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Learn English in this lesson about the movie 'Ghostbusters'

Date: Jul 13 2016

Themes: Celebrity, Pop Culture

Grammar: Modal Verbs


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People who grew up in the 1980s have fond memories of the film Ghostbusters. Who could forget the fat, green ghost, Slimer, or the attack of the giant Stay-Puft Marshmallow Man? Many people think it would be impossible to improve upon Ghostbusters, so when Columbia Pictures announced that they were releasing a remake of the movie, there was a big controversy.

Some Ghostbusters fans are angry. They think the new movie can’t possibly be as good as the original. They are angry that the famous comedian Bill Murray will not be in the new movie. However, other people are excited about the all-female cast. They are happy that female comedians like Melissa McCarthy are getting more exposure. They think the new version of Ghostbusters will be just as funny, if not funnier!

Romeo and Brian are big fans of the original Ghostbusters. Listen to the dialog to find out what they think about the remake.


1. Listen and Read - Listen to the audio and read the dialog at the same time.

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2. Study - Read the dialog again to see how the vocab words are used.





Romeo:  I know what you’re going to say. Remakes are always weak. But I’m pretty sure that this one is paying homage to the original, and it’s doing a good job.

Brian:  I loved seeing Slimer again! He’s one of the best characters. He’s hilarious, he’s silly…

Romeo:  He’s older.

Brian:  He’s older. But, I don’t know, I feel like they made it too lighthearted.

Romeo:  OK.

Brian:  It doesn’t feel… some amount of seriousness.

Romeo:  Because there’s no Bill Murray?

Brian:  I don’t know. It felt like they were just kind of flipping the script, saying, let’s just take women…

Romeo:  Melissa McCarthy, yeah?

Brian:  Oh, yeah, yeah, yeah.

Romeo:  OK, I can see that, I can see that. But that’s what makes this one a little bit different, you know?

Brian:  Hmm.

Romeo:  It kind of sets it aside from the other one. I mean, I have fond memories of the original Ghostbusters.

Brian:  I do, too.

Romeo:  I mean, “Who you gonna call? Ghostbusters!”

Brian:  Oh yeah. I might have to see it, you’re right.


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Brian is not sure what to think about the new Ghostbusters movie. Romeo knows that he thinks remakes are always weak, but he still asks Brian to give the movie a chance. The new Ghostbusters seems to be paying homage to the classic 1980s movie, so Romeo thinks it will be good.

Brian agrees that it was good to see the ghost Slimer in the movie trailer. However, he still feels like the new movie is going to be too lighthearted. He also thinks that the writers took the old script and just changed it by making the characters female. However, Romeo says that Melissa McCarthy is a funny actress and she will make the movie a little different. Brian agrees that the movie could be good. He might just have to see it!

Do you like remakes? Did you see the original Ghostbusters?



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ola3Super Member!


I haven’t watched the movie yet, but Kate McKinnon in Erin and Michael show. Holly smoke, the woman is hilarious. She’s got sth that leaves jaw-dropped for some time.

02:23 PM Jul 22 2016 |




I always waited for watching this movie after school, together with my brothers. This was our favorite movie. Remake is not really bad, and many kids might like this movie.

07:22 AM Jul 13 2016 |

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