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Dive Bars
Dive Bars

Learn English meaning of dive bars

Date: Oct 08 2019

Themes: Alternative, Friend, Party


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It’s time to go grab a beer! Do you want to go somewhere new, clean, and expensive, or would you prefer a grungy and cheap dive bar with an old school ambience?

Many people don’t understand the appeal for a dirty bar, but that’s probably why so many eclectic people end up going to them. Next time you have the chance, go to a dive bar. You just might like it.


grungy adj.


Example The restaurant we ate at last night was so grungy!

old school expr.


Example I thought about buying a modern car, but decided to get something a little more old school.

Example I like old school Nike shoes. The ones from 1987 are the best!

ambience n.


Example The cafe has a relaxed ambience that we like to experience.

appeal n.


Example I don't understand the appeal of horror movies.

eclectic adj.


Example We had dinner at a very eclectic restaurant last night. I loved how all the tables and chairs were different colours and shapes.

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Do you like dive bars? What do you like to do when you go out?


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United States

It seems Sara really likes Brian …. can those dive bars be a romantic place ? lol 

03:35 PM Oct 07 2015 |



United States

I love to drink Dive bar is the place to go.

12:38 PM Oct 07 2015 |

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