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On the DL
On the DL English, baby! Video Lesson

Learn English meaning of 'On the DL'

Date: Apr 12 2016

Themes: Friend, School, Soap Opera

Grammar: Verbs with "-ing"


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Everybody has a secret. Most of us are not very good at keeping secrets, though! We need to tell someone, whether it is a close friend or family member. However, when we tell someone a secret, we don’t usually want them to spread it around! If you tell your friend a secret, you might ask him or her to keep it on the DL.

To “keep something on the DL” or “keep something on the down low” means to keep a secret. When we don’t want information to spread around, we ask people to keep it on the down low. For example, maybe, you applied for a really great job, but you want to keep it on the DL in case you don’t get the position. Maybe, your friend is planning on proposing to his girlfriend, and he asks you to keep it on the down low so she doesn’t find out. It can be hard to keep exciting information on the down low. How good are you at keeping secrets?

Jordin has a secret. Will Andy and Kelsey be able to keep it on the down low? Watch today’s episode to find out.

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1. Listen and Read - Listen to the audio and read the dialog at the same time.

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2. Study - Read the dialog again to see how the vocab words are used.











Jordin:  Can I get tea for anyone?

Sheila:  Coffee. No sugar and…

Jordin:  ...Extra hot.

Andy_H:  Green, please. Thank you.

Dominique:  That’d be great. Whatever you’re having.

Andy_H:  Actually herbal. Sorry, green tea, please.

Kelsey:  I’d love some. I want to see what flavors there are…

Andy_H:  Herbal… Sorry.

Kelsey:  Are you enjoying interning here?

Jordin:  I love it, I do, but…

Kelsey:  What’s wrong?

Jordin:  Well, do you promise to keep this on the down low and not tell anyone?

Kelsey:  Of course, I’m really good at keeping secrets.

Jordin:  Really?

Kelsey:  Well, not always the best, but when it comes to work stuff, absolutely. No worries at all.

Jordin:  OK. Well, I’m thinking about going back to school. The university accepted me, but I’m scared to tell Dominique because I don’t want to lose the internship.

Kelsey:  That’s so exciting! School! What are you going to study?

Jordin:  I haven’t decided yet, but do you think Dominique will mind?

Kelsey:  No. I mean I’m sure she will understand that you have goals and ambitions. And she really likes you, so you can probably work something out! I think you can keep your internship here while going to school.

Andy_H:  Who’s going to school? Are you, Jordin? That’s cool!

Jordin:  What?! No! I mean yes. I mean…

Kelsey:  Andy! You have to keep this on the down low.

Jordin:  I don’t want to tell Dominique just yet.

Andy_H:  Oh, don’t worry. I understand. I am so good at keeping secrets.

Kelsey:  Are you?

Andy_H:  Well, not as good as Superman, or Batman, or any superhero really… Maybe, I’m not that good…


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Jordin is getting drinks for the office. She asks if people would prefer coffee or tea. Kelsey is not sure what flavor of tea she wants, so she follows Jordin into the kitchen. They start to talk about how Jordin is enjoying her internship. However, Jordin has a secret. She is thinking about going back to school.

Kelsey is excited for her. She thinks going back to school will be fun. But Jordin is worried. She is not sure if Dominique will be happy, and she is not sure if Dominique will allow her to stay on as an intern. She really loves her job and does not want to leave, but she also really wants to go to school. Just then, Andy comes in and overhears their conversation. Can he keep it on the DL? Well, maybe… but he is not great at keeping secrets!

Are you good at keeping secrets? Would you rather work or go to school?



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La Princesse de la vie


I’m definitely good at keeping secrets as respect to the revealer’s trust in me, so I wouldn’t stab them in the back because I’d never want to be treated the same way.

Concerning “the secrets are not secrets when they are revealed” theory, I think people tell their secrets seeking for advice, soothing or maybe even just the reveal per se relieves some of the pressure one feels.

If I want to learn something I’d go learn it myself. It’s a more effective way and spares me exams sweaty hands. And also self-learning is fun. So I’d never think of going back to school once I will have graduated.

08:12 PM Apr 13 2016 |

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I am good keeping secrets but I don’t really like when somebody tells me his/her own. That’s not a real secret after all.

I think if you are full of energy, you can work and go to school at the same time. Some of the companies employs interns in part-time so they can go to school and work too. This can be good for both party because the intern can study and gain work experience and the company can keep its intern too.

Unfortunatelly most of the companies employ interns in full-time so they don’t have enough time for school.

08:48 PM Apr 12 2016 |




school for sure! never stop studying :) 

08:32 PM Apr 12 2016 |



I’d rather go back to school. I didn’t study the subject I dreamed. A lot of yeears are lost. I am definitely planning to go back to school. The problem is I need money and for that I need to work. I am trying to figure out a way to accomplish both. 

I am good at keeping secrets. Even better that Batman. Well we all know Bruce Wayne is batman right. But how many people know who I reall am?? :D

05:40 PM Apr 12 2016 |

joao correia


When someone tell me a secret I try forget it just for keep it in Down low.

03:26 PM Apr 12 2016 |

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ola3Super Member!


Our secrets are usually revealed no matter how hard we’re trying to hide them.





as..In the light of our experiences I guess you had your negative ones ;)

02:35 PM Apr 12 2016 |




@afifyTG Shhhh! Now that is definitely an unspoken rule and kept on the down low:)))

02:33 PM Apr 12 2016 |




I Really want to know,what gone behind tthis wall

12:45 PM Apr 12 2016 |

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Don’t say your secret to your friend..He/she has a friend and tells him/her ..




well I know I can keep my friends secret so that what Values that we grew up on .

now for me I would work rather than going to school to face our responsibilities , the time for school is left .

08:58 AM Apr 12 2016 |

Sami Aswad

Sami Aswad


Well I think I’m really good in keeping secrets , beside I dnt like to invade to other ppl privacy, I think internship is by far better than going to school , u can read and get experience at the same time ;)

08:17 AM Apr 12 2016 |

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Saudi Arabia

I am actually trying to keep the secrets in down law it depends on the conditions if there is a problem  will happen or something like this i should tell others people however in normal position i am  keeping the secrets inside my mind whatever the condition i never tell anyone but i think the women can not keep the secrets (: i am sorry for that but that is what i saw it the women can not keep secrests they love to talk to each others within all topics they cant stop calm down while they talking,, there is more thing may everyone know it ,, the women can talk with each others in deffrent topics and they can understand what they talking about!! its horrible thing (: the men can not talk in more one topic. there is deffrent thing between eachothers any way ,, thank u a lots for these topics love u

07:15 AM Apr 12 2016 |

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There are secrets and then there are s e c r e t s ;) So be careful whom you tell yours! Not everyone can be trusted. I am very good at keeping secrets – not because I am afraid to come out – but to keep a little bit of mistery alive ;-)



Hello, How are you. I’m alamgir hossain. From Bangladesh. Im new user. I dont know tow to use it.

04:58 AM Apr 12 2016 |



Yes, I am good at keeping some secrets , not of all. I would rather to go to school of course. But now it is not possible for me.

I think it is what others believe in me when one tells me a secret. Actually, not all secrets are the secret. I think the secret when one want to tell others has not been a secret.

The secret is a secret for someone  concerned but not a secret for others whom have no relationship with.

So, there were some conditions for keeping a secret .

03:17 AM Apr 12 2016 |

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