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Watching the Olympics
Watching the Olympics

Learn English meaning of ‘Watching the Olympics’

Date: Aug 17 2016

Themes: Hobbies, Pop Culture, Sports

Grammar: Gerunds vs. Infinitives


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The Olympic Games began in ancient Greece. The very first Olympics happened in 776 BC. Some of the first Olympic sports were running, boxing, and discus. These sports are still happening today. However, the Olympics now has 42 different sports. Each time the Olympics happens, new sports are added. Sometimes, they even bring back old sports.

This summer, the 2016 Summer Olympic Games are happening in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. Last week, people celebrated at the opening ceremonies with an awesome projection show. If you missed this great performance, you can YouTube it at any time. After the ceremonies, the games began. This year, more than 200 countries are competing in the Summer Olympics.

Sheila hasn’t been able to watch the games, yet, so she asks Jordin to tell her about the opening ceremonies. Find out what Jordin liked best in today’s English lesson.


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Jordin:  Did you get to watch any of the Olympics, yet?

Sheila:  You know, I haven’t yet, which I’m really regretting.

Jordin:  I watched the opening ceremonies

Sheila:  Oh my gosh! How was it? Was it great?

Jordin:  It was actually pretty fun. They had this cool projection on the floor…

Sheila:  Wow!

Jordin:  … that could create 3D images or make it…

Sheila:  3D images! What?!

Jordin:  People looked like they were jumping across buildings…

Sheila:  What?!?!

Jordin:  … but it was just the floor. That was awesome!

Sheila:  That’s crazy!

Jordin:  Yeah!

Sheila:  I wish I’d seen that.

Jordin:  It was cool.

Sheila:  I’ll go on YouTube.

Jordin:  You should YouTube that! It’s pretty good, and it was directed by the lady who does Cirque du Soleil.

Sheila:  I love those shows. You know, I learned the other day that they add a new sport each time the Olympics is held.

Jordin:  Yeah, I heard golf is now a thing in the Olympics,…

Sheila:  Really?

Jordin:  … which it wasn’t before. I think that’s interesting. It was at one time, and now they’re bringing it back.

Sheila:  I heard that walking is an Olympic sport.

Jordin:  Yeah, speed walking. You have to have one foot on the ground at all times.

Sheila:  But isn’t that how we all walk?

Jordin:  But you have to do it fast… whoosh…

Sheila:  Shhhhhhh…


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Sheila is regretting that she hasn’t watched the Olympics, yet. Jordin watched the opening ceremonies, so she tells Sheila her favorite parts. She really liked the 3D projection show because it looked like people were jumping over buildings. Sheila thinks that this sounds awesome! Jordin tells her that she can just YouTube it and enjoy it for herself.

Sheila learned that the Olympics adds new sports each time it happens. This year, they added golf. Golf used to be an Olympic sport, but they stopped playing it in the past. Now, they have brought it back. Sheila thinks it’s funny that speed walking is an Olympic sport. She walks every day. So, could she also be an Olympian?

Did you watch the opening ceremonies for the 2016 Olympic Games? What is your favorite Olympic sport?



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saragholamiSuper Member!

United States

I watched opening ceremonies . It was awesome.i like diving and beach volleyball.

04:23 PM Aug 17 2016 |

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No.I didn’t watch 2016 Olympics games in the Tv, but I always read much news only facebook and other news sites. My favorite sports are boxing,volleyball and wrestling.

12:37 PM Aug 17 2016 |

1 person likes this



 Yes. I have watched the part of opening ceremonies for the 2016 Olympics Games.

  I like looking the diving , the table tennis balls. Oh, but I seldom watch TV. Only watch just a little bit.  

01:32 AM Aug 17 2016 |

1 person likes this

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