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Track Someone Down
Track Someone Down English, baby! Video Lesson

Learn English with this missing person English lesson

Date: Oct 01 2013

Themes: Soap Opera

Grammar: Simple Future Tense


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When you walk on a surface that’s soft, like sand or mud, you leave footprints on the ground. If someone is trying to figure out where you’ve gone, they might follow your footprints, or “tracks.” They will use the marks you made on the soft ground in order to track you down.

Tracking someone down isn’t always about following footprints, of course. Sometimes you need to use other clues. You can talk to the missing person’s friends to see if they’ve seen her. You can do some research about her favorite places. Hopefully, you’ll be able to gather enough information that you can eventually track her down.

On the last episode, Lily ran out of a meeting, very upset. Now no one has seen her in days. Find out who’s going to track her down in this English lesson.

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Jeff:  Now, it’s a big project, but I’m sure we can handle it.

Amanda:  Mmm-hmm.

Jeff:  Amanda.

Amanda:  Yes. Sounds good. It’s perfect.

Jeff:  Amanda, you’re totally paying attention to something else.

Amanda:  I’m sorry, Jeff. I’m just really worried about Lily. No one’s talked to her in, I don’t know, five days? That’s kind of a long time.

Jeff:  That is kind of worrying. Have you called her family?

Amanda:  No, I don’t have their contact information, but we have to track her down. I don’t care if she comes back to this company or not, but we have to find out where she is.

Jeff:  You’re right. Hey, Mason!

Mason:  What’s up, guys?

Jeff:  We’re pretty worried about Lily. She’s kind of disappeared. Do you have any ideas about that?

Mason:  She likes going to the coffee shop on the corner. She’s there pretty much every day. We could go ask the barista if they’ve seen her.

Amanda:  Yes, I like it. OK, what else?

Mason:  I think she goes to that gym on 3rd Street. She’s always running around there. Maybe that’s something?

Amanda:  That’s another great idea. What do you guys think about me maybe hanging up some posters? Is that too much?

Mason:  Posters are good.

Jeff:  Do you have time to make the poster now?

Amanda:  I don’t do posters, Jeff. But maybe…

Mason:  I got it. Maybe if you email me her photo, and we can put the phone number on it, so people can call us if they’ve seen her. Right?

Amanda:  And you know what I can do is I can probably write up a missing persons report and post it online. Somebody has to know where she is, right?

Mason:  Come on, we’ll find her. Right? No problem.

Jeff:  Yeah. If anybody can do it, it’s the three of us.

Mason:  I’m on it, guys. Photo? You need anything, Amanda?

Amanda:  No. Thanks, though. Nothing sounds good right now.

Mason:  Sweetie, come on. Don’t worry about it. We’ll find her. With the three of us totally working on it, we’ll absolutely track her down. Right? Don’t worry. I’m on it.

Amanda:  OK.


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Jeff is trying to talk to Amanda, but he realizes that she’s very distracted. It turns out that she is thinking about Lily. Lily freaked out and ran out of the office at their last meeting, and nobody has heard from her in a while.

Jeff’s worried too, and he asks Mason to help figure out how to track Lily down. They decide to go to some places she usually goes to. They’ll also make some posters, and Amanda will post an ad online. Mason feels confident that if they do all those things they’ll be able to find Lily.

Where do you think Lily is, and do you think Amanda, Jeff, and Mason will be able to find her? Have you ever known anyone who went missing? How did you track them down?



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Track someone down is going to search and find out someone ond who weredisappeared 

06:26 PM Jan 15 2018 |



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06:42 PM Oct 05 2015 |




call police.  i know a new word: track down ….nice

05:02 AM Oct 02 2013 |


Russian Federation

Amanda, Jeff and Mason know nothing about Lily’s natives, habits and contact information. They aren’t in need her. I think Lily found new job very calm with her capacity for work.

May be they will track her down with clues as missing person, but I mean, they don’t know, what they can charge with her.

04:59 PM Oct 01 2013 |

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Congo, Democratic Republic Of The

Mason, Jeff and Amanda are supposed to track her down of course but they don’t really have her contact information, in this case, they are obliged to look for her, maybe she’s at:

  • Bakery: she loves so much bread (mostly with jam)

  • Gym: She really wants to get in shape

  • Restaurant: ...

If not all of this, maybe she’s occuped with children home, or preparing courses

But Mason, I know you’re good at tracking people down, do your best to find her, I want to get information about you finding her  soon! Lol !!! English Baby !!!

01:12 PM Oct 01 2013 |



Congo, Democratic Republic Of The

A good lesson ! This lesson remind me, when I was so young, one day we lost our dog, just around our quarter, no one knew where that dog was, so all of our family were bound to track the dog down, and they really found it. But you know tracking someone or something down can also be difficult if you don’t have details about the thing you’re searching for. :(, I enjoyed the new expression !!! English Baby !

12:59 PM Oct 01 2013 |

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04:33 AM Oct 01 2013 |



Lily could be on holidays or could be sick at the moment. I think that her friends probably will find her!
They had good ideas, although i think that hanging posts could be inadequate or exaggerated. Why not post a message on Facebook or contact the authorities?
Only in news i have heard cases of persons that had disappeared. Personally i only know pet cases! My dog disappeared regularly and to track him down i called it from the window or i went to the places where it liked to be. Unfortunately I missed my dog from once after ten years in my company. I had also to cats that fled all of a sudden.

09:52 PM Sep 30 2013 |

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