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Learn English meaning of ‘Brexit’

Date: Dec 02 2016

Themes: News, Pop Culture, Time


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In June 2016, there was a vote in Britain. The big question was: Should Britain stay in the European Union? The outcome of this vote was Brexit (Brexit = Britain + exit).

The majority of voters wanted to leave the EU. For many people, this result was unimaginable. Now, Britain must leave the EU, but there is still a large divergence of opinions about Brexit.


European Union n.


Example France and Germany are members of the European Union.

outcome n.


Example The outcome of the story was that the man and the woman fell in love.

majority n.


Example The majority of my time is spent at work, but I also spend a lot of time playing.

divergence n.


Example There was a divergence in the group’s opinion.

unimaginable adj.


Example It's unimaginable to me that I could ever win the lottery.

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Did your country ever separate from another country? How do you feel about Brexit?


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ola3Super Member!


I also would’ve vote for Brexit. European Union is a about 30 country to decide on what do and what not to do. It’s too much and creates some dangerous and chaotic situations that more or less effects people. So that’s why most of the British citizen dicided to exit. Can’t blame them. It’s a free world. 

02:36 PM Dec 07 2016 |



Syrian Arab Republic

Everything has advantages and disadvantages either the union or the brexist and I respect Britain for letting the peole to vote with or against. 

05:11 PM Dec 02 2016 |

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