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Street Art
Street Art

Learn art English in this lesson about 'Street Art'

Date: Jun 08 2020

Themes: Alternative

Grammar: Verbs with "-ing"


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When you think about art, you probably think about going to a museum. However, these days, more and more art is coming out of museums and onto the street. Some street art is designed to add beauty and vibrancy to the city streets. Colorful murals and sculptures give people something to look at besides buildings and sidewalks. Other street art is meant to send a message. For example, the artist Banksy creates pieces with a political or social meaning.

Many people love having colorful pieces of artwork out in the open. They think street art brightens up the city and gives it personality. However, other people think street art is just a form of graffiti. They do not like seeing pictures spray painted onto city walls. In fact, they would probably prefer to go to a museum!

Andy is telling Kelsey about a mural he saw yesterday. Listen to the dialog to find out what she thinks.


1. Listen and Read - Listen to the audio and read the dialog at the same time.

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Andy_H:  Oh, man, Kelsey, I am just falling in love with this city more and more every day. Do you know what I saw yesterday?

Kelsey:  What?

Andy_H:  As I’m walking to the bus station, there was a giant, giant… it took over the entire wall… it was a mural of a tiger eating a broccoli stick. It was the funniest thing I’ve ever seen!

Kelsey:  Are you talking about graffiti?

Andy_H:  Graffiti? No, I’m talking about street art. Particularly, murals. You’ll see these things, you know, painted all around town, especially against brick… it really is just a nice way of bringing awareness to art and vibrancy in the city.

Kelsey:  I really don’t think it has a place in the city. I mean, it really just makes hooligans go around tagging different buildings, and I don’t like it.

Andy_H:  You know, I used to think that until I started looking into an artist called Banksy who goes around Europe and just makes all kinds of amazing graffiti that have all kinds of themes about social justice and awareness about what’s really going on in the neighborhood.

Kelsey:  Oh wow, I never thought of it that way. I should look into it more.


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Andy just saw a huge mural of a tiger eating a stick of broccoli. He thought it was so funny! Andy loves seeing interesting street art while he walks around the city. He thinks it adds beauty and energy to the streets. Kelsey, however, is not a big fan of street art. She thinks that the mural Andy saw was graffiti. In fact, she believes that street art is just an excuse for young, wild kids to tag buildings.

Andy used to agree with Kelsey’s opinion, but he changed his mind when he heard about an artist called Banksy. Banksy creates paintings with themes about politics and social justice. Because of this, Andy believes that street art can serve a purpose and have an important message.

Do you like street art? Is there a lot of street art in the city where you live?



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I like street art. I remember in my college days, there were many graffiti along a way under a bridge. It is a long way, the paintings gave me many fun. I think street art shows love, fun and desire for freedom.

08:01 AM Jun 08 2020 |


Iran, Islamic Republic Of

I am not a big fan of Street Art. because in my opinion, the city has its own appreance and features. however, some street arts are really creative and make you think in another way and change your perspective. in this lesson, I learned a new word: Hooligan! I havent heard it before. i can imagine which type of person is a hooligan! who be against a lot of things in society, like an Anarchist! thanks for teaching me English baby!

06:24 PM Jun 07 2020 |


Cape Verde

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11:27 AM Feb 15 2017 |




i’ve never seen the real mural in my city.i don’t know whether i don’t see them or they are inexistence.i’ve seen a few painting on the wall but they are too simple to called mural.i guess i would like the painting on the street,but it would affect the appearance of a city,it’s dilemma

02:33 AM May 30 2016 |



Street Art means, 

expressionism ,





04:32 PM May 29 2016 |


Saudi Arabia

I like to watch the street art especialy when i walking beside it

 it gives you more idea about the picture and drawing


here in my city we have a wounderful wall art

nice topic (:

09:09 AM May 29 2016 |

*butterfly wings*

Saudi Arabia

Honestly, i like and appreciate this kind of art. It just feels good walking around the city and find a wall full of vibrant colors. I think it would make everyone`s day much more butter when seeing such kind of art. To me, streat art is like sculture but it does not have three dimensional shape.you only find it painted on flat walls of buildings and what i like about street art is that u can see it while you are walking, you do not need to go to a specific place to enjoy watching it and pay money.

This kind of art got very popular as a form of art that you can find it in most countries. When i walk around my city, i do find an amazing street art that makes me stop and take a moment of appreciation and may be take a picture of it .However, at the same time, you can find bad street art that just ruins walls of nice buildings.



United States

I love street art is so cool I love art.

08:13 PM May 27 2016 |




I don´t have a problem with murals in the city , call it:” art work, graffitti ,whatever.” Had the artist first got permission from the City Hall ? then it is Ok. Free expression is wonderful in a civilized society, as long as we are not breaking the law tagging building and homes ,and worst , sculptures, monuments. I see a lot of this in my city,wild kids painting during the night ,damaging a property that it will cost a lot of money to have it repainted.

02:18 PM May 27 2016 |

Sami Aswad

Sami Aswad


I do like street art esp those which themes about politics and social justice , in my place there are a lot of graffiti, ppl just draw and paint stupid ugly things on the bricks and walls

01:42 PM May 27 2016 |



Iran, Islamic Republic Of

I have seen mural on some wall. The municipalities or the other organization pay to some artists to paint walls or making sculptures in the city.

But it seems amazing artists be able to make all kinds of graffiti that have all kinds of themes on walls of cities.

Doing freely a work as a volunteer, can make result better and it can make cities more beautiful and interesting.

09:59 AM May 27 2016 |

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