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Try Before You Buy
Try Before You Buy

Learn English meaning of 'Try Before You Buy'

Date: May 17 2017

Themes: Fashion, Hobbies, News

Grammar: Modal Verbs


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How often do you leave your home? Thanks to the internet, we hardly need to leave our homes at all. We work remotely. We date people online. We exercise with YouTube videos. We watch movies on Netflix. We have food delivered by Uber. The newest trend is to try on things at home. The try before you buy concept is becoming more and more popular.

For example, a company called Stitch Fix will help you with your wardrobe. First, you take a quiz about your style choices on their website. Then, a Stitch Fix stylist will pick out multiple clothes and jewelry just for you. Next, they’ll mail you these things to try on. Whatever you don’t like, you can send back with free shipping. You only need to pay for the items you keep.

Dominique thinks that try before you buy companies are just tricking indecisive people into buying extra products. Is it true? Listen to Kelsey’s experience with one of these companies in today’s English lesson.


1. Listen and Read - Listen to the audio and read the dialog at the same time.

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2. Study - Read the dialog again to see how the vocab words are used.





Kelsey:  Dominique, have you heard about the try before you buy concept? There’s a new company called Warby Parker for glasses.

Dominique:  Nope. What is it?

Kelsey:  Do you wear glasses at all?

Dominique:  I used to.

Kelsey:  OK, well, I just ordered some. It’s such a great experience. Basically, they send me multiple pairs of glasses, and then I get to try on which ones I like, and then I send back the ones I don’t want.

Dominique:  So, they’re kind of scamming you and tricking you into buying multiple pairs.

Kelsey:  No, they’re kind of shopping for you, and then you get to decide which ones you love.

Dominique:  Oh my gosh, so you didn’t even pick out the ones they sent you? They just assumed they knew your style?

Kelsey:  I guess, but I really liked them. So I’m guessing this really isn’t for you?

Dominique:  Yeah, I don’t like people picking out things for me.

Kelsey:  Well, I thought it was cool because there was free shipping, I got to test it out, and I didn’t have to commit to any of the purchases. I could send it all back if I wanted and get a whole new selection.

Dominique:  But what if you’re indecisive like me and you wanted to keep them all? Now you just bought like $200 worth of stuff you probably don’t even need in the first place.

Kelsey:  Maybe it isn’t for you, but I know they have them for clothing or shoes as well.

Dominique:  Yeah, I tried that with Just Fab. They made me take a test and then they tried to pick out the shoes that I would like. I was like, “Excuse me. You don’t know me.”

Kelsey:  Yeah, I don’t think you should try these.

Dominique:  Yeah, I think I’ll pass.


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Kelsey had a great experience with Warby Parker, and she wants to tell Dominique all about it. Instead of going into a store to pick out new glasses, Kelsey did it at home. The company sent her multiple pairs to try on. After she picked out the pair she liked best, she was able to send back the others. But Dominique isn’t interested. In fact, she already tried this concept once.

Dominique has her own special style, and she doesn’t need anyone’s help. She also thinks that these companies are tricking shoppers. Instead of using the free shipping to send things back, shoppers will probably just buy everything the company sends. Kelsey might like these companies, but Dominique definitely doesn’t.

Are you an indecisive shopper? Who helps you pick out new clothes?



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I am not an indecisive shopper. Instead, I know myself very well so that I always pick out new clothes on my own.

07:54 AM Jul 12 2017 |

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La Princesse de la vie


I hate shopping and I love this idea. And yes I’m the most indecisive person when it comes to shopping. Usually it’s mum who picks things out for me. If I knew these companies exist here, I’ll call them right away. I don’t worry about bying all the stuff thing, because I’m always on budget.

09:13 PM May 17 2017 |




Hmm I think I know what Dominique means! I’m sure that companies that sell with this mode, sell a lot more. Once you have nice things in your home, and try them on, you are tempted to feel these things are yours . It takes strong will to send back something you liked :-( 

01:35 PM May 17 2017 |


Iran, Islamic Republic Of

This is new type of marketing,easy,fast and straight…

I like it and i hope to have this kind of marketing in iran too.

I am an indecsive shopper of course,actually when i have enough money in my pocket.

My friends and my sister sometimes help me, but i choose if myself.

08:09 AM May 17 2017 |



No. I just some like Dominique.  I have my own style on wearing. I buy something only because I need them. I rarely buy things under the influence of a shopping guide.  If I need it, I buy it.  If really like it , I buy it. Only that when I have no idea of the size of cloths or shoes or something, I can consult the shopping guide.

   When I pick out a new clothes, I will decided it with my feeling and my hobby. My hobby and feeling will help me to decide if I buy it. 

02:08 AM May 17 2017 |

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