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Without a Trace
Without a Trace English, baby! Video Lesson

Learn English meaning of 'without a trace'

Date: Aug 18 2015

Themes: Romance, Soap Opera

Grammar: Present Perfect Tense


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What do Amelia Earhart and Jimmy Hoffa have in common? Both of them disappeared without a trace. Even though people looked and looked for their bodies, we still don’t know what happened to them. It’s crazy to think that so many years later, no one knows the answer to this mystery.

In today’s world, it seems unlikely that a person could disappear, even if they tried. Photos and information are easily shared on the internet, and most people carry a phone with a camera everywhere they go. If a friend moves away without telling you, don’t worry! You can find him or her in no time.

Brian is having trouble getting in touch with Lily. Gary gives advice to his friend in today’s English lesson about relationships.

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Gary:  When you say that Lily vanished without a trace, what exactly are you saying?

Brian:  I mean she’s gone. Her email address doesn’t work, her Skype account has been deleted

Gary:  That is weird, man.

Brian:  I kind of feel like she’s trying to tell me something.

Gary:  I hate to say it, but I think you’re right.

Brian:  I don’t even know how to meet women.

Gary:  Are you kidding me? Your situation could not be any better for that right now.

Brian:  Why do you say that?

Gary:  First, you’re taking a class at the university.

Brian:  That’s true.

Gary:  You work for a celebrity website, so you’re always networking and meeting new people.

Brian:  And there’s that cooking class we signed up for.

Gary:  Exactly. If you try, you’ll be able to forget Lily in no time.

Brian:  But I don’t want to forget about her. And I don’t like that she disappeared without a trace. That makes me worried.

Gary:  Seriously… I hear you. But it’s time to meet someone new.


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Brian is having trouble getting in touch with Lily. Her email address doesn’t work, and her Skype account doesn’t, either. Brian thinks that maybe Lily is trying to tell him that she doesn’t want to date anymore, and Gary agrees.

Even if he wanted to date someone new, Brian isn’t sure how to meet women. Gary points out that with school, work, and the cooking class they’re taking, Brian has a lot of opportunities to find someone. The truth is that Brian doesn’t really want to date someone new. He still wants to be with Lily.

Do you think that Lily is sending Brian a message? Do you know anyone who disappeared without a trace?



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I dont thing lily she is send him any message if she send anything in my oppnion he is dont come because he dont meet any women before

03:13 PM Sep 04 2015 |



Saudi Arabia

I didn’t think that lily would contact with Brian anymore maybe she could’t face him and tell him what she really feel and I thing she thought to better break it up with him in this way 


actuyally some of my friends which i was talking to them daily online has disapeared without a trace , I could’nt imagine that at the first because they were really mean to me and I used to talk to them and learn with them , the way that we leaving people without any messages is so hard but this is the life anyway !

09:38 AM Aug 27 2015 |

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Russian Federation

In my opinion it’s not a message from Lily. I think if girls don’t want to date anymore they will say or write about it (like -let’s be a friend).

Of course there are some people who disappear without a trace, and you can’t keep in touch with them, but I think it’s not a good action.

Some of my acquaintances vanished without a trace and i didn’t realize why they do it. It’s their choice.

12:42 PM Aug 24 2015 |



to my idea,

some people will go away from your life without saying anything and without a trace..if they are very important for you ,it will be very painful moment,lesson..

all relations in the world have a meaning..this meaning feeds up relations…when the relations lose its meaning ,it will go away …its reality of life..

and logically, if she/he disappears without a trace , means, he/she doesnt want you anymore…message is very clear..your role finished in his/her life .

11:21 PM Aug 18 2015 |

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United States

After one night standing , the pretty women was disappeared without a trace . I hope that I could see her again . lol 

02:57 PM Aug 18 2015 |



Iran, Islamic Republic Of

I also think that she’s avoiding Brain probably because she doesn’t want to date him anymore otherwise she wouldn’t vanish without a trace. There are plenty more fish in the sea so It’s better if Brain forget all about her. who knows maybe on second thought Lily would get in touch with him someday again. I thought their relationship would end up a lot better than this.

All thanks to Internet and social networks these days you could find out what happened to your childhood friends, college crushes or even a long-lost family member and it’s so great because in the past decades and in absence of Internet technology it would take ages to find someone out and in some cases, even impossible.

07:10 AM Aug 18 2015 |




Disappearing without a trace is all I feel like doing when life gets tough. I know it isn’t supposed to be like a bed of roses, but still…

01:37 AM Aug 18 2015 |

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