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Learn English meaning of ‘fairies’

Date: Mar 30 2020

Themes: Hobbies, Travel

Grammar: Simple Present Tense


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Do you believe in fairies? Many people love these small mythological beings, and most cultures have some type of mythology about fairies. In the US, children love to dress up as fairies. They wear fake fairy wings and carry magic wands. They like to pretend that they can do magical things when they are fairies. However, in other cultures, adults might believe in fairies, too.

For many people, fairies are a symbol of the natural world. They might live in trees or near lakes. They probably help to take care of these natural places. There are so many stories about fairies that people now call mythological stories fairy tales. In these stories, the fairies might be kind and helpful, or they might be mean and scary.

Andy and Brian have heard many different stories about fairies. Listen to today’s English lesson to learn about their experiences.


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Andy_H:  I just got back from Cincinnati, Ohio, where I was visiting my nieces and my nephews. They’re all under five years old. My little niece Anastasia loves fairies. She would dress up in the fairy wings, and she had a magic wand and was just running all over the house and saying, “I’m a magical fairy.”

Brian:  It’s funny because here there is a very particular archetype of fairy. When I was traveling in Ireland, though, I met individuals who… that was actually part of their culture. And that was part of their mythology and was an actual creature... like believable, much like we have people who believe in ghosts here these days…

Andy_H:  Or Big Foot.

Brian:  Or Big Foot, yeah. And so, it’s really interesting to see the stereotype fairy and then also hear people talking about when things go missing… It must have been the fairies… and it’s just a thing that is talked about.

Andy_H:  Well, hey, we’ve got fairies here in America. Tooth fairies. I mean, come on, who didn’t believe in the tooth fairy until the age of seven.

Brian:  Well, there’re just so many mysteries to the natural world that I think that that’s what makes mythology so interesting, and it’s that mystery that makes it exciting and the magic.


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Andy’s young niece loves to dress up as a fairy. She wears fake fairy wings and carries a magic wand. Andy tells Brian about this, and Brian tells Andy about his experiences in Ireland. There, he met many people who believe in fairies. They think that fairies cause things to happen.

Fairies in the US and Ireland are different. However, both cultures share a belief in some types of mythology. For example, many people in the US believe in Big Foot, and US children love the tooth fairy. Brian thinks that people like fairies because they are symbols of the natural world.

Do you believe in fairies? Which types of fairies are popular in your culture?



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Iran, Islamic Republic Of

I believe in fairies. According to my religion, Allah has created jen and human.

Some of them are good and som of them are bad.

10:31 AM Apr 27 2016 |

La Princesse de la vie


When I was a kid, like so many others of my generation, I was told about a scary creature that I can’t translate its name to English. But growing up I stopped believeing in that anymore. I guess children of this day don’t even know about it. The mythology died.

People of these days don’t believe in fairies, but there are some myths that people believe in, most are indicative of jinx.

06:27 PM Apr 26 2016 |



when I  was kid ., ı was afreid. ı do not believe it. Fairies are very interesthing for me :)

11:10 AM Apr 25 2016 |




no I didn’t believe these stories , 

08:45 AM Apr 25 2016 |

jolefrancaisSuper Member!


To tell the true I do not believe in fairy at all. When I was young until 10 i though some fairly was reality. Fairy is a important part of popular believe whrerever you live.

06:45 AM Apr 25 2016 |


Saudi Arabia

I dont believe at all its just an  illogical stories there are many stories about fairies can not believe them without seeing or watching!

they make these stories to scare the people and keep them away from their reality life

i remembered when i was a child i was very scary from the fairies

sometimes i can not go outside home from them (:

bcs my sister was always talked with us about the fairies stories and i was imagine that kind of fairies ,, how are they and how they can like this

its really was very scare for me when  i was a child

actually we should not tell to our childern these illogical stories even avoid them from scary things

bcs they will be scared at all his or her life

we should keep them believe their lives and dont believe any illogical stories

05:31 AM Apr 25 2016 |


ola3Super Member!


I love it! I love it! I love it!

03:56 AM Apr 25 2016 |

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