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cutting corners

cutting corners

Date: Sep 21 2017

Themes: Celebrity, Pop Culture


1. Quote - Listen to the quote and guess what the slang means.

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“He’s certainly not without blame. He knew what he was getting into, as you see in the flashback. He is responsible for cutting a corner.”

—Actor Jason Bateman, talking about his character in the new TV show, Ozark (Collider)


1. Definition - Study the definition.

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doing things the easy way; not doing things thoroughly

2. Use - Learn how the slang is used.

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Have you ever wanted to cheat in a game? Have you ever skipped over something in a homework assignment? Have you ever looked up something on Wikipedia instead of reading a book about it? Have you ever taken a longer break at work than you should have?

Yes? Well, you were cutting corners.

In the past, cutting corners was used to describe people who drove very close to edges or corners. This can be very dangerous, depending on how close you are to something! So now, cutting corners is used to describe other dangerous actions. In simple terms, it is an easy way of doing something, but it is also very risky.

I mean, what if you get caught cutting corners by your English teacher?

Have you ever cut corners? Did you get away with it?


1. Examples - Hear some example sentences.

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“The teacher will notice if you start cutting corners.”

“The lawyer cut corners on his trial research and did a terrible job.”

“Cutting corners is never a good idea, even if you’re late on something.”


1. Winners - See who guessed the slang definition correctly.

to try to achieve something by evading proper regulations or procedures
by hvjSuper Member!
a2020 Make a problem.
by a2020
Mayer To do something in the fastest or cheapest way. Example: We could not get all de money for our project, so we had to cut corners to make it.
by Mayer

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United States

I found this https://www.compsmag.com/the-problem-of-choice-tablet-smartphone-or-laptop/ very interesting for myself. I will look for you visit this one and I will read whatever you say. I hope that you will enjoy this stuff.

05:48 PM Apr 16 2018 |


United States

See sum explanation here http://giga.snack.ws/. Maybe usefull

01:44 PM Jan 25 2018 |



United States

the best example for this idiom would be cheating or plagiarising – this is something very well known for students. tho, if you are against it, http://thefutureofthings.com/9834-plagiarism-checker/ is a grear sourse I would recommend you to read, because sometimes you can poorly cite the source and get in trouble. anyway, thanks for this lesson! great material

02:52 PM Dec 26 2017 |



Nowadays, I risk saying that cutting corners it’s inevitable! Of course, not in the same way Jason Bateman perform in Ozark* season, but in a way that help you reach goals effectively. If we tend to do all according to norms or protocol, maybe it will be difficult to reach all the objectives that it’s supposed to. Also, it could limit creativity and a personal touch that help to improve processes and challenge the status quo!

02:49 PM Oct 21 2017 |



Iran, Islamic Republic Of

Well actually no. But it doesnt mean that l think its a bad idea. It could be cool

07:01 AM Sep 21 2017 |

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 Yes. Of course I have done. Even I would thought everyone might have done that. (:

  Basically I am a sincere person.  But if everything in life were done in every rhythm, how tired the life would be ? for example, cooking:

  Generally  in a normal Chinese food, stir fry a dish,  there should be flavors with oil,  chopped green onion, ginger, garlic and so on . the vegetables should be putted into the cookware after boiled the oil with chopped green onion, ginger and garlic. I made the meals according the process carefully at the beginning.  Gradually, I cut corners that only cooking with oil and salt and vegetables. (:

   I knew something could take a short way or a easy way, but some couldn’t.  such as working , studying,.

  Many things if you choice to cut corners, you may not receive the immediate response such as working , studying .  you may get a easy and cheap in a short time if you had done that, but then, you didn’t get promotion in work and only got nothing in studying in a long time.  maybe there were no one could tell you that but you knew you had nothing yourself. 

02:56 AM Sep 21 2017 |

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