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Sleeping Bags
Sleeping Bags

Learn English meaning of 'sleeping bags'

Date: Jan 18 2016

Themes: Hobbies, Travel

Grammar: Adjectives


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Do you like sleeping under the stars? It can be fun and exciting to get out in nature. It can also be cold at night! If you like to go camping, you need a good sleeping bag. A sleeping bag will keep you warm and make you feel secure. Some sleeping bags are made for very cold places. People who climb high mountains always take a sleeping bag to protect them against the cold.

If you don’t like feeling restricted, you might not like sleeping bags. Maybe, small spaces scare you, or maybe, you like having your feet free. You can still go camping. All you need is a warm blanket… or two or three!

Gary and Jessica are talking about sleeping bags. Find out what they think in this English lesson.


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Jessica:  I am so excited to go camping this year because I love how cozy my sleeping bag is.

Gary:  Oh, my. I have one. I have a sleeping bag at home, but I almost never use it because I just feel so restricted when I get into a sleeping bag.

Jessica:  Really? Are you claustrophobic?

Gary:  I’m not. When I go outside, and I’m camping, and I have a sleeping bag, I feel like I’m always getting way too warm. I guess I just feel really overheated.

Jessica:  Oh, it gives me such a sense of security, though. When I’m out in the wild… and all the scary sounds that you hear sometimes… I just feel…

Gary:  It is really cozy.

Jessica:  Mm-hm.

Gary:  It’s such a cozy feeling, yeah.

Jessica:  That’s true.

Gary:  It’s almost like you’re cuddling up with someone, but you’re all alone.

Jessica:  Exactly. You’re enveloped in this fluffy, warm, snuggly sleeping bag. See?

Gary:  Protected by a tent.

Jessica:  I’m so excited. You’re making me even more excited to go camping.

Gary:  Well, have fun when you go out there. If you do need another sleeping bag, let me know. I’ve got one in the closet.

Jessica:  Sounds good.


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Jessica is excited to go camping this year. She loves to cuddle up in her sleeping bag and feel warm. It gives her a sense of security when she is out in nature. Sometimes, she hears scary sounds when she camps, but her sleeping bag makes her feel safe.

Gary doesn’t really like his sleeping bag. It makes him feel restricted. When he uses it, he feels too hot. He agrees with Jessica that sleeping bags are very cozy, though. They are so warm that it feels like you are cuddling up with someone. He offers to let Jessica borrow his sleeping bag if she needs an extra one.

Do you have a sleeping bag? Do you like camping?



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Every weekend my husband and I will get out in nature,we are very exciting to being outside to feeling the breeze the sunshine and the flowers etc,but we never attempt to camping at night,after seeing this article,maybe someday ,we would have a try and feeling the cozy sleeping bag.

02:11 AM Apr 26 2016 |

joao correia


I never ever camping yet.

04:22 PM Jan 18 2016 |


United States

I love camping . Instead of using sleeping bags , I use a thick sheep blanket   with portable heating . By looking at those starts , I feel as thought I’ve lost myself in the wonderful space once up a time. 

03:40 PM Jan 18 2016 |



 No. I don’t have a sleeping bag. And I don’t like camping. Why? I think there are two reasons.

  First, I had not had such a sense of awareness since I was a child. The people who surrounded me had not this awareness yet.

  Second, I can not imagine how sleep when people get out in nature at night especially at midnight. How about if it is rainning suddenly, if it is strong windy abruptly, and if it is heavy snow.


  But now from this article, I feel it is fanny when camping under the stars .

  Maybe I need to buy a sleeping bag and try it.

02:34 AM Jan 18 2016 |

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