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The Bermuda Triangle
The Bermuda Triangle

Learn English meaning of 'The Bermuda Triangle'

Date: Dec 12 2016

Themes: News, Travel


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Boats and planes are disappearing in the Atlantic Ocean. They travel into a large area called the Bermuda Triangle, and they never show up again. It’s creepy, right? Why are they disappearing?

People have different theories about why this happens. Some people think aliens are making the boats and planes disappear. Other people think this happens because of bad weather. No one knows the real reason yet, but many people want to find out the truth.


creepy adj.


Example I heard these creepy noises last night. Do you think it might have been a ghost?

Example Ellen broke up with Chris but he keeps calling her and begging her to take him back. It's kind of creepy.

Example Be careful when you leave because there are a lot of creepy people in this area.

disappear v.


Example That magician is going to make the rabbit disappear.

show up v.


Example I was bummed that Sarah didn't show up at the party. I wanted her to come.

theory n.


Example I have a theory about why the internet isn't working. I think we forgot to pay the bill this month!

alien n.


Example The movie E.T. is about an alien who gets trapped on Earth.

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Do you live near a creepy place? What kind of rumors do you hear about this place?


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ola3Super Member!


The topic is fascinating for me. I have always felt our ocean is big mystery. much more mystery than space. It’s right here besides us but we can’t get to it. It either crushes us at the bottom of Mirianas Trench, or just send us only God knows where like Bermuda ‘friendly’ triangle. This mystery got to be solved for once and for all. Let’s do it! :)

05:41 PM Dec 14 2016 |

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this topic was very famous in my youth ..we were discussing it with friends..ı never believed that Aliens or Monsters did it ..many people were thinking ,there are unseen and unknown hands there..ı was believing ,its reason was Nature..strong magnetic field in this triangle..hence,planes and ships were losing there..but it was interesting that there was no any print from these lost planes and ships for years after accidents.. 

12:43 PM Dec 12 2016 |


Saudi Arabia

hmm interest topic i like it

hmm actually i dont live near to the creepy place i am luckly hhh

however i heard about the bermuda triangle for long time ago till now

as Gary & Andy said we believed before

honestly there are a researchers found the main reason of the bermuda triangle

its physically case


07:06 AM Dec 12 2016 |

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