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Learn English meaning of 'Prenups'

Date: Feb 22 2017

Themes: Family, Romance

Grammar: Possessive Pronouns


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Do you know someone who is getting married soon? Many people want to get married and live happily every after. But sometimes, things don’t work out. Sometimes, people divorce and need to split everything. If it will come to that, who gets the car? Who gets the couch? Who gets the dog? Will you and your partner be on the same page?

In the US, some people sign a prenup, or prenuptial agreement, before marriage. The prenup is a piece of paper that says who gets what after a divorce. Of course, people hope not to divorce, but they don’t want things to get ugly if they do. Although no one wants to think about the heavy stuff, covering your bases is always a good idea.

Prenups are coming back. Listen to today’s English lesson to hear what Romeo and Marni think about these agreements.


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Marni:  I hear prenups are coming back.

Romeo:  Well, yeah. I mean, who wants to split half a dog?

Marni:  Well, I hope it would never come to that. I find it fascinating because I never would have thought of that, going into my marriage. Apparently, it’s really popular these days.

Romeo:  You never thought about covering your bases?

Marni:  I never had bases to cover, so I wasn’t too worried about it. You know, if people are more successful going into their marriages, perhaps it’s not a bad thing to have an agreement about what will be yours and what will be the other person’s should you divorce.

Romeo:  Concerning finances and insurance, I mean, we’re talking a lot of heavy stuff here. It’s good to have a plan and to be prepared because sometimes things don’t always work out.

Marni:  Right.

Romeo:  You want to be on the same page.

Marni:  Like, you and your partner go into this with an agreement that this is what’s going to happen, in case. And then, you can’t get ugly about it afterwards because it’s all there, all in writing.


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According to Marni, first comes love, then comes… a prenup? Before getting married, this special agreement helps couples be on the same page about what they own together. If they divorce, they’ll know exactly how to split their things. Marni approves. She thinks successful people need to discuss the heavy stuff before the wedding.

Romeo agrees with Marni. Prenups are coming back for a reason. Some marriages don’t work out. Everyone hopes it won’t come to that, but it might. Romeo thinks it’s better to talk about a prenup than to wait until things get ugly. It’s hard to split a pet, for example, so a prenup will help a couple cover all their bases.

What kind of agreement do people make in your country before marriage? What do they do if their marriage doesn’t work out?



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La Princesse de la vie


We have similar thing like prenups here, before marriage they write “the list” which includes all the contributions the bride bought to the house usually including te kitchen silverware and all home devices, cooker, fridge, washer and others. When divorce occurs, woman takes all that’s mentioned in the list beside the divorce dewry. I don’t know if all people do this.

02:40 PM Apr 16 2017 |

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All I can tell is that in my country when entering into wedlock prenups is not legal. This is the thing: when the couple go wrong and the wife files for divorce, she is entitled to half of the money that her husband earned during the matrimony, plus living expenses , the house they were  living in,and alimony for her children , if any. The Court ends up  converted into a battleground. I think that when there is a lot of money involved ,so to avoid the couple to have to kill each other is better a  special agreement.  hahahaha




Getting a divorce in Germany is not quite cheap, about 6.000€. So you should take into this agreement who should pay the divorce. I think that it is very important part.



Saudi Arabia

we also have a prenup but not for split things after divorce , it is amount of money men have to pay it for their wives after divorce 



Iran, Islamic Republic Of

I cant judge but I think prenub makes marriage like a business contract!

Yes in my country there are prenubs and the most important part is dewy or Mahr!

Husband accepts to pay an agreed amount of money everytime wife asks not only after divorce!

A bride can ask everything in marriage contract like money, properties !!

Sometimes it is very unusual and the dewy will be too big and all say it is only a ceremoney! Who gave who took?? While its not true and many husbands went to jail because they couldnt afford that when their wives asked the money!!

On the other hand there is another problem in our laws!

After divorce kids will give to fathers and mothers have no right for their own kids so many women forgive the dowey for taking kids from fathers!!

Anyway its too complicated and we cant judge but I think these things make marriage commercial instead of making it emotional!😒

king khaled

Saudi Arabia

Also whe have something similar to prenups but not all people mention it in the marriage contracts. They mention when think some trouple will occur later.

king khaled

Saudi Arabia


Marni is talking very fast which I can’t understand. So please tell all your companions to slow down a little bit when they are talking

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