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Learn English with this laundry English lesson

Date: Sep 18 2018

Themes: How To, Time

Grammar: Count and Noncount Nouns


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How do you feel about doing laundry? Some people think laundry is a totally boring chore. To them, laundry is something to knuckle down and finish, even though they would prefer to be doing something else. Unfortunately, washing your clothes isn’t a chore you can stop doing. Well, you can, but your friends might not like it very much!

Don’t let doing laundry ruin a perfectly good day. Try to look at it as a therapeutic activity. Enjoy the white noise it creates and use the time to write, read, or meditate. Or take your dirty clothes to a laundromat and talk to the people around you. You never know who you might meet!

Read more to learn about Mason’s system for doing laundry in this English lesson about an important chore.


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Mason:  I’m pretty excited to just knuckle down and do three loads of laundry this weekend.

Jeff:  What?

Mason:  Oh, yeah. It’s totally therapeutic. The white noise, the feeling of accomplishment…

Jeff:  I still wish I lived with my parents so they would do it. Do you have to go to the laundromat?

Mason:  I’ve got a washing machine at my house.

Jeff:  So, you can just go on autopilot?

Mason:  Yeah, I can do something. Go watch TV, fold the clothes while doing the next load.

Jeff:  Wait, what do you find therapeutic about it? You like the process, huh?

Mason:  First of all, you’ve got to imagine my rack set up with all of the different detergents, the bleaches and whatnot. It’s perfectly organized. Everything has its space in its little boxes. It’s very Zen. So, I’ve got that. Then, I’m really precise with ordering both my lights and my darks. So, if I’m doing three loads, I’ll probably have whites, blacks, and colors, right? Just to make sure that things go extra good and I can do the exact right temperatures.

Jeff:  See, I just throw all my stuff together in one big bunch, which is why all of my white shirts are pink and…

Mason:  You’ve got to be real careful with that, man. Real careful. It’s a good way to ruin a bunch of perfectly good clothes.

Jeff:  Sounds like you know what you’re doing.

Mason:  I’m a pro.


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Jeff and Mason could not feel more differently about laundry. It’s a chore to Jeff and he’d much rather ask his parents to do it for him. He’s surprised to hear that Mason seems to enjoy washing his clothes, and that Mason actually finds the activity therapeutic. How is that possible?

It’s true that Mason enjoys doing laundry, though. He organizes his supplies, separates his clothes into whites and colors, and knows the right temperature for every load. Completing this chore gives him time to relax and feel like he’s accomplished something at the same time. As Mason says, “It’s very Zen.” He means that it’s a quiet and calming activity for him.

How do you feel about doing laundry? Is it an activity you’d rather not do, or do you enjoy it (even a little)? What do you like or dislike about this chore?



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doing laundry doesn’t become a burden for me.  it is not a thing that you like or dislike. because i always do it whether i like it or not.  

06:11 AM Sep 18 2018 |

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i dont like washing my clothes at all. it is really a chore. i would rather somebody else to do it for me. however, i have done this chore many times myself and found it very tiring and boring. 

07:22 AM Sep 01 2014 |

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I think it’s is chore that have to be done. I have a wash machine at home and I make more or less two loads a week. I like the fact that it is an easy task. You can quickly and easily chose the things you need to wash. I always chose a low temperature to allow me to mix different colors. 

My wash machine has clock that allows me to chose the hour to start working. So it’s go on autopilot. I agree with the fact that the white noise of laundry is therapeutic. I dislike a little to put the clothes drying, because of the time that it takes. I really like the smell of the detergent that stays in the cloth and that spreads all over the house when you finish laundry.

11:02 AM Oct 20 2013 |




I have to do my laundry almost every day,because we don’t have washing machine in our dormitory.We only have a dehydrator.But we don’t need to use it everyday in summer.On the contrary, we use it everyday in winter.


08:42 AM Oct 20 2013 |




Laundry is not my business and i’ve never ever done in my life.When I  was child, My mother did it and Now my wife does this chore, So I can’t say any thing about laundry experience, because, I don’t have. But it looks like very much borring task.

08:31 AM Oct 20 2013 |




When you have personal wash machine at home laundry is not a problem. You can put dirty clothes to machine and do to computer lear English or speak with friends. 

08:28 AM Oct 17 2013 |





10:06 PM Oct 16 2013 |

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South Africa

in my side Laundry isn’t  bad thing to do it but only if i will do it early in the morning and it mustn’t be loaded then i enjoy doing it before i start doing any thing else

05:32 PM Oct 16 2013 |




My admiration to all the women that in the past had  to hand-washed  the   household clothes and  worst of all in winter and with cold water . I have seen my mum in the past doing this chore ,was it therapeutic  for her  freezing her hands  hand-washing clothes, linen and a bundle of diapers   ? I doubt it.   Nowadays, we have all kind of automatic machines  that do  this work for us.  

10:37 AM Oct 16 2013 |



doing laundy is chore or therapeutic ? certainly its terrible chore for me ..)

normally ım very away from doing laundry ..anyway ,if its necessary ,ı can do laundry good as women ..:)

09:40 AM Oct 16 2013 |

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Iran, Islamic Republic Of

Doing laundry never bothers me, but I found doing the dishes very therapeutic among other household chores.


08:17 AM Oct 16 2013 |



I’ve lived with my parents in law for a long time. They help me doing laundry while i am out for work.

07:59 AM Oct 16 2013 |

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i am not care for the laundry. but i would like to do laundry rather than to wash the dishes. i have to do my owm laundry by myself because i live alone and the weather is hot so i have take bath everyday and change my clothes. and i don’t have the washing machine in my apartment

06:12 AM Oct 16 2013 |

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i think doing laundry is not so hard . cos most of clothes can be washed by washing machine . haha .

as for me , every day i wash some clothes by hand .

06:09 AM Oct 16 2013 |


Iran, Islamic Republic Of

i never enjoy of worh for house 

i dont like it

05:35 AM Oct 16 2013 |

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Hong Kong

I like to do laundry because I can see the results how clean of your clothing in the end. This feeling is good.  I also like to tidy up things and keeping it clean all the time.  This feel great and organised.

03:01 AM Oct 16 2013 |

becirickySuper Member!

South Korea

Doing laundry.. is hard to do, especially early in the morning. Here the weather is not always sunny.. so do the laundry should be finishd in morning so can be dried in a day.

01:17 AM Oct 16 2013 |

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