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Kid Rock
Kid Rock

How to use the zero conditional

Date: Nov 15 2010

Grammar: Zero Conditional


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There is something goofy about Kid Rock. Maybe it starts with his stage name. It’s just not easy to take someone named “Kid Rock” seriously. Or maybe it has something to do the fact that he was once married to the former Baywatch star Pamela Anderson. Then again, it could just be his long greasy hair and the fact that he frequently goes around without a shirt on.

In any case, Kid Rock has been popular since the 1990s, and it looks like he’s here to stay. Earlier in his musical career he was known for the way he blended rap and rock, but now he’s branching out and bringing country into the mix as well. Find out what Devan and Jason think of Kid Rock’s newest hit, “Born Free.”


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Jason:  I was listening to the country station the other day, and I heard this pretty sweet song called “Born Free.” And I was surprised to discover that it was by Kid Rock.

Devan:  Kid Rock? Is he still around?

Jason:  He is still around, and he’s big in the country scene these days. I mean, you know, everybody knew him in the late 90s for doing the rap-rock thing.

Devan:  Yeah, so now he’s throwing country into the mix?

Jason:  Yeah, can you believe it? He’s the ultimate mixer of genres. He’s got some twang in there. But he’s from Detroit, not a terribly country-western town, but somehow he suits the vibe. He’s really patriotic. That helps.

Devan:  So do you think that he’ll be able to bring country to the international mainstream, or do you feel that country is a genre so immersed in the United States that it won’t ever be able to branch out?

Jason:  You know, if anyone can do it, it’s Kid Rock, probably. Because he’s not an authentic cowboy really, so he’s more like this…he’s just doing it for the style, I think. And he’s already a well-known name with the rock music that he did. And actually his song “Born Free” is already on the charts in various countries around the world.

Devan:  Yeah, you make a good point. Maybe by starting with more accessible genres, when he changes into a less accessible genre like country he’ll still have that legion of fans that he can carry with him into this new genre.

Jason:  I just hope he does experimental noise for his next record.


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Kid Rock is releasing a new album called Born Free. In the past his style has been a combination of rock and rap, but the new album has more of a country sound to it. Jason heard the first single from the album, which is also called “Born Free,” while he was listening to the country music station.

Devan is surprised to hear that Kid Rock is still making new music. She remembers him from his rap-rocker days in the 1990s. Devan and Jason agree that Kid Rock is good at mixing genres in his music. Maybe he’ll even be able to make country music popular in countries other than the US.

Do you think Kid Rock can make country music popular outside of the US? Do you like to branch out and try new things?



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United States

Kid Rock I never been interested on his music. On this photo he looks like Limp Bizkit another rockband. 

01:04 PM May 06 2014 |



To be honest,i m also have never heard the songs with him,even though him a popular singer right now ,but i really don’t know him,so i have further commens here ,just support it

11:46 AM Sep 22 2011 |




I don’t know him, he seems to be unpopular singer.

08:28 AM Sep 22 2011 |




No comments 'cause I don't know this singer…For some things I really like to branch out,but not everything at all hehe :P

11:16 AM Jan 31 2011 |




I like branching out new things, the change is good.:)

02:45 PM Nov 21 2010 |

Film G.T.O

Film G.T.O


i wood like to be rook star

06:13 AM Nov 18 2010 |



Iran, Islamic Republic Of

I like rock music.

08:34 PM Nov 16 2010 |




i don't like he's name but he's music's not bad n some of his songs are good

at least that's what i think ;-/

12:24 AM Nov 16 2010 |




Even i did not know the guy i think he will win in the days

11:57 PM Nov 15 2010 |

Vinni Lima

Vinni Lima


I don't know this guy

11:18 PM Nov 15 2010 |



lol from rap to country music ????? 

03:59 PM Nov 15 2010 |




Well country is not only music- it's a movement. I am not sure if Kid Rock might be successful in this case. 

In Germany we have not heard of his new style yet, so I am doubting about this. 

I like nearly every kind of music, everytime there are melodies or  texts (?) which touch me deeply, it does not only depend on the genre. And so I can answer with ýes, I like trying new things ;)

03:58 PM Nov 15 2010 |



I know nothing about 'Kid Rock'. Country music is not for everybody. It won't be very popular around the world. When you want to experience peace, you should listen some country music.

I love to branch out and try new things. Most of the times, new things make me excited. Sometimes, they make me regretful. They make me think 'I should have never tried that'.

01:30 PM Nov 15 2010 |




I listened "Born free" song and after that I think Kid Rock is able to make country music more popular.

01:23 PM Nov 15 2010 |




Be open minded. Branch out and try new things not only with music. It brings big profits.

12:28 PM Nov 15 2010 |



United Kingdom

i don't like rock

10:17 AM Nov 15 2010 |



not bad

01:10 AM Nov 15 2010 |

Golden Lena

Russian Federation

Yes, I like to branch out and try new thngs. I need new impressions, new emotions! But I think that Kid Rok's time is gone. May be I can change my opinion if I hear "Born Free".

11:55 AM Nov 14 2010 |

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