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Community Service
Community Service

Learn English meaning of community service

Date: Jun 22 2020

Themes: Hobbies

Grammar: Definite & Indefinite Articles


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Have you ever volunteered to help your neighborhood? Some people believe that it is very important to give back to their communities. It can make you feel good and also help change your community for the better.

There are many different things that people can do that they enjoy for community service. It can be anything from helping to serve lunch at a homeless shelter to picking up trash in local parks. There will always be a need for people who are willing to give their time to help.

Marni tells Gary about her recent community service. Find out more in today’s English lesson about volunteering one’s time.


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Marni:  Gary, you know what I did over the weekend?

Gary:  What did you do?

Marni:  I volunteered with a local organization that goes around and plants trees in neighborhoods and parks.

Gary:  That’s really, really interesting because this past weekend I went back to a place where I planted a tree. And it was a year later, so…

Marni:  You got to see the benefit.

Gary:  Yes.

Marni:  That’s great.

Gary:  It was so wonderful just taking part in this larger involvement.

Marni:  I really love community service and I feel like it’s your responsibility every once in a while to give back.

Gary:  And it’s so beneficial to not just you, but to everyone and the community.

Marni:  Absolutely.

Gary:  It’s so great to do. Personally speaking, I think it’s everyone’s responsibility to do some small thing.

Marni:  It’s whatever you’re interested in. It doesn’t have to be planting trees. It could be volunteering at a homeless shelter or an animal shelter. Or just even taking meals to seniors. But there are so many ways you can volunteer in your community. I think it’s your duty to look into it.

Gary:  I’m so happy that you did that this weekend.


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Marni just spent a weekend volunteering. She helped to plant trees in her neighborhood. She really enjoyed it and thinks that it’s important that everyone do some type of community service. There are many different ways that someone can volunteer and Marni gives some examples.

Gary agrees that it’s important to give back. He tells Marni that he’s also helped plant trees and talks about returning to a place to see how much a tree has grown. He feels that it’s everyone’s responsibility to do something beneficial for their neighborhoods.

Do you do community service? Why or why not?



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La Princesse de la vie


I don’t think that such a topic will get NO as an answer. Of course it’s obvious that it’s a responsibility and a heavy one indeed to keep balance on the planet, it’s not just volunteering, it’s an unseen necessary role for each of us. 

I’m sure that if at least two of every ten persons do a small deed as a community service, there will not be poor people or needy people. Imagine if billions of individuals around the world have the sense of gratitude to the society that they feel like they have to give back, what would the world be like?!

I used to be a member in different organizations that offer help in different ways, like project raising organizations and charities also. It makes me feel better to do something helpful, even the smallest thing.

10:33 PM Jun 10 2015 |



Sri Lanka

In India I have done community services such as cleaning the parks and schools. Here, the local municipal takes care of them. We just pay the taxes.

But I take part in community services organized by our temple. Once in a while we clean the surroundings of our temple and help out in the orphanage there. Every day someone volunteers to water the plants there. My turn comes once a month. 

In this modern world most of us have time for online communities. But sadly we don’t have time for the real community we live in! 

04:13 PM Jun 10 2015 |




 In the big city i live in i don`t  see  such a thing as  community service volunteering. My little service  to the community is at least    not to trash with paper the city, we have trash bins on every corner  and yet the streets are filled with  garbage. What a pity !!

11:17 AM Jun 10 2015 |




yes,i do community service picking up trash in our community playground.I had the same experience as marni planting trees but i never back to see how strong and tall they become.I like volunteering and this summer we gonna pick up trash along the beach.

10:24 AM Jun 10 2015 |




I do not do ,but I d would like to be involved in this proccess  if it were available in my place.I think its a great idea to help someone .


08:23 AM Jun 10 2015 |

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