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Subway Scandal
Subway Scandal

Learn English meaning of ‘Subway scandal’

Date: Jun 16 2017

Themes: Food, Health, News, Pop Culture

Grammar: Possessive Adjectives


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Subway is a fast-food chain that sells submarine sandwiches. Submarine sandwiches are sandwiches made with a long piece of bread. They are filled with meat, lettuce, tomato, and other toppings. A few years ago, a man named Jared Fogle lost over 200 pounds by eating healthy sandwiches at Subway. He was in many television commercials. Then, there was a weird scandal involving Jared Fogle. He did some bad things, and Subway fired him.

Now, Subway has a new scandal. A news report said that the chicken used at Subway is only 50% chicken. The other half is soybean filler. Soybean filler is gross. Subway is denying the scandal. They say it is fake news. Meat filler lowers the cost of meat. It helps the fast food restaurant make money. It does not help the fast food restaurant make friends.

Listen as Jordin tells Kelsey about the recent Subway chicken scandal in this English lesson.


1. Listen and Read - Listen to the audio and read the dialog at the same time.

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2. Study - Read the dialog again to see how the vocab words are used.





Kelsey:  Hey, Jordin. I’m going to grab some lunch at Subway. Want to come?

Jordin:  Not really. Did you hear about their recent chicken scandal?

Kelsey:  What? No.

Jordin:  Yeah. Turns out, their chicken is actually filled with soybean filler.

Kelsey:  What?

Jordin:  Yeah. Not 100% pure chicken. Isn’t that gross and weird?

Kelsey:  That’s really weird. Is this for sure, like, true?

Jordin:  Well, I don’t know. I guess Subway is denying it. But it seems like it might be true.

Kelsey:  Gosh, I don’t really know if I can trust them to, like, make my food anymore. Like, what else there is fake?

Jordin:  Like, who knows what their ham is, really?

Kelsey:  I don’t know. Maybe, more soybean filler?

Jordin:  Yeah, I don’t know. Maybe, it’s made of olives. I’m not sure.

Kelsey:  OK. Well, maybe you could just come over to my place, and I can whip up some sandwiches for us?

Jordin:  Oh, my gosh. That sounds great. What do you have?

Kelsey:  Um. Not much. Maybe, I’ll stop by the store first.

Jordin:  OK. Just as long as we don’t stop at Subway ever, ever, ever again.

Kelsey:  OK. Deal.


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Kelsey invites Jordin to get lunch with her at Subway. Jordin says she does not want to go to Subway because of the recent chicken scandal. Kelsey does not know about the chicken scandal. Jordin tells her that the chicken at Subway is only 50% chicken. The rest is soybean filler.

Jordin says chicken meat made with soybean filler is gross and weird. Kelsey agrees. Kelsey offers to make them sandwiches at her house. Jordin thinks this is a great idea. She never wants to eat at Subway again.

Do you eat meat? Would you eat at Subway after learning about this scandal?



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Russian Federation

I only eat at home? No of the metro.

09:20 AM Jul 05 2017 |




I myself never use outdoor food, Outdoor food is not only guaranteed but it’s not safe. I always like to make fast food and barbecue at home it comes very delicious and safe.

I see many of my friends got sick while eating outdoor food like stomach or diarrhea, It’s better not to use outdoor food as always unless you have no time to prepare it. 

04:38 AM Jun 18 2017 |



Iran, Islamic Republic Of

Ingredients of foods like hamburger and sausage that are made from ground and mixed ingredients could be fake. Because you can’t recognize ingredients, so most of company to make more profit might use soybean instead of meat or maybe use other things like other animal’s meat or even grind cow bones, sheep bones, chicken bones or use meat waste to whip up their products.

So if you want to eat out these types of food, prepare yourself to eat every thing instead of what the companies claim used to make them!

Anyway in this case in may opinion, organic soybean filler is better than meat or the other things that I don’t know!

07:52 AM Jun 17 2017 |



Iran, Islamic Republic Of


I have special  and sad memory from my first sandwich at Subway! because it was my last meal with someone that I never met again!😏

What kind of sandwiches we chose?

Im sure it had meat or chicken but it was good even if I wasnt on good mood that day😢

I am not worried if my food contains soybean filler because I think its better and healthier!😁

Ok Subway! When will you pay me for this comment?😄

03:49 AM Jun 17 2017 |

La Princesse de la vie


I don’t trust any outdoor food whether at restaurants or food carts. Home foods are the best and the most guaranteed.

09:18 PM Jun 16 2017 |




haha well i am vegan so i dont have to worry.

02:57 PM Jun 16 2017 |


Iran, Islamic Republic Of


i wish I could immigrate .

I live here in missle east area and my country.

when we go to any restaurant or so,we never ever think that the foos is real.

some time we make fun of them and make jokes that the meat is made by cat`s or og`s meat…..

I just can say good for uuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu

I wish I could immigrateeeeeeeee

09:23 AM Jun 16 2017 |

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I have never eaten subway because I don’t like such fast food that is not healthy and the meat is not fresh and safe, doing it yourself its the best way.

06:24 AM Jun 16 2017 |

eduardosoutoSuper Member!


Yes, I am a meat lover, me and my family make barbecue most part of our weekends.

Well, I didn’t use to eat at Subway even before knowing about the Soybean Filler Scandal, but, I don’t think it’s weird, you know?

Nowadays the companies do anything they can to get more profits, so I guess, it’s not a fake scandal, they can deny but, I mean, people eat it and like it.

If I have the opportunity to eat anything in the world, I’d whip up rice, beans and fried eggs, I love it basic!

10:06 AM Jun 15 2017 |

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