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Captain America
Captain America

Learn English meaning of 'Captain America'

Date: Jul 20 2016

Themes: Hobbies, Pop Culture

Grammar: Past Progressive Tense


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Who is your favorite movie hero? Is it Captain America, the super-fast and super-strong solider? Or maybe, it’s Iron Man, the billionaire who can fly around in a metal suit! Both heroes are in the new movie, Captain America: Civil War, which opened in theaters on May 6, 2016. It’s the third movie in the Captain America franchise and the most successful one so far!

These movies are usually about superheroes versus evil villains, but this movie is pretty different. Captain America and his friends are on two different sides. Captain America thinks it’s OK to be a vigilante. Iron Man thinks superheroes must be morally responsible for everything they do. What is the result of all this debate and controversy? You should watch the movie to find out!

Gary and Romeo recently saw Captain America: Civil War. Listen to this English lesson to find out what they think about the movie.


1. Listen and Read - Listen to the audio and read the dialog at the same time.

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Gary:  So, tell me, are you Team Cap or Team Iron Man?

Romeo:  I’m Team Cap.

Gary:  You are Team Cap!

Romeo:  I’m Team Cap. Did I look like a Team Iron Man?

Gary:  Team Iron Man’s pretty great.

Romeo:  Yeah, he’s pretty great, but he’s Captain America.

Gary:  So, did you see Captain America, the new movie?

Romeo:  Oh, you know I saw that. I had to.

Gary:  Of course you did.

Romeo:  Yeah. I was, like, front row.

Gary:  There’s so much debate in the movie, right? About the two sides.

Romeo:  They do that with every movie.

Gary:  But this is hero against hero, discussing what’s morally right versus what’s safety-based, what’s legally-based, who decides what’s best for people, who decides what’s best for individuals.

Romeo:  Maybe, this is the year for that because I felt the exact same way with Batman and Superman.

Gary:  Really?

Romeo:  Yeah, I mean, Batman was shooting people with guns. When have you ever seen him with assault rifles? He was a vigilante.

Gary:  That’s a risk.

Romeo:  And it brought a lot of controversy.

Gary:  Huh.

Romeo:  So maybe, that’s what they’re trying to do this year.

Gary:  Let’s go watch both of them again.

Romeo:  Let’s do it.


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The Captain America franchise just released a new movie, and it’s a movie about a hero against a hero. Gary is talking to Romeo, who was so excited to see the movie that he sat in the front row. Romeo is Team Captain America, while Gary says Team Iron Man is pretty great. The two heroes are friends, but they’re on different sides in this movie. They need to work together to stop a bad guy, but it’s difficult when they can’t agree on what to do.

Gary enjoys all the debate between the two sides. He thinks it’s interesting to watch superheroes argue about risk and what’s morally right and wrong. Romeo thinks that superhero movies this year are about controversy. He saw the new Batman movie and was surprised to see Batman become a vigilante, just like Captain America. Gary and Romeo think there’s only one way to end this debate… go see both movies again!

Did you see the new Captain America movie? Or do you have a different favorite franchise?



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La Princesse de la vie


Not yet. I didn’t see Captain America franchise, but I’ve seen The Avengers and I liked it a lot, so I think I’m going to watch that one and then decide which side to root for.

07:18 PM Jul 20 2016 |



United States

I didn’t understand the difference team cap and team ironman.

It sounds like both same.

I haven’t seen new Captain America but I heard a lot about this movie.

06:58 AM Jul 20 2016 |

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