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Learn about weddings in this English lesson

Date: Apr 01 2020

Themes: Family, Fashion, Party, Romance

Grammar: Zero Conditional


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Picture this: your dream wedding! What does it look like? Some people would like to go all out, with thousands of flowers, a huge cake, and a lot of guests. Other people have a more unconventional approach. They might have a small wedding on top of a mountain or get married underwater. They might even have an unusual theme like Star Wars or Harry Potter. Weddings are amazing, but they are definitely not all the same!

Weddings can also be stressful. It can be difficult to plan such a big event and even more difficult to pay for it. Some couples even go into debt. However, most people agree that the cost is worth it for such a beautiful event.

Kelsey and Andy are talking about weddings. Listen and find out what they think.


1. Listen and Read - Listen to the audio and read the dialog at the same time.

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Kelsey:  Andy, my best friend’s getting married in a few months.

Andy_H:  Oh, hey, congratulations to your best friend.

Kelsey:  Yeah, she’s doing an extravagant wedding with a bohemian theme. I’m really excited for it.

Andy_H:  Here we go…

Kelsey:  What is that supposed to mean?

Andy_H:  Oh, I didn’t mean any offense. I just think that, sometimes, weddings can be way too expensive. I mean, with all the debt that you put yourself into… and when you look at the fee at the end of the wedding, it seems like, maybe, people should ask themselves why they’re getting married.

Kelsey:  Well, I think that it’s way better to go the traditional route. People have been getting married for years, and it’s such a special occasion. You have to go all out!

Andy_H:  But when you think about how much fun you can have at an unconventional wedding… I saw this really cool couple that was getting married in Japan, and they had a bunch of their wedding pictures taken as if Godzilla was attacking them. And it looked like a lot of fun!

Kelsey:  Well, that’s great for you, but I think it’s really special if it’s a very extravagant, wonderful event. I don’t think you should put a price on it.

Andy_H:  Maybe, I shouldn’t. And let’s just say, thank God I’m not having to think about that one anytime soon!


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Kelsey tells Andy that her best friend is getting married this summer. She is excited, but Andy sounds a little less thrilled! Kelsey asks him what he means, and Andy says that he feels like, sometimes, weddings can be too expensive. He thinks people should stop and ask themselves why they are getting married before they spend all that money. He also likes the idea of unconventional weddings. He saw a couple that had a Godzilla-themed wedding, and he thought it was really cool.

Kelsey doesn’t agree with Andy about unconventional weddings. She thinks that weddings should be traditional, beautiful, and fancy. It is such an important event, so it needs to be done the right way. Andy thinks she might be right… but he is glad he doesn’t have to think about weddings anytime soon!

What are weddings like in your country? Do you know anyone who is getting married this summer?



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Dominican Republic

I like weddings

03:41 AM Apr 02 2020 |

1 person likes this




Oh God.!!

There we go.!!

Me. :)

We should cosider three complete different culturs and languages. I mean either my home country or the place where i’m located for the last a few years and also according to my finance’s culture.!!! So my finance and I gotta have three quite different wedding traditions in the same time. In fact everyone is worried except us. It’s gonna happen very soon. Date counter goes downer and downer. 

The fact is happiness. Therefore we don’t care about anything else such as financial or etc. 

Wish the best for us in this way. 

I wish good luck, happiness and wonderful life to u all too.

09:22 PM Jun 14 2016 |



YES… I am planning to marry this summer. As my Schatz and I come from different cultures and countries, our wedding will be a multicultural. It does not matter how expensive or extravagant a wedding is. We want a wedding that expresses our happiness. I am looking forward to my wedding and future husband Smile

09:17 PM Jun 14 2016 |

1 person likes this

Sami Aswad

Sami Aswad


I think u dnt have to pay to dollars in order to make ur wedding cool or fancy ! Some ppl can’t afford that ! In my country ppl mostly go the traditional route and it costs arm and leg ;)

11:24 AM Apr 23 2016 |



United States

I love weddings there cool.

08:18 PM Apr 20 2016 |



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 It can be genuinely heading to aid me a great offer. Thanks for sharing

07:44 PM Apr 20 2016 |

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stuff in your blog especially its discussion..thanks for the post!

07:43 PM Apr 20 2016 |

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Saudi Arabia

Nice topic i like it so much if we talking about the wedding we should foucs on the love ,, i mean are we love that one which is be our wives or husbands  the love most thing for me it dose not matter how much i spend

actualy there are a lots of defference traditional around world also there are defferent cultures around world some of them are prefer conventional event some of them are prefer to spend a lots of money for their wedding day it depends on their culturs.

I get married since 9 months ago actualy i spent around 100 thousand riylas saudi for that day

really it was so cute day for our families

as i said there is defferent cultures around world

life can not be nice without the women and men they complete each others

by love and marriage we can be within the peace

by the love can these wars be stopped

the love must be the language of this world

09:16 AM Apr 20 2016 |

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SO there are more different forms of weddings in our country , it differ from one side to another , from area to area , from tribe to tribe as where it live and what traditions they keep .

but a now there is more families go all out and change the habits by their own extravagant .

06:57 AM Apr 20 2016 |



   Yes. There are different forms of wedding in our country, difference from areas , from times, such as the North and the South, the city and the country, the past and the modern…

I don’t know exactly the wedding of  other places and times for I have not experienced myself. ( maybe if you want to know the wedding of somewhere, you could know it by BaiDu on the internet web).

There are some different wedding even in the same place. Some families are very rich, and their wedding are very extravagant of course. But there also are very simple wedding in the rich families according their own ideas.

Usually, for the common people, all relatives , friends , Classmates who were invited would come on the wedding with their presents or a gift of money. Where the wedding holding on is at hotel, some at home.

   Indeed, there need a lot of money in the extravagant wedding. Many people would go in to the debt just for their faces. I think that the faces of the wedding people is far more than the meaning of the wedding itself when people need the debt to finish the wedding. It is a vanity, only a vanity.

   I think what kind of wedding would be held in accordance with their own economic decisions, rather than their faces and tradition. The wedding itself is a happy thing ,but it is a depressing thing when debt because of wedding.

   Whether the married life is happy or not, it is not due to the extravagant wedding. I always think so.

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