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Louis Vuitton Loves Final Fantasy
Louis Vuitton Loves Final Fantasy

Learn English meaning of ‘Louis Vuitton Loves Final Fantasy’

Date: Oct 14 2016

Themes: Celebrity, Fashion, Pop Culture

Grammar: Conjunctions


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When you look through the pages of a fashion magazine, what do you like to see? Perhaps, you just want some simple style ideas, or maybe, you like to dream about wearing expensive clothing. You might even have a favorite model that you like to follow. How would you feel if the models in your fashion magazines weren’t real? What if magazines used animated models instead of real people?

This is exactly what Louis Vuitton did! The famous fashion brand worked with Square Enix, the company that created Final Fantasy. Together, they made an ad campaign with the animated character Lightning. Lightning is a popular hero in Final Fantasy. Many people think the ads are cool, but they are also worried about the negative impact of this type of advertising.

Jordin and Marni have mixed feelings about Louis Vuitton’s ad campaign. Listen to today’s English lesson to hear their thoughts.


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Marni:  I was recently flipping through the pages of a fashion magazine, and I came across this ad, which I thought was so interesting. It was for Louis Vuitton, and I thought it was a model dressed to look like that character from the Final Fantasy video games, Lightning.

Jordin:  Oh! I’ve seen this. OK.

Marni:  And then upon closer examination, I realize now it’s actually this whole ad campaign where they’ve used the animated character and dressed her in Louis Vuitton.

Jordin:  So interesting! It is so, so strange to me.

Marni:  It is kind-of strange. I think it’s kind-of fascinating. I feel like it’s an interesting take on, you know… Let’s not have the traditional model. Let’s just go to animating the characters and dress them in expensive fashion.

Jordin:  Yeah, there’s something about it that I like, but then there’s also something that makes me very nervous about what that’s going to do for women’s body image. And I just feel like there could definitely be a negative impact because now, not only are we having very thin real-people models, but we can now perfectly shape the body of…

Marni:  … of an animated figure and make them perfect. And I think that is a very good point.

Jordin:  I don’t know… but it is also kind-of cool… but it also makes me nervous.

Marni:  I think that’s the conundrum, right?


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Marni tells Jordin about a strange ad campaign. She was looking at a fashion magazine, and she saw a beautiful model. When she looked more closely at the model, she saw that it was actually an animated drawing. The animated model was Lightning from Final Fantasy. Jordin has also seen these advertisements, and she doesn’t know how to feel about them.

On the one hand, Marni and Jordin agree that it is cool to see a popular video game character in a fashion magazine. But on the other hand, they both worry that Lightning is too perfect. Young women might see these ads and feel bad because they don’t have the same body as Lightning. Marni and Jordon agree that this is a fashion conundrum.

What is your favorite fashion magazine? Would you prefer an animated model or a real person?



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United States

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I don’t have a favorite fashion magazine. I don’t read them actually even though I like fashion and good clothes. Also jewerly.

I don’t see too many differences between an animated model and real person in ads because models are photoshoped anyway.

If I remember good, the H&M also use on its online shop “i100% animated models” but it was in my opinnion it was less cool than how it made LV because in H&M case there was no clue that models are fake (animated).

I think that in both ways models, animated or photoshoped, have bad infulence on society because they are too perfect :)

10:42 PM Oct 17 2016 |



I don’t have my favorite fashion magazine. But on the text I prefer a real person. A real person have emotions real and I like Louis Vuitton have many clothes and purses beautiful. 

10:33 PM Oct 15 2016 |

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Iran, Islamic Republic Of


08:30 AM Oct 14 2016 |

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