the next steps, I feel relax, if not I feel nervous.

11:18 PM Jun 02 2015 |



We all need next steps for living..

sometimes, next steps come naturally in life.its important to know  what you want ..what makes you happy,succesfull..

sometimes next steps will be harder than before,its important to know whether its worth or not ..

sometimes next steps will be done alone..without helping by others..with your own choices,decisions..it wont be easy ..

we all need to be happy in life,with next steps..with nice efforts..with kind behaviors..

11:03 PM Jun 02 2015 |



Sri Lanka

Well said, Maher20000! 

If anyone doesn’t know what their next step should be please ask our dear Julito. He seems to be the expert around here, specially when it comes to romance. 


maher20000Super Member!



definitely Gary’s next step will be following your advice.

03:46 PM Jun 02 2015 |



United States

my next step is college and a job.



Iran, Islamic Republic Of

Hey !

Its very easy to notice..Gray is worried about her bed :))

its good to focus on the present and not worry about future …

I do not think too far ahead of what is currently happening. i try to Live in the present… Live for today..




I don`t know what my next steps are .Usually  i am not planning ahead  ,i don`t even  know what i am going to eat  during the day ,then what to say of  long term expectations, i have none , but this is me , maybe i am wrong , i dunno !! 

As obviously Gary is interested in Sara  , i would suggest him that Sara- by mentioning that she needs manpower to move her stuff -,  is giving him a golden opportunity  to win her heart . Gary call on her   and let Sara know that you can help.  



Iran, Islamic Republic Of

I sometimes think living my life one day at a time is better than all the time thinking about next steps! What should I do tomorrow? What are the next steps? These are the questions I ask always myself and some times it is stressful.

I usually think about passing ways in my life, I find a way in my mind and pass it in my mind, then another way and so on. Therefore I always know about the way I can go. But the problem is my life is limit and I want to go many ways, or going two or three or more ways at same time and it make me confuse.

Life is limit and we have to think and choose the best step! Of course thinking a lot in this way may cause problems.



Sri Lanka

I try to plan my next steps beforehand and act according to that rather than drift along and let life happen to me. 

But sometimes I get distracted or my motivation level goes down that I fall short of staying focused on my next step. 




I always want to know my next steps so I always prepare a “to do list”. But sadly, I hardly follow that lislt. Always something comes up and I rearrange the list. Life is full of surprises. It’s not always easy to see your next steps.




Yes,I had been always know what the next steps are as long as i was a student whatever primary,high school or college,your next steps always clearly stand there ahead you.When you went into society ,there are hundreds and thousands doors ahead you,some would lead you to a splendid furture,some maybe a disater.next step means a serious decision,which put me at my wit’s end still can’t figure out which was the best.I would sleep on tomorrow wait for creatative ideas come to me.


maher20000Super Member!


I always try to figure out what the next step is. Sometimes it is difficult to know. There might be many possibilities and it it is hard to decide which one is the best. However, I try to think thoroughly before I Proceed. Usually, when I can’t see any convenient choice, I just pick the harder one despite of the risks.

With English, I think my next step should be phrasal verbs. They confuse me quite a bit. If any of my friends on ebaby provide some common phrasal verbs, it would be appreciated.

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