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Keep Tabs on Someone
Keep Tabs on Someone English, baby! Video Lesson

Learn English meaning of ‘keep tabs on someone’

Date: Jul 04 2017

Themes: Friend, Music, Soap Opera

Grammar: Simple Past Tense


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Were you ever supposed to watch someone, and then you lost that person? This is a difficult situation. How do you explain that you let this person out of your sight? Sometimes, this happens when you are supposed to watch another person’s child. Children love to play and run, and as soon as you look in another direction, you might lose them. It can be difficult to keep tabs on children!

When you keep tabs on someone, you watch them to keep them safe. You can’t be spacey when you are keeping tabs on someone. You might not even want to leave to go to the bathroom. If you lose this person, then someone else might blame you. We use this expression to show who is responsible for watching someone or something. For example, if your friend asks you to keep tabs on their car, you should stay near that parking spot.

Andy and Dominique were supposed to keep tabs on Kelsey, but they lost her. Watch today’s English soap opera to see if Jordin can help.

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2. Study - Read the dialog again to see how the vocab words are used.





Jordin:  Wait, what?

Dominique:  I lost her.

Jordin:  You lost her! What do you mean you lost her?

Dominique:  I went to the bathroom, and when I came out, she was gone.

Jordin:  You lost her?

Dominique:  Don’t blame me! Blame Andy! He was supposed to keep tabs on her.

Jordin:  Where is Andy?

Dominique:  He went to find another bathroom.

Jordin:  You were both supposed to be keeping tabs on her. You know how tired and spacey she is. She’s going to get lost. She’s probably already lost!

Dominique:  Hang on, I hear someone. Kelsey? Sorry, have you seen a girl with red hair and a guitar? Nope, it wasn’t her.

Jordin:  OK. Well, I’m still trying to find a parking spot, so as soon as I do, I will come and help you look for her. The show is in 20 minutes.

Dominique:  OK. We’ll find her and Andy.

Jordin:  Forget Andy. Andy is not important right now. Andy can be lost. Just, if you find Kelsey, don’t let her out of your sight!

Dominique:  OK, OK!

Jordin:  I’ll be there in a minute.


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Dominique calls Jordin because she lost Kelsey. She went to use the restroom, and when she came back, Kelsey was gone. Andy was also supposed to keep tabs on Kelsey, but he needed to find a bathroom, too. Now, Jordin and Dominique are worried. Kelsey is still very tired and spacey. She might get lost and not make it to her show!

Dominique hears a woman’s voice, but it’s not Kelsey. And this woman hasn’t seen anyone who looks like Kelsey. Jordin tells Dominique that she will quickly find a parking spot. Then, she will come to help. They only have 20 minutes to find Kelsey. Dominique also wants to find Andy, but Jordin tells her that he isn’t important right now.

Did you lose someone or something that you were supposed to keep tabs on? What did you do?



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I hate keeping tabs on someone, that is why I hate baby siting, it is very annoying and I think no one should baby sit for anyone, because I think keeping tabs on someone is soo hard.

10:56 AM Aug 17 2017 |

eduardosoutoSuper Member!


Once I was supposed to keep tabs on my little cousin and we were in a big party, I really wanted to go to the bathroom so, I asked one of my friends to keep tabs on him just for a while, as soon as I came back my spacey friend told me that my cousin got lost!

It was a nightmare, because his mother blamed me because he was out of my sight.

We asked for help and found him on a parking spot near the playground in the mansion! :P

11:39 PM Jul 04 2017 |



HI..My name is saaima …im female 28…im a house wife ..i have 1 daughter.. i want to learn english… can any female  help me..?my english is v poor..plz contact me is my id innocent.saima126@gmail.com thx

02:15 PM Jul 04 2017 |



   Yes. I did. But only a short while. That was my child.  One day, I went out to the bank with my 3 years old child. I told her she must stay with me. But I could see her when I finished my work . I panicked in an instant. I couldn’t find her anywhere.

   I almost cried. I felt crazy.

   So when I saw her playing with another little girl out of the bank, I was angry and happy and I burst  in tears.

   If I was supposed to keep tabs on someone or something and then the one or something were lost, I would felt very sorry. I could try my best to find it or do something to come up for it with my best till someone forgive me. Otherwise, I would sorry forever. 

06:11 AM Jul 04 2017 |

hofpilsSuper Member!


Hey, Jordin has a new hair style! Great :)

05:25 AM Jul 04 2017 |

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