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Learn English meaning of ‘Texas’

Date: Apr 27 2016

Themes: Food, Travel


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Texas is a popular state in the United States. It has many famous cities, like Dallas and Austin. Dallas was an important city in the Texas oil industry. Today, there are many technology companies in Dallas, and people call it the “Silicon Prairie.”

Austin is famous for music and movies. Many young people live in Austin and give this city a hipster vibe. People in Austin love to eat the city’s famous breakfast tacos.


vibe n.


Example The song has a happy and fun vibe.

oil industry n.


Example My grandfather became rich working in the oil industry.

prairie n.


Example I live on the prairie in the middle of the United States.

hipster n.


Example My brother is a total hipster. He acts like he doesn't care, but everything he owns has to be totally in style.

breakfast taco n.


Example I had the best breakfast taco yesterday. It had a sweet, spicy sauce.

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Have you visited Texas? What type of food from Texas would you like to eat?


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Iran, Islamic Republic Of

I haven’t visited Texas yet.

But l love traveling alot.

I like to travel all over the world by bicycle.

And l’m sure. I will do it.

I’ve heard fajitas is adelicious dish in Texas

I like to try it.

07:11 PM May 04 2016 |



Russian Federation

I’ve never been abroad but I really want to visit US some day! And not only Texas but as many states as possible :)

04:20 PM Apr 29 2016 |

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United States

Rabindra, Taco shells are very easy to make. They can be made crunchy or soft, and are usually made from corn flour. I prefer soft because it holds together better when you bite into it. There’s a few ways to make them depending on what you have to cook in, but they are really easy to make! They are tasty too when they are all hot and fresh.

There are plenty of Mexican members I think could tell you the authentic way to make them if you can’t find easy instructions (with pictures!) online. Fried in oil is most common, or baked, or some combination of both. There are many ways to get it cooked.

Typically tacos are filled with spiced shredded meat (I’ve seen beef, poultry, pork, fish, and wild game used- seperately of course), and topped with lettuce, tomatoes, sour cream and cheese. I like refried beans in mine also. Breakfast tacos are usually filled with foods you’d normally eat at breakfast, such as eggs. I ate one this morning, it was as good as you expect.

You should make some and have a party with your friends! Tacos are very popular party foods. You can make them exactly the way you like them, they are easy to make, and you probably have all the ingredients you need already.

07:26 PM Apr 27 2016 |


ola3Super Member!


If the girl on the avatar to the lesson looks so cool hipster and she’s a dweller of Texas, what can be said about the guys. One thing i I know without walking into a town yet is that it’s full of very confident and tough people who knows a thing or two :)))

05:20 PM Apr 27 2016 |

joao correia


Not yet. But I want.

I like to eat almost everything. :D

05:12 PM Apr 27 2016 |



No , i haven’t yet. 
but who knows , maybe one day.
hope that :)) 

03:28 PM Apr 27 2016 |


GWTASuper Member!


No, unfortunately not yet. My favorit food are steaks and salad.

09:56 AM Apr 27 2016 |

rabindra shrestha


No i never visite in Texas but i would like to visit there once time sure and i like to eat toco. I don’t know how it’s taste i never take taco in my life. I think it is so much taste. Maybe it is possible in my country Nepal. 

05:03 AM Apr 27 2016 |

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