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Float Tank
Float Tank

Learn English meaning of ‘float tank’

Date: Jun 26 2017

Themes: Health, Hobbies


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People do many wacky things when they need to relax. They want to get away from technology. They want to unwind. Lots of people are trying float tanks. Float tanks are large tanks filled with salt water. People can float in these tanks. It is very quiet and very dark. For many people, floating in these tanks is very soothing.

Listen as Jordin tells Kelsey about float tanks in this English lesson.


wacky adj.


Example Holly is such a wacky, funny girl.

technology n.


Example It's difficult for my grandmother to learn new technology like an iPad.

unwind v.


Example I like to unwind by taking a bubble bath and reading my favorite magazine.

float v.


Example The rubber ducks float in the bathtub.

soothe v.


Example She was worried about her job, so I tried to soothe her.

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Have you ever tried a float tank? Was it scary?


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Iran, Islamic Republic Of

It’s kind of new business, The business’s idea sound interesting. There are a lot of new idea to making money, some of them like this, as Kelsey thinks are wacky and spooky!

In my opinion float tank is scary and it isn’t worth to scare and spend a lot of many to do that!

From my point of view going to a calm place like a calm beach or being in a distance island for a while time could help me to feel relaxed, renew myself and it could rejuvenate me. But of course this is a dream!
Float tank is artificial method for relaxing, human needs nature, not what human made it.

10:05 AM Jun 26 2017 |




No I hv never tried a float tank but i want to, hope one would open around soon.

03:57 AM Jun 26 2017 |

eduardosoutoSuper Member!


I’ve never tried a float tank, I guess it is not very common in Brazil, anyway, if it were famous over here I wouldn’t feel curious about trying it!

I’d not say it would be scaring or soothing but I wouldn’t like to pay an expensive price to find out it is a wacky thing!

12:28 AM Jun 23 2017 |

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