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Learn English meaning of patience

Date: Jul 20 2015

Themes: Health

Grammar: Zero Conditional


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We can’t always get what we want. At least, that’s what the Rolling Stones tell us! Even if we prefer instant gratification, sometimes we have to practice self-restraint. As kids, having to wait was difficult, but as adults, it shouldn’t be too hard. Is there anything so important that it can’t be waited for?

It’s true that there are exceptions to this way of thinking. If there’s an emergency, it’s not necessary to be patient. Stay level-headed, but get the help that’s needed right away. If not, take a breath and relax. As they say, “Good things come to those who wait.”

Brian has no control over his wish to see his birthday gifts. Find out what Sara has to say in today’s English lesson.


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Brian:  It is my birthday next weekend, and I cannot wait. In fact, I saw some of my presents and I had to sneak a peak.

Sara_R:  You did?

Brian:  Yes, I just don’t have the patience to wait. And when it’s there, I don’t have that self-restraint that some people do.

Sara_R:  I’m way more level-headed. I can totally wait. I have so much patience.

Brian:  When you were little, during the holidays, you never snuck around and tried to find your presents?

Sara_R:  Well, maybe when I was little. But now, as I’m older…

Brian:  It’s so hard for me. I just want instant gratification. When I’m hungry, I go find food and eat it. I just can’t wait for mealtime.

Sara_R:  You’ve got to get it.

Brian:  I’ve got to get it! Yeah. I guess I might have a lack of control.

Sara_R:  Well, I might be that way about food.

Brian:  Oh, yeah.

Sara_R:  Do you want to get something to eat?

Brian:  Yes. Immediately.

Sara_R:  Great!


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Brian wants things when he wants them. For example, when he’s hungry, Brian eats. He’s excited for the weekend, because it’s his birthday, and he knows he has presents. In fact, Brian tries to sneak a peak at his gifts.

Sara is nothing like Brian when it comes to patience. She can wait as long as is necessary. Sara might be one of those people who enjoys making herself wait for something. Some people believe that it makes the experience better once you have it.

Are you more like Brian or Sara? Is it important to learn how to be patient?



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well I think i’am so patient regardless of my wishes and I know that all of it will come as my god loves , so why hurry and why not waiting ??

it’s best for us 

09:12 AM Apr 16 2016 |



Iran, Islamic Republic Of

i should be positive thinking always.faith in god and think that whatever he will do is in favour of your future

10:47 AM Aug 02 2015 |

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I like Sara more.I think it’s important to know how to be patient.sometimes I have no patience with something,so I want to change,be more patience

11:32 PM Jul 20 2015 |



I identify with Sara, one of my virtues is the patience, i know things will arrive at the right time.

08:55 PM Jul 20 2015 |



I think I am both, under the right circumstances… sometimes I can be too patient that might really surprise you and other times I can be the most hasty person you might ever witness…  

btw, to those who write long comments below here, I dont read your lines. lol

08:02 PM Jul 20 2015 |



Iran, Islamic Republic Of

I remember when I was younger I was impatient to have or to do things, like having a toy or playing a game etc. life gradually learned me being patient.
To day I try to be patient to reach my aims. But I sometimes lose my patience to reach my aims! Then I tell myself “you have to be patient, you have seen results of impatience!”
Actually according to the lesson, sometimes we need to be impatient in emergency situations. And also I believe when I have to do something, I should be impatient to do that, I don’t agree with waiting to do something I should do and wasting my time! But most of time we need to be patient to be successful in our life.

01:09 PM Jul 20 2015 |




Patience is the mother of all the virtues. Self-restraint is necessary if we want to live a peaceful life .   Children are very impatient , i have seen them  in front of a candy or ice-cream store crying buckets of tears that they wanted an ice`cream and didn`t accept a NO from their mom. Sometimes when i want to buy an electronic i am not so level-headed, i want it and NOW , and in the rush to have an instant gratification I ended up buying it costlier that in another store. Not very wise guy.




‘If you wait by the river long enough, you’ll see the body of your enemy float by’
Sun Tzu
Let’s be patient! Evil people eventually destroy themselves.

La Princesse de la vie


Well, I’m a combination of both. I have this sense of enthusiasm that I certainly want to get instant gratification like Brian, but I’m also aware that I’m grown up enough to restrain myself and have a control over my wishes.

Here people believe very much in patience “Patience is the way out of any ordeal”. It may be just a consoling proverb, but it really relieves, ‘cause we have nothing to do but to wait for what’s destined for us to happen. 

09:49 AM Jul 20 2015 |



Iran, Islamic Republic Of

There are many stories about people who have had experienced a fatal accident or disease and were just on the edge of dying but somehow miraculously got survived, yeah most of them claim that experiencing death so close to them and got a second lease on life completely changed the way they used to think about life and being patience isn’t a chore at all because they don’t take life as granted anymore they know that only death is awaiting them in the future.

So why don’t cherish this very moment of our life and why don’t believe that every hours, every minutes, every seconds got something to offer.

Satan is the only one who always deceives us that there’s nothing going on here in this moment so he keeps saying us come with me to the future let me show you what kinds of great things could happened out there. But God replies there is no future , future is only a hallucination, the reality and life is here right now so stay here with me my dear and don’t step into the darkness.

PS: I believe to the things that I already said and I have my heart set on living in the moment but you know applying them into my life is a completely different kettle of fish (if I ever could apply, then my life wouldn’t be a mess as it is right now), but still I am working on it, yeah these kinds of stuffs are easier said than done. 

Naveen Singh Shahi


As above said line “Good things come to those who wait.” Since, those who are waiting be patient.

08:32 AM Jul 20 2015 |




I think i am the people who have the patience somtimes and also sometimes cannot self-restaint ,it depends on my mood and the things.If the things donnot relate to family health,money and so on ,i think i may have patience.

07:43 AM Jul 20 2015 |




I think i am the people who have the patience somtimes and also sometimes cannot self-restaint ,it depends on my mood and the things.If the things donnot relate to family health,money and so on ,i think i may have patience.

07:42 AM Jul 20 2015 |




As an adult ,I am more like sara and when i was young I was the same as Brian .I still remember clearly I couldn’t wait to see my Spring Festival Present and beg to my mom thousand times to let me take a look at my new dress.I believe in Good things come to those who wait.Vintage wine has stored many years.

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