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Zayn Malik
Zayn Malik

Learn English Meaning of 'Zayn Malik'

Date: Apr 29 2016

Themes: Celebrity, Music, Pop Culture

Grammar: Direct vs. Reported Speech


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Do you listen to pop music? Have you heard about the famous boy band One Direction? All across the world, young girls scream for One Direction’s music. Recently, singer Zayn Malik left One Direction to be a solo artist.

Zayn Malik is an English singer who became famous after he competed on the British music competition show The X Factor. Originally, Zayn wanted to become a solo artist before becoming part of One Direction. After building a strong social media following and making a strong global impact as a music group with One Direction, Zayn decided to leave the group so he could create his own music and style. Now, Zayn has millions of fans across the world!


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Dominique:  Are you a fan of one direction?

Jessica:  I am… a new fan.

Dominique:  Oh Yeah?

Jessica:   Yes, but I don’t know if it’s the One Direction you’re talking about because Zayn Malik is not a part of One Direction anymore.

Dominique:  You know, Zayn was my favorite. And it’s funny because a lot of people saw him as the black sheep of the group… which I don’t understand. He’s actually a very talented vocalist and competed as a solo artist on the British music competition show The X Factor.

Jessica:  That’s right. That’s how I know his name.

Dominique:  Exactly, they all became a group on that show. And people think he’s a traitor for leaving, but really, I think he just needed a break.

Jessica:  Yeah, I can understand that. The pressure when you make such a global impact as a music group… that’s a lot of pressure, to travel all over the world, especially so young. And I know he does have a really strong social media following. But I have to say, I heard a rumor, and I don’t know if this is true, that he was a little bit conceited. That the fame went to his head.

Dominique:  So, are you saying you think he’s trying to break into his own solo career?

Jessica:  That’s what I read. But again, don’t hold me to that. I don’t know if it’s true.

Dominique:  I’m not sure, but I have to say I think he’d make a great solo artist.

Jessica:  I agree, and he’s handsome.

Dominique:  He’s very handsome.


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Jessica and Dominique are talking about One Direction and Zayn Malik. Dominique says that Zayn Malik was her favorite member of the music group One Direction. She thinks a lot of people saw him as the black sheep of the group, but she thinks he is a talented vocalist. She thinks Zayn left the group to take a break. She thinks he would make a great solo artist.

Jessica knows Zayn Malik because of the television show The X Factor. She knows that Zayn has a lot of fans but tells Dominique that she has heard a rumor about him. She says that people think the fame went to his head. Jessica and Dominique both agree that Zayn is very handsome.

Do you like Zayn Malik’s music? What kind of music do you listen to?



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I like One Direction very much because their songs are very energetic with catchy tones and good voices and they are all cute boys. I think many Asian girls(me included) might find Zayn the most handsome guy in the band while Harry is mroe popular in western countries.

I actually think that Zayn used to play an important role in the band since he was usually allocated to and very suitable for the high picth parts of a song. I was heart-broken and felt it was a pity when I heard he left the band but if this is his choice and pursuit to be a solo artist and make his own music, I’ll stand by him. Plus his new songs are very cool especially Pillowtalk is quite successful.

04:33 PM Jun 07 2016 |

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Iran, Islamic Republic Of

I don’t know him and actually I ‘m not a music fan.

I prefer to raed poems instead of listening to music.

05:43 PM May 04 2016 |




so i know zayn malik and one direction  but I listen to Cheb Khaled my kind of music is ray (rai)

10:08 PM Apr 30 2016 |

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United States

I know One Direction because my daughter is a teenager, but it is not my favorite boy’s band!

10:36 AM Apr 30 2016 |




I didn’t hear or listen to him .

TANBUR is my favorite music to me here in sudan .

09:24 AM Apr 30 2016 |



United States

He almasing I love him so much. One D

08:20 PM Apr 29 2016 |

1 person likes this


ola3Super Member!


if you feel like you’re good at sth, and have a good potential to pull it off on your own, why not. It’s a very competitve buisness, like everything actually competitive in this world and if you stand out at sth, then go for it. Why not to be proud at what you’re good at. If you’re black sheep why to go gray.

12:32 PM Apr 29 2016 |




I’m a fan of 1D ,i love their songs,as a group they always did great,but as Dominique said he might be the black sheep in the band,now after he left the group,i think he’se gonna reach a greater success,cause he said that the band is like limiting his capacity,...he’s so talented.

10:21 AM Apr 29 2016 |




I just browse on web site about one directon,and listen the song “what makes you beautiful”.Zayn Malik is really very cute and handsome and the song hit my heart.I see why so many girls are crazy about the band as they are all talented vocalist.

My favorite chinese vocalist is Faye wong ,I guess many people may know her as she is very popular all over the world ,we like her freedom personality and like her singing vacant .

06:22 AM Apr 29 2016 |

joao correia


I don’t know this guy neither this band one direction, but I think that should be nice this songs because there are a lot of fans worldwide.

I will find for listen it. 

I like many kinds of music, specially rock in roll, eletronic music like a party and brazilian pop music it’s so romantic music for me.

01:50 AM Apr 29 2016 |

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