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Wearing PJs in Public
Wearing PJs in Public

Learn English meaning of ‘Wearing PJs in Public’

Date: Jun 05 2017

Themes: Fashion, Friend

Grammar: Present Perfect Tense


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“Look your best, feel your best” is a controversial expression. Sometimes, we want to wear nice clothes, style our hair, and look really good. Other times, we feel our best in our most comfy clothes. But some people can’t focus or feel good if they are not “dressed to impress.” They look at people who wear sweatpants and flipflops and think, “They have really given up!”

Wearing PJs in public is a new trend and fashion statement. Sometimes, people even wear onesies! This shocks many people. They think, “We have sunk to a whole new low!” Other people think it’s funny. The movie the Big Lebowski is a famous example of someone who pulled this fashion trend off. The main character wore a bathrobe in public!

Jordin is wearing her PJs to class. Listen as Marni and Jordin discuss this new trend in today’s English lesson.


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2. Study - Read the dialog again to see how the vocab words are used.





Marni:  Um… Jordin, what are you wearing? Did you forget to get dressed?

Jordin:  No… I’m just wearing my PJs. I’m trying to be comfy, OK?

Marni:  OK, I’m all about comfort but… it seems inappropriate. You are going to class. I mean, couldn’t you…?

Jordin:  Yeah well, I’m just going to be sitting there listening to the professor blab on. I might as well be comfortable.

Marni:  OK, but there’s comfort and then there’s the “I just rolled out of bed, I don’t care…”

Jordin:  Look, it’s kind of a fashion statement these days. Like have you seen all those people wearing onesies around that look like different animals? It’s a trend, OK?

Marni:  Yes, and I am horrified by that because…it used to be that sweatpants were inappropriate. And you were like, “Wow! You just have really given up!” But now, it’s like we have just sunk to a whole new low. We’re just… we’re wearing our PJs!

Jordin:  Have you even seen the Big Lebowski?

Marni:  Yes, I have seen the Big Lebowski and what works for the “dude” does not work for the greater public, all right?

Jordin:  But he is like so cool.

Marni:  Yes.

Jordin:  So, isn’t it therefore so cool to wear pajamas around?

Marni:  I just… I’m not on board with this whole trend of you know, just… wearing PJs as everyday wear.

Jordin:  I think if you were to try it, you would enjoy it.


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Marni asks Jordin if she forgot to get dressed. Jordin is wearing PJs. She says she is just trying to be comfy. Marni thinks this is really inappropriate. Jordin says she is going to sit there and listen to the professor blab on in class. She might as well be comfortable. Marni says that it’s OK to be comfortable but not to just roll out of bed and go to class. Jordin says it’s a fashion statement. Some people wear onesies outside!

Marni is horrified because wearing sweatpants used to be inappropriate. Now, we have sunk to a whole new low and wear PJs. Jordin asks if Marni has seen the Big Lebowski. The main character in the movie wears a bathrobe. Marni says yes, but what works for that character doesn’t work for the greater public. Jordin thinks that, if Marni tried wearing her PJs in public, she would really enjoy it.

Have you seen the Big Lebowski? Is it cool to wear PJs in public?



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Congo, Democratic Republic Of The

That’s really inappropriate to wear PJs in public. It’s like you’re walking in your birthday suit. No matter what people say it’s a trend or whatever they call it, PJs appropriate place is Bedroom. And the one who sleep naked, mind the snake! And it’s not that good to sleep naked, do you know the story of the baby who sucked his father’s penny ? That ain’t really good. Get in the habit of wearing PJs before sleeping.

05:46 PM Jun 05 2017 |



I wouldn’t feel comfortable wearing PJs in public. 

03:09 PM Jun 05 2017 |

eduardosoutoSuper Member!


I really don’t like wearing PJs in public, I usually sleep naked, so, it could be too inappropriate to do something like that! :P

11:00 AM Jun 05 2017 |

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