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Learn English in this 'Entourage' movie ESL lesson

Date: Jun 12 2015

Themes: Celebrity, Party, Pop Culture

Grammar: Past Progressive Tense


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Have you ever wondered what it would be like to be a famous actor? Do you want to be rich and successful? Not everyone gets to live the life of a movie star, but we can all see what it’s like in the new movie “Entourage.”

Vinny, E., Turtle, Drama, and Ari are back in the new “Entourage” movie, based on the HBO series. The boys are having fun in Hollywood, partying on boats and getting into trouble. If this movie is anything like the series, it should be a fun ride.

Julie is torn about whether or not she wants to see “Entourage.” Find out what Gary thinks in today’s English lesson about a new over the top movie.


1. Listen and Read - Listen to the audio and read the dialog at the same time.

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2. Study - Read the dialog again to see how the vocab words are used.





Julie:  Are you going to see the new “Entourage” movie?

Gary:  I am thinking about it. Are you?

Julie:  I am very torn.

Gary:  Really?

Julie:  I enjoyed the series, despite the fact that it’s really crass. And women are not portrayed very positively. But I love some of the characters.

Gary:  Well, there are so many famous people that are going to be in this movie. I’m kind of blown away by how many. I lost track when I was counting. It’s really great. The show is really over the top. They love making these jokes that seem like they’re out of control. And everybody does strange things. Which is kind of the premise of “Entourage.”

Julie:  It sort of illustrates what people with fame and money can do.

Gary:  Yeah. Well if you go, I’d love to hear what you think of it.


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Julie is torn about whether or not she wants to see the new “Entourage” movie. She likes the characters, but thinks that in the series, women were not portrayed very positively. She says that the movie shows what people with a lot of money can do.

Gary thinks that the premise of “Entourage” is a little over the top. He is blown away by how many celebrities will be in the movie. He couldn’t even count them all!

Do you want to see this movie? What would you do if you were a big movie star?



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Iran, Islamic Republic Of

If I have extra time maybe it could be interesting movie to see!

Whether or not, celebrities have impact on people, I don’t like to be a famous person to impact on people and to be rich!

There were and are some people in the world who impact on people’s lives, they run the world without of known! I prefer to be one of them instead of being fame to impact on people’s lives!;)

05:47 PM Jun 14 2015 |

nasrin jojo

Iran, Islamic Republic Of

i think somehow being a famouse person is amazing but on the other hand having a little more responsible in front of other people!!!

i would like to watch this movie.in my opinion it would be great …

09:27 AM Jun 14 2015 |




The Ruler of Brunei arrived for a visit to Malaysia with a large entourage staying at the Mandarin Oriental, Kuala Lumpur.

07:44 AM Jun 14 2015 |




Yes , some people who are rich and famous  kind of live in a parallel universe , as is they are entitle only to follow their own rules . Got in trouble with the law , no problem ,  money can buy the best lawyers  to get them  out of the mess they got into. What would i do if i were a big movie star ? ... pray to God that  never forget that  fame last  only a few days in this world .

09:13 PM Jun 13 2015 |




Everybody would like to be a fomous person.But being a movie star needs also overwhelming work and stressful routine.I am not sure that everybody can endure it.Anyway,movies stars status is attractive for all.

03:29 PM Jun 12 2015 |

La Princesse de la vie


S&W, what a lovely plan! But I have to say that by a way or another you have to run into paparazzi :)) You don’t know what these people are capable of :))

No, I’m not really interested, I didn’t see the series and I don’t think I’ll see the movie either.

If I were a big movie star! I don’t know! When I think of fame, I don’t see me as a famous actress. I never thought of it. But if I were a celebrity of some sort, I would do my best to live up to others’ expectations not to let them down..

02:02 PM Jun 12 2015 |




I need to see the TV series before i go to cinema see this film.if i were a big movie star,i must have a lot of money.i would buy an independent island and strengthen defense to protect me from paparazzi.

12:11 PM Jun 12 2015 |



If I were famous movie star, I’ll do my best to become a perfect role model like MJ

09:38 AM Jun 12 2015 |

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