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Above the Law
Above the Law English, baby! Video Lesson

Learn Renegade English in This Lesson About 'Above the Law'

Date: Oct 04 2016

Themes: Pop Culture, Soap Opera

Grammar: Reflexive Pronouns


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Most people follow the rules most of the time. After all, the world would be crazy if we didn’t! However, what if you are running late for an important meeting? Do you follow the speed limit exactly, or do you go a little faster than you’re supposed to? If you are alone at a crosswalk and the street is empty, do you wait for the sign to walk, or do you just cross the street when you feel like it? And, be honest… if you really want to see an episode of your favorite TV show, do you pay to stream it online, or do you find a slightly-less-legal website and watch it for free?

Sometimes, it can be easier to bend or break the rules a little. But be careful! If you do it too much, you might start to think that you’re above the law. We use the expression above the law to talk about someone who does whatever they want. They do not care about what is legal. They might not even care about getting caught or punished. People who live above the law take a lot of risks and break a lot of rules.

It can be dangerous to act above the law… unless you are the law! Watch the video to find out what happens next in Andy’s 1970s police drama dream.

3. Watch - Watch the video without reading the dialog.


1. Listen and Read - Listen to the audio and read the dialog at the same time.

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2. Study - Read the dialog again to see how the vocab words are used.









Kelsey:  And Andy’s dream continues. The two detectives sit in the front of Andy’s car, waiting….

Andy_H:  Were you followed?

Jordin:  Of course not. I’m undercover.

Sheila:  Oh! Hey, Jordin. How’s it going?

Jordin:  I’m bored. Nothing is happening.

Sheila:  That’s for sure.

Andy_H:  This isn’t boring. This is a high-tension crime drama. You never know when we’re going to need to take a risk and act above the law.

Jordin:  I don’t know about the high tension part. I mean, it’s pretty mellow if you ask me. We should at least have cool nicknames if we’re in a crime drama.

Kelsey:  That’s a good idea. I like the idea of nicknames.

Sheila:  I can get behind that. I want mine to be Sparkle Fairy…

Andy_H:  Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa! You can’t give yourself a nickname. That’s not how it works.

Kelsey:  Why not? I have a few I like.

Andy_H:  Because other people give you nicknames because of what you do or the way you behave. Like Kelsey, for example, is our narrator, so she talks a lot, so her nickname is… Talkie!

Sheila:  Talkie? Really?

Jordin:  That’s a terrible nickname.

Andy_H:  OK, OK. It was just an example.

Kelsey:  How about Kelsey the Incredible?

Jordin:  That’s a good one.

Sheila:  What’s Andy’s nickname?

Andy_H:  Renegade.

Sheila:  Aw, that’s cute.

Jordin:  I thought you weren’t allowed to give yourself a nickname.

Andy_H:  I didn’t. In my dreams, I’m always named Renegade because I play by my own rules. I’m a detective who thinks he’s above the law.

Kelsey:  Where’s Dominique? What’s her nickname?

Andy_H:  Well, she’s the police captain, so her nickname is just Captain. Which brings me to the next part of the dream….


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Andy and Sheila are still on a stakeout. Jordin arrives, and Andy asks her if she was followed. She says that she was not. However, the group of detectives has a bigger problem… Andy’s dream is boring! Nothing is happening. Andy tries to convince them that this is a high-tension crime drama, but Jordin is not convinced. She thinks they should at least have cool nicknames if they are going to be in a crime drama. Kelsey and Sheila agree with Jordin, but Andy will not let them choose their own nicknames. He says that a nickname has to be given to you by someone else. He tries to give Kelsey the nickname “Talkie,” but no one likes it. They settle on “Kelsey the Incredible.”

Andy says that his nickname is “Renegade.” He gets to choose it because, in his dreams, he is always called Renegade. He’s a detective who thinks he’s above the law. Dominique’s nickname is “Captain,” but what about everyone else? That brings us to the next part of the dream. Tune in next week!

If you could choose a nickname, what would it be? Have you ever had a really weird dream?



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I never do things above the law and if I do it I feel bad and have nightmares.

07:17 AM Oct 08 2016 |



Iran, Islamic Republic Of

I see

09:08 AM Oct 04 2016 |

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