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Taking a Knee
Taking a Knee

Learn English meaning of ‘taking a knee’

Date: Oct 07 2016

Themes: News, Pop Culture, Sports

Grammar: Verbs with "-ing"


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In the past, many people were oppressed in the United States. Throughout US history, many people were subjected to unfair actions. However, groups began standing in solidarity with each other. Many people wanted life to be more equal and fair for everyone. Today, things are better, but people are not always treated equally.

There is still a lot of work to do before all people in the US are truly equal. This is why the Black Lives Matter movement began. People created a peaceful protest against violence toward black people. Recently, some NFL players began to protest by taking a knee, instead of standing, during the national anthem. This peaceful action is their way of saying, “This country does not treat me as equal. Please, change the situation.”

Andy wants to talk about this elephant in the room. Listen as he and Gary share their thoughts in today’s English lesson.


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Andy_H:  We should talk about the elephant in the room… people taking a knee at football games.

Gary:  Yeah. Did you watch any NFL this weekend?

Andy_H:  I did. And if anybody doesn’t know Colin Kaepernick, who is the starting quarterback for the 49ers… everybody takes the singing of their national anthem seriously…

Gary:  Very much!

Andy_H:  He took a knee, which is something that has drawn a lot of criticism for disrespecting the national anthem. And he is doing it as a protest in collaboration with the Black Lives Matter movement.

Gary:  Yeah, he’s standing in solidarity with people who have been oppressed in our country. And I think what’s really amazing is that it’s actually spread out beyond the NFL. Megan Rapinoe, who plays for the United States Women’s National Team, the soccer team, she also stood up in defense because she, being a gay woman in the United States, has been subjected to lots of the same things that he has also been experiencing.

Andy_H:  This has also spread all over. In high school games, they have been doing this.

Gary:  I didn’t know that.

Andy_H:  Yes! It’s a growing trend, and frankly, I think it’s something that we all need to look at.

Gary:  The symbol for me is… it’s his right.

Andy_H:  It is his right.


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Andy knows that it is difficult to talk about the need for more equality in the US. However, he thinks it’s important. He and Gary are both NFL fans, and they have been watching many NFL players take a knee during the US national anthem. Although there are different opinions about this, Andy and Gary think it’s a good example of people using their US right to protest peacefully.

Colin Kaepernick, a quarterback for the 49ers football team, began the protest. He wanted to show his support for the Black Lives Matter movement. Then, Megan Rapinoe, a famous soccer player, continued the protest. Now, many athletes are joining them. Some of these athletes are famous, but others are teenagers who play high-school sports. All of these people want the US to create a more equal society.

What do you have the right to do in your country? Do you think it is important to protest peacefully?



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Saudi Arabia

we have many things that we must say it

but unfortunately there is a logic police it can not let you to protest peacefully

yessssssssssss i am talking seriously there are a lots of people died from my city

do you know what are their mistakes

they just did protest peacefully you can imagine the justice?!!!!!!!

anyway freedom must be as a law in this world

08:27 AM Oct 08 2016 |



 I thought I had many rights in my country such as the right to vote , the right to speak, the right to marriage and so on. All those rights were free.  

   Yes. It is important to protest. Because at least it represents a little hope which perhaps it would come true or be usage.


   But sometimes I would thought it was no use especially when the protest was peacefully and the people who protested were the ordinary working people. Many officials prefer to ignore those actions which were no benefit to them. Yes. This is a fact.


  Only when all the people who are oppressed  are standing in a solidarity, it may create a great pressure to officials to make some decisions. But sadly it is difficult.  Because many people only consider his own benefit.




03:47 AM Oct 08 2016 |

juhancaroliSuper Member!


In my country we have may rights to protest pacefully, however due the economic siatuation us very hard to protest, because the government is doig thigns in the wrong way. It is important to protest when you dont have other alternatives.

12:30 PM Oct 07 2016 |

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